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Conk & Jan caught having emergency sex on beach.

He was already hard, as his basketball shorts were tightly tented.

Scott made his way over to his dresser. Upon arriving, he opened the top drawer. He then said, "you will be sucking my cock today, don't you worry. First, there are some things that I want to see you do, to make sure you are totally committed to ensuring my desires are met."

I sat totally perplexed and admittedly eager to find out what Scott had in store for me.

Scott continued, "I worked out at the gym for around an hour and a half earlier. I got nice and sweaty. So did my jock. I want you smell it, taste it. I wanna see your face pressed into it, eagerly taking in my manliness!"

With that, Scott pulled out the jock from the drawer. My mind began racing with how tightly Scott's 8.5" cock must fit inside, how neatly it fit, and how lucky that damn jock was to be able to be so close to such an amazing, forceful cock!

My own cock had become fully hardened, and was straining to be let out of its denim encapsulation. I did not want to take my cock out, without Scott's permission, though.

Scott walked over to me, handed he his jock, and sat down on the futon opposite me. He then said, "get that face into that jock. NOW!"

I did as I was told. I took Scott's jock, and brought it to my face. I was then instructed to take a deep breath, taking in all its smells. I did as I was told.

Its smell was intoxicating. Without thinking, I reached down and began to unzip my jeans, so I could play with my rock hard cock, as I worked Scott's jock. Scott took note of my actions and said, "so sniffing my dirty jock, gets you off, doesn't it, you little cock lover?"

"I hate to say, Scott, but it does. Your cock has taken control of me", I replied.

After hearing me say that, I noticed Scott's eyes glaze over with lust. He dropped his basketball shorts, and standing at full mast was his perfect, rock solid, dominant cock. I stopped working his jock, and stared, slack jawed at the beautiful site before me.

Scott offered up, "I didn't tell you to stop, did I? Lick that jock, now my little suck toy!" Without hesitation, I did as I was told.

As I ran my tongue throughout the sweaty, wonderful jock, Scott slowly began to stroke his massive man meat.

Scott instructed to me to put the jock aside, as it was time to move on to other items of business.

"You want my cock in your mouth, don't you little suck toy?" Scott queried. All I could do was nod.

"Good, get down on your knees, and open wide!" Scott demanded.

As I quickly complied, Scott strode closer and placed the big mushroomed head of his cock right at the opening of my mouth. Placing both of his hands on the top of my head to brace himself, he plunged all 8.5" of himself down my throat with one forceful thrust. I gagged as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.

He pulled his man meat out of my mouth and asked, "God, that felt good. You can take a cock good, you little suck toy. I know you want more of my cock, but you have other obligations right now."

I was surprised at this statement, I really wanted him to continue to face fuck me, but what else did he want me to do right now?

With that, Scott turned around and presented his beautiful, firm ass to me. I wouldn't say that he had a bubble butt, but it was full, and sculpted like that of a Greek statue.

Scott then said, "you are gonna learn what it means to be a kiss ass, do you understand?" I nodded in agreement.

"Good, now I am going to stroke my cock as you work over my butt as I tell you to. If I get off, then that means you did a good job. If I don't get off, you are in for some trouble, is that clear?"

"Yes Scott, please tell me how I can pleasure you!"

"Good boy Andrew, you are certainly getting the hang of how this works!" Scott uttered.

"Now, line up your head with my ass. I want you to brush your nose up and down my ass crack, then place one kiss on each of my perfect cheeks, and wait for further instruction."

I eagerly did as I was instructed.

"Good Andrew.