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Moms do crazy things sometimes...

I work from home; the head of the internet department hired me. I never really had a reason to come to work. Just big meetings, and even then we usually do phone calls for that. They understand my situation pretty well."

Jared nodded even though he knew that Colton couldn't see him. "That makes sense."

There was another uncomfortable silence.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Jared asked. He didn't want to sound rude but he couldn't just sit on the phone and not do anything. He was at work and anyone could walk in.

"Oh...Um I was just wondering if you wanted to come over for coffee...Sometime. And chat maybe?"

Jared was about to agree but his cellphone beeped. He looked at the screen and sighed.

*We need to talk* was all it said. There was a phone number that his phone didn't that meant it was his father.

"I would love to, Colton. I can't at the moment, but how about after work?"

Colton took a deep breath. "Sure, that sounds great. I'll see you later then."

Once he got off the phone, Lucy walked in. She looked flustered.

"Jared, um, your Father is here to see you..." She whispered. Her eyes were wide, and her hands were trembling slightly. She was doing her best to keep herself in check. Jared's father was no man to mess with, and if she got him to wait in the other room that meant she had to use her everything she had to stop him.

Poor girl was probably verbally assaulted. Jared's father wouldn't have known he did it because that man had no filter.

Jared stood up, it was time to get this all sorted out with the old man.

"Let him in," He said, raising his head and straightening his back. He was not the weaker person. He wasn't...


"Who the hell do you think you are?" *SLAP*

Jared was sent back into his chair, but quickly stood up again. He was sure that was going to leave a bruise on his right cheek.

"I don't give a damn how unhappy you are with that girl you WILL marry her. DO you understand me?" His father was a mean man. Short salt and pepper hair and cold blue eyes. He was older, almost in his sixties, but that didn't stop him from being strong.

"I completely understand. But I don't want it. I don't like her and she doesn't like me. She's not my type and I'm not hers." Jared looked his father in the eye, steady as he could. He wasn't weak.

"I don't really care. Of course she isn't your type, you're a fag. We all know it, but you're too fucking weak to tell anyone. That girl had to tell me. You are pathetic."

Jared's heart tightened. It's been a week since Elizabeth left and that's what she's been doing? She went around telling his family that he was gay! It wasn't fair... But he also knew that what he was doing to Elizabeth wasn't fair either.

"Well, then I guess you know that I won't be marrying her." Jared smiled.

His father's eyes squinted and moved closer to Jared's face. He could smell coffee on his father's breath.

"Oh how wrong you are. You will marry her whether you like it or not. And if you don't not only will you be fired, but you will be disowned and I will tell the whole company what a fag you truly are."

A rock or a hard place. He didn't actually have a choice. He could be married to a woman that hates him or he can be ridiculed in front of everyone. There was no choice...

"You pick. I'm fine with either of the outcomes." His father walked to the door and opened it. "Oh, and you better not tell anyone about this. Fucking pussy..."

It was game over for Jared.


Colton was beginning to think that Jared decided to ditch him. It was at least an hour after their decided time and he had yet to show up. Colton was on his third mug of coffee when he thought that perhaps it would be better for him if he just abandoned companions altogether. He was in his early thirties and there was just no way any 'young gun' would find any fun with him. Plus he was broken.

Robert died because of Colton's actions.

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