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Wife wants husband to take friend's virginity.

Could you lend me your husband? You see Dave and Adrian are the same build, have the same brown eyes, the same complexion. I don't think anyone would think anything was amiss if he was our donor."

Alesha was a little taken aback but then replied: "Of course, it would be my honor to share Adrian as the donor. We'd have to be discrete about it but I don't see why we can't make your wish come true."

Tears filled Tanice's eyes as she said: "Thank you, oh thank you."

It wasn't until the cake had been eaten, the presents opened and the messed cleared up that Alesha let me in on her conversation with Tanice. I was a little weirded out about it but did recognize that they would make wonderful parents and it was my duty as a close friend to do all that I could to help. So with not too much cajoling I agreed to help out. Alesha then went on to say of course that would mean having sex with Tanice. I just didn't know how to reply to that. Tanice was like a sister to me - it was sort of like incest. But then again, she clearly wasn't blood and had specifically asked for my help.

Then Alesha said something that really surprised me: "Darling, I know this could get really strange really fast and I think there is only one way to make this situation work and be fair to everyone involved especially Dave. I'll be with Dave while you are with Tanice."

To which I could only reply: "Are you sure about that? I guess its fair but do you think it will change our relationship and our friendship with Tanice and Dave?"

"Of course it will change everything. Not so much our relationship but our feelings towards Dave and Tanice. We'll be bonded to them for life by our lovemaking but also the child that results. I think that's a good thing. It means we'll be committed to the process and whatever happens down the road. And don't think this is a one off, they'll be wanting more kids for sure."

"Well I get that and I'm more comfortable with the idea but I really don't want to be in the same room or anything. Does that seem strange?"

"Not at all. I think we should have our private moments and not feel inhibited by the presence of each other. So shall I take this suggestion back to Tanice?"

"Yes, sure. I bet Dave will be happy!"

"Yeah and you won't be, tapping that big round booty of Tanice's. I been watching your eyes lately."

What could I say but pretend to be deaf and dumb. Of course Tanice was thrilled. Dave and I went out for a drink to discuss the situation and he just wanted to confirm that it was fine by me. Since he didn't want to damage our relationship. I said that things would change but for the better when they were newly minted parents. So we parted on good terms and a date was made for swapping our wives based on Tanice's next ovulation.

The day came in less than two weeks. We'd decided to simply have our wives show up at the other home and pack off our Alex to the grandparents so we could have some alone time. If they only knew what that meant! Alesha came home from work took a shower and headed out with a small overnight bag. A few minutes later Tanice showed up carrying a small tote. She gave me a quick kiss at the door, dropped her shoes, and headed to the kitchen: "I'm going to make you a delicious meal and then you can have me for dessert!" Of course I was the sous-chef cutting the vegetables, laying the table, opening the wine etc etc. But I didn't mind, tonight I was going to have the full on big booty experience and I was happy as could be.

The dinner was delicious as Tanice had said it would be. She'd decided that we would only eat a series of aphrodisiac heavy dishes: asparagus, avocados, oysters, pomegranates, walnuts, salmon and watermelon. I felt pleasantly full at the end of it all. Tanice told me to leave the plates and took me by the hand to the bedroom.

"Just sit on the edge of the bed, while I undress for you.

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