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Time to diversify?

S. of A. This opinion of hers had caused me and my raging manliness endless consternation. But, despite her steadfast refusal to have anything to do with me outside the office, Rhea and I became good friends at work.

One night I agreed to stay late with her on her request and help finish some work she had fallen behind on. Everyone else had left the office, except for a peon. We worked like workaholics till nine, without as much as even a chat between us and it was only when Rhea gave a sigh of relief at completion of a certain design she was doing that I turned around to face her. She asked for my opinion as she looked on the computer screen admiring her work. Her face expressed a certain degree of satisfaction, which made it look more beautiful and a lot sexier.

She looked back at me for approval and getting a nod from me she wheeled over the little green chair towards the printer and then getting off it, she put the printer on. Resting her knee on the seat of the chair she bent over the printer jutting her fabulous buttocks out invitingly. It was obvious that Rhea was feeling excited about her work and was in a good mood. I couldn't help wondering if this would be the right time to make a pass. I could get her to break her vow about dating coworkers - although, as you can imagine that going out was not the only thing I expected from Rhea, it was my going in her that was as important to me.

I quickly made up my mind and got off my chair and quietly took position behind her jutting buttocks. "Hi!" she turned around on her heels, "I was just..." but she stopped talking. Perhaps it was my shit-eating grin, or perhaps it was the conspiratorial twinkle in my eyes, or perhaps she saw the bulge in my trouser, or perhaps she had similar thoughts as me while she was bent over the printer, her cheeks were flushed red and she looked excited. I recognised that this excitement had little to do with her work and maybe more to with my presence and the bulge in my trouser.

Neither of us said a word. We stood staring at each other in awkward silence for a long time as I tried to think of what to do next. Fortunately Rhea acted first. She reached out ever so slowly and wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled me towards her. Our open mouths met in a deep and passionate kiss that made my toes curl. I wrapped my arms tightly around her as our tangling tongues tried to caress the deepest regions of each other's mouth. In my excitement at having finally gotten this far with such a beautiful woman, my hands roamed lower, caressing her big breasts and massaging her soft bottom.

Suddenly Rhea pushed me away. I groaned inwardly, thinking that I had moved too quickly or that she had just remembered that she didn't want to get involved with a coworker. Thankfully I was mistaken. She dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly fumbled with my belt and zipper, then pulled my pants and underpants down. Released from its confines, my manhood sprang forward and bounced a greeting against the bridge of her nose. Thus in this position Rhea started to pay her undivided attention to my manhood showering it with light kisses. Then slowly she took my manhood within her oral cavity, sucking ever so gently. For all her hurrying to get to this point, Rhea certainly took her time now. She made love to my manhood with great care.

In very short order I began to feel like that glorious feeling bulging up within me. I managed to gasp, "Rhea stop. You will make me come!" Rhea pulled her face away from my member and rose to her feet with a smile on her lips and a wild wicked gleam in her eyes. Still holding me by my member she pulled me to the edge of a table and setting herself on the edge she opened her legs wide, indicating her availability.

I hooked my hand in her waistband and pulled her panties down and then raising her skirt I positioned myself at the entrance of her love tunnel.

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