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Fall From Grace: a nun goes bad

Think to learn how this can be done by your kind."



"What is this change that you always speak of, Mother?" the girl asked as they stood at the edges of some trees, looking out at a vast expanse of savannah.

"It is already here," her teacher remarked in reply, "though it has not come right here as yet. Your land has been at war with the land to the south for a time now. Your warriors fight in the ways that they know, but those ways are not what is used almost everywhere else in this time.

When it comes, there will be much sadness - even for you, Daughter. The warriors will try to stand and fight and then they will die and the rest will be as gazelles who cannot outrun what comes to eat them. Your warriors are famous for their deeds with their long knives, but what good are they against an enemy who sends death from farther away in many ways?

In this time, one no longer needs the courage to look his or her foe in the eye as it is decided between them who will die. They move only one finger and it is done from farther off. Very easy to kill like that."

She turned then, regarding her learner with dark eyes. "Very easy to kill my kind as well like that and it is done every day. In other parts of this land and elsewhere, there are now many men who walk with the sticks which shoot death. They shoot whatever they want, since it is so easy to do now. They shoot because they are bored. They shoot because they can."

"A man is missing," the girl said quietly, "His family looks for him."

The painted wolf nodded as she raised her paw toward the horizon.

"He lies over there. He is the one who came back from the war with the rifle that he stole. He was one of the bored killers to us."

The wolf looked over, her eyes gleaming coldly and her expression grim, "But even the death sticks can only hold so much death. Some few of us know this, and so we waited. When he had used many shots, he turned to go home, not knowing that he had been deceived into shooting at shadows in the evening.

When he turned, he saw the rest of the pack waiting for him. Fools are only permitted so much foolishness.

My kind will leave here soon, before we are all gone. We will live somewhere else.

Some few - we who can see ahead - will leave. Most will not, and those ones will all be killed."

"What will you do?" the girl asked and the creature shrugged.

"I am not here. It does not concern me.

But I will go as well one day and you will know that by then, you will be what we have spoken of because you will not need me anymore.

But for today, I need for you to think.

You see only this land of yours and to you, it is a large thing. But it is only a part of a larger land. That land has fought against the land to the south for a time now. This larger land was given over as a part of the southern land, but the people have always desired to be a nation unto themselves.

Two summers ago, the southern land removed many freedoms and it began."

She looked off into the distance and to her student; it appeared that she saw farther off into time as well for a long moment.

"So there is war, but the warriors fight among themselves as much or more than they fight the southerners. There are many things which split the people. Many still think like clans and tribes when they should think like nations. Many think in terms of the way that they pray and whom they pray to. It is another thing which divides them."

She turned to the girl with a slightly sad smile, "And here, where they have lived for so long, wanting only to keep to their ways, are your people. When the fighting comes here, there will be little else but slaughter, no matter who comes; the southerners or the others from all around you who should know enough to call you sister and yet do not.

Packs fighting against packs while the hyenas laugh and wait to kill what is left to them."

She changed the subject abruptly then with her own question.

"You are ready to become a woman now in the ways of your kind, are