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Sgt Jill Simpson's dual lives as a cop and a slut collide.

I told Rod that our relationship was over, that he obviously did not see me as special enough to be totally honest and that I was just a special fuck compared to all the other bimbos he screwed.

I told him that he did not know about my background because my parents were dead. Did he stop to consider how I was so comfortable and relaxed in his mansion and with all the staff and security? That I could be so relaxed with his parents and other guest when we were at special dinners over the last two years? Did he have any idea how we could have been a great couple for the rest of our lives? I warned him that his career would be destroyed if he did not give me every single video clip he had of us and that I could have the FBI search every part of his family's life within the next hour.

Rod had no clue that I could arrange it if I really wanted to. Now Rod was really upset and shaken. His voice was trembling and his eyes were misty. He quickly went to a chest of drawers and took out a black leather case and handed it to me.

He promised me that all the video clips were in there and he made it a point to reset his camera each Friday night and out fucking on Saturday night was still in the camera hard drive. I searched on the floor and picked up the camera parts. I did not want to take any risks. Rod was now in tears as he started to apologise profusely. I could see that he was genuinely sorry but I could also see that he had not really thought of a long term future with me.

I walked out of Rod Tucker's life ....-


I was now back to reality. It was more than 9 months since I had walked out on Rod Tucker. I had fully recovered from him. It was three months since I had met Matt Branders in the office and mistaken him for a delivery man & how I had creamed in my pants at the sight of him. It was two weeks after that when we met properly & I knew who he really was. It was now two months since we had first kissed and it was such a special and natural thing to do with Matt. It was a couple of weeks since Matt had started feeling me up a bit through my clothes and tweaking my nipples.

And now he had arranged the incredibly nice birthday party for me. What a wonderful sweet man. And at the end of it I was desperately hoping he would take me home. From the day I saw him and creamed in my pands I kept getting images of Matt making love to me. I now felt this incredible desire to make love to Matt. The first sight of him 3 months ago had made me cream in my pants but it also scared me, as I do not just jump into bed when I see a man. But now he was making my heart and my whole body flutter. I had recovered fully from Rod and I really wanted a long term relationship with Matt. I knew I could trust him and he was such a hunk of a man.

I was so thrilled when Matt said he wished he could take me home. He took me to his place and offered me a fruit juice and then he took me in his big arms and drew me close to him with that piercing look from his brown eyes. It looked like he could see right into my heart and know how hot I was for him and how much I really liked him and appreciated the great birthday he had given me. He gently kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back with passion and desire.

Out lips meshed in a smooth and firm coupling of moist searching tongues and breath. My head was spinning with the pleasure and passion of his masculine smells and this strong firm embrace. I could not help grind my firm C-cup boobs into his chest and feel his hard erection in his pants start to press against my lower belly.

Matt sat down and slowly placed me on the couch but across his lap and started to undress me as he continued to kiss me and feel my upright tits.