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From degradation to elation.

"I'm sorry. That... I've wanted to do that all day." He said and then looked back out towards the school. "My god. You're not just my step-sister, you're my student. What am I doing?" he said more to himself than her. "This is not a good idea. I should never have kissed you this morning and I definitely should not have kissed you just now." He looked pained as he turned towards her again. "Damn it, all I can think about is kissing you again." He whispered.

Anna didn't know how to respond. She was so astounded by their latest kisses she couldn't think straight.

"Say something. Please Anna." Jeff whispered across the quiet car.

"I don't know what to say. I wanted you to kiss me this morning. I wanted you to kiss me when you got into the car and I want you to kiss me now." Anna laid her hand on his arm. He seemed very far away and she couldn't stand not touching him.

Before Jeff could answer a teacher walked out of the building and passed close to their car. Anna sat back in the seat and Jeff returned the teacher's brief wave. "We can't talk about this here. Let's get you home." He said and started the car.

The ride was quiet. Jeff didn't even turn the radio up like usual. Anna wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. They got to her house and just as she wondered if she should get out alone, he turned off the car and opened his door. Anna got out and they walked up to the house.

"Is your mom working today?" He asked as Anna unlocked the door.

"Yeah. She had an afternoon shift." Anna answered and led them into the still house. "I think they'll both be gone for a few hours so we can... talk." Anna was nervous and fidgety. It's not like she was some shy nun. She'd had boyfriends, she'd done stuff. But Jeff was seven years older than she was and she didn't know what to expect.

Inside the house felt like the classroom this morning. She turned to look at Jeff who was smoothing his hands over his thighs. He looked nervous and sweet. But when his eyes met hers a moment later he looked more like a hunter who'd spotted his pray. She heard him whisper "This is a bad idea" and that was her only warning.

In a flash he was up against her body again. His arms wrapped around her and his mouth enveloped hers. Anna tried to keep up with his pace but eventually just let him pull her along. She felt the wall at her back and his body firmly against her front. His tongue in her mouth seemed to thrust in time with his hips. She felt heat crawling over every inch of her body, so when he started pulling her shirt up to remove it, it seemed like an excellent idea. His shirt flew up and over his head next. Finally they were skin to skin. Anna felt Jeff's fingers at the middle of her back unhooking to white cotton bra. She took a deep breath as he released her mouth to watch it slide off her arms and down to the floor. For a moment she felt self-conscience but then he smiled and bent his head to take one pert nipple into his mouth. He sucked with the same ferocity as he kissed. Anna yelped when he bit down gently but moaned again when his fingers found her other nipple and gently massaged it. A moment later he switched until both of her breasts were aching and her panties were soaked.

Jeff fell to his knees in front of her and kissed and licked her stomach while his hands undid the button and pulled down the zipper of her jeans.

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