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A hot tease finally succumbs to an erotic rub.

Because she rubbed against me closely with every turn of the dance. What we were engaged in from that moment on was an act of sex: upright, public, fully clothed, but an act of sex nevertheless.

Her breathing grew slower and deeper and her eyes lost their brightness. Her mouth was closed, half smiling. Head up, neck straight, she looked more withdrawn and absent minded than passionately aroused. Then quite suddenly her whole body flushed with heat, and behind her eyes and right through her very deeply I was for almost twenty seconds aware of a gentle increased throbbing.

After that she took a great deep gulping breath as if her lungs had been cramped. Her mouth opened, the smile broadened, and she unglued herself from my front.

Her eyes grew bright as stars and she laughed into mine.

"Thank you," She said as was found our way back to our empty table.

We sat each with a hand on the other's thigh as we spoke quietly and intimately.

"We need to do that without clothes some day." I offered with a smile.

"Yes we do. How about tomorrow night. I'll come to your room. What time will you get back. You can bribe me with a room service dinner then try to seduce me."

The others returned to the table and the party broke up minutes later. As we walked to our cars. I managed to whisper to Sue--"Six would be just right." She nodded her acceptance.

Promptly at six a knock came at my door. I was shocked at the bold scene that I had set up--There was a room service cart with a champagne and cocktail glasses--It was dark outside and the room was lit only by candles.

Me? In what was my most brazen romantic act of my life I was wearing only a sexy pair of silk underwear which did nothing to conceal my erection. I helped Sue with her coat as she smiled what I hoped was a smile of appreciation of my efforts.

She turned to me and gripped my erect penis through my shorts then said.

"Is this for me?" We looked into each other's eyes for a moment before she continued saying. "If you reach behind me you will find a zipper. If you zip it down it will be easy for me to shed this dress."

I did as she requested then slid the dress forward past her shoulders. As the dress began to fall Sue let go of my cock allowing the dress to fall to the floor. At that moment she stood before me her beautiful body unadorned except for ear rings, a gold necklace and high heels. She took both of my hands in hers and said.

"I've been waiting a long time for this moment." That said she stepped the half step forward the still separated us and into my arms.

We kissed. This time it was a real kiss. It started as we had begun with just a hint of tongue. It progressed into a bit more tongue and ended up with Sue sucking my tongue as if it were a cock as I lapped the left end of her upper lip as if it was a labia.

I released Sue long enough to push my boxers down below my ass as our bodies began to grind into each other trying to accomplish intercourse while standing. Sue was a tall lady. I took advantage of that fact by bending my knees and allowing my cock to roam seeking a refuge. After a few minutes of this Sue reached her hand between us and slid my cock between her legs.

We continues to kiss and play this game which seemed to be called "Trying to get cock into cunt while standing." Eventually we succeeded to the extent of getting the tip a little way in. Sue again took my cock in hand and began moving it along her slippery slit then stopping every few strokes to massage her clit.

It was not long before my cock tip began to sense trembling transmitting itself from her clit to my cock. I began to wonder how long I could hold out before erupting. Sue must have sensed that I was holding back.

"Let it come, Don. Let it come. I want to feel you hot fluid."

Who could resist.

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