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A daughter gives the performance of her life.


"Well, I do have to admit that Bobby has a magic mouth and I am becoming addicted to the way he eats my pussy, but the real reason is that I'm trying to see to it that I live up to my end of the bargain to give them twice a week. I won't be able to give them Saturdays for the next two weeks."

"That's a shame honey; they both had such a good time yesterday."

"I did too Sarah, but Rick's dad is going to be staying with us for two weeks and that is going to make it hard on me to get free."

"Don't you worry about it none honey. The boys knew going in that there might be times it would be hit and miss. You are always welcome on Charlie's bowling nights - always!"

As she hung up the phone she thought that it was too bad that Rick's dad was going to be there. With Charlie's two bowling nights and Saturdays she could get the sixteen times out of the way in a hurry. She was honest with herself; she knew she would continue to see both boys after the sixteen times were over, but it would be when she felt like it and not on a schedule.


As she pulled into the mall parking lot she saw her "posse" waiting for her and her pussy tingled knowing that before the day was over some trucker was going to see her with her mouth on a cock. Why was being watched such a turn on for her? Why had she not had an exhibitionistic streak before that night in the hotel? No matter; she had one now and she had it with a vengeance.

As Harry was unzipping his fly Ralph reminded her of her promise that she would make it up to him in Charlie's van for leaving him hanging when she went off with Roy and Morrie. She had forgotten that and it was a problem. She decided to take it head on.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do it tonight. It will have to be tomorrow."

"But you promised and it is all I have thought about all weekend."

"I know I promised, but things change. My husband's father is coming tomorrow and will be staying with us for two weeks. Rick is old fashioned about some things and he won't make love to me with his father in the house. That means tonight will be the last time we make love until his dad leaves and since I absolutely refuse to give my husband a loose and sloppy pussy tonight in the van is out."

"But damn it, you prom..."

"Oh shut the fuck up Ralph! One more fucking word out of you and I'll cut you off completely. I don't need your shit! My life is complicated enough so just shut up."

That little tirade seemed to turn the car into an ice box and Harry's dick wilted. The rest of the ride to school was in silence.

The day started out as a drag. The atmosphere in the car carried over into the classroom and it bothered her. Why was she letting a whiner ruin her day? At the end of her first period she went to the bathroom and took off her panties and put them in her purse. The front row boys in her second period got a real treat. She let her skirt ride up some and sat with her legs spread wide and she knew that Barry Taylor was getting a beaver shot. She saw the sweat beads form on his forehead and she knew when he stood up he was going to have a hard bulge under his trousers. Sure enough, when the bell rang and he stood up she saw the tent and smiled to herself. Might as well take it a little further she thought and as the class filed out of the room she said:

"Mr. Taylor, could I have a moment of your time please?"

When he stepped up to her desk she asked, "You don't have a fifth hour class do you?"

"No ma'am."

"I could use some help in here moving some books during fifth hour. Do you suppose you might be able to give me a hand?"

"Oh yes ma'am; I'd be glad to help."

"Thank you Mr. Taylor. I'll look for you at the end of fourth hour."

After that the day flew by as she anticipated the teasing she was going to do with Barry.