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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

None of them responded.

Then finally, I reached the woman whose birthday this was. She looked up to me with an almost tired look, as if she was only pretending to enjoy this because the others insisted.

With a slight smile, and without saying anything, I stood right next to hear chair, and started to dance a bit. I moved my hips, while I let my hand run over my bare, flat tummy.

"Well she's pretty, I'll give you that," one of the women on the couch said, while I was dancing right next to the birthday woman's chair.

I even dared to play with my bare breasts, squeezing them in my hands slightly, maybe because the last thing I wanted to look like was a prude. I could see a slight spark of curiosity in the woman's eyes now, which gave me some sort of confirmation that I was doing well.

I turned around for her, looking over my shoulder to her, while I gave her a view on my back, as I saw her eyes fixate immediately on my ass. And not only hers, as it turned out.

"Very nice ass," I heard one of the women on the couch comment immediately, as they could see it from where they were sitting, even if there was a bit more distance.

I just smiled as I received the compliment. Meanwhile, the birthday woman reached out, and trailed along my stocking clad right leg with her fingertip, softly, starting in my knee pit.

"Bend a little, Crystal, you heard what they like to see," I then heard Debra's voice, commanding me.

I felt slightly embarrassed, not only because of what I had to do, but also how I would show that I'd answer such requests, for everyone to hear.

As I bent over slightly, causing my butt to stick out to the birthday woman invitingly, Debra continued talking.

"Little Crystal is very innocent," she said, after which I heard chuckles from the couch.

"Yeah right," I heard one of the women remark quietly.

".. and she loves to be told what to do. Isn't that right, Crystal?"

I was still looking over my shoulder, with my butt sticking out slightly to the woman, feeling myself get a bit embarrassed about these games Debra was playing. I managed to smile, knowing I had to play the game. It wasn't the worst.

"Yes," I even answered, with a somewhat playful twinkle in my eyes.

"And what do you like to get when you don't do it right?"

She didn't stop. I was a bit confused.

"Huh?" I kept my smile on my face, but looked into Debra's direction, a slightly puzzled look on my face.

"You love to get punished, don't you," she filled in the words for me.

"Oh, yeah.." I then answered as I laughed a bit, playing her game.

Then suddenly Kath's voice shot out of nowhere again.

"Tell us what an obedient little slut you are," she spoke sharply.

That seemed a bit.. offensive. I just smiled, awkwardly, starting to feel uncomfortable. That annoying creature. I even hoped Debra would take my side, and tell her to tone down. But there was nothing to be heard. From anyone.

Just as I thought perhaps the best option would be to just answer, Kath's voice fired right at me again.

"Hey, are you deaf?" she remarked very bluntly.

"Sorry, I was just," I sighed, while feeling frustrated by Kath's presence alone. "OK," I added. "I'm an obedient little slut."

What followed was an awkward silence.

"I don't think she likes you," one of the women on the couch then chuckled.

"Oh I know she doesn't. That's fine, I don't like her type either. Just her ass and her pussy. And that's being paid for."

Behind me, the woman's fingertip then tapped on my hip, as if she wanted attention. I looked over my shoulder, at her, too overwhelmed by Kath's continuing stream of insults.

"Keep dancing, please," she then simply remarked quietly while looking into my eyes with a soft smile.

It was as if she didn't notice anything that was happening around her.

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