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Wendy is less straightlaced than her brother remembers.

Frank leaned forward and kissed her on the neck, then the shoulder.

Fiona wondered where the trail of kisses he was blazing across her back would lead. She wondered if she had missed rinsing away any of the lube, and if she did would Frank figure out what she had been doing in the shower. She felt nervous; she wanted to keep her secret. His fingers were stroking the sides of her tits and his mouth moved closer and closer to her ass. Her entire body had started to tingle with anticipation. When he reached the small over her back his mouth strayed from the straight path and moved towards her left hip. Fiona grinned; it looked like her secret was safe for now.

Frank moved his hands from her tits to her ass. He stopped kissing her for a moment to admire her derriere. It was firm and had a bit of a curve to it. Fiona complained that it lacked the shape needed to look good in yoga pants, but he liked her muscular rear end. He spread his fingers out and put his thumbs between her thighs. He could feel the heat from her sex.

The cold countertop told her where she was. Even though she was blindfolded she knew exactly what the scene looked like. Fiona knew Frank was watching her reflection in the mirror. Without a doubt his eyes would be on her breasts, or at least the reflection of them in the mirror. One of his hands was gripping her hair, pulling her head back. The other was probably on his cock, guiding it towards her wet slit. She wanted him to bury his throbbing erection between her legs, to fill her completely, but she remained silent and motionless, relishing every moment of anticipation.

The mirror was a mixed blessing for Frank. He certainly enjoyed being able to see Fiona's naked body from the front and back at the same time, but he was having trouble deciding what to do next. He was just about to ram his cock into her when his eye caught sight of her breasts in the mirror. The flesh colored orbs beckoned to him. He was tempted to let go of his cock and her hair and scoop them up in his hands, or turn her around have Fiona wrap her tits around his throbbing erection. Frank let his eyes wander over her entire body, following the slow taper to her waist and the gentle flair of her hips. He released his cock and extended his fingers towards her pussy. The instant he felt the slick skin of her labia his focus returned. It was clear she wanted to be fucked. He briefly considered teasing her, making her beg for his cock, but the desire to be inside her was too strong. Frank thrust his hips towards her, his hand funneling his cock into her dripping wet cunt.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes," Fiona moaned as Frank's dick filled her. He had pushed the limits of her patience, but it was worth the wait. Her lips curled into a smile. All the teasing and foreplay had ignited the fuse of her climax. She had no doubt that she was going to come quickly, and when she did she would have her revenge.

"Harder, fuck me harder," Fiona begged. She received exactly what she wanted as Frank's hips slammed against her ass with a loud slap. Her breasts were no longer gently swaying back and forth, now they were banging against each other and flailing wildly in every direction as Frank's cock continued to pound into her. Fiona reached back and grabbed Frank's hand, then guided it to her breast. He seemed to know just what she wanted as he pinched her nipple, stretching the amber nub out.

The sound of Fiona's sultry voice pushed him closer to the point of no return. Frank slowed down, savoring the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. He kept his erection buried inside her as he pressed his fingers into her breast. He opened his mouth but all he could manage were two words, "Oh Fiona." As her named rolled of his tongue his balls tightened, they were ready to explode, but he wasn't ready. Frank wanted it to last just a few moments longer.

"Oh fuck baby that feels so good.

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