Free Fantasy becomes reality. Porn Pics

Sam has his way with ebony Kendra.

"Stop! Don't stop. No, stop! No, keep going."

Confused and excited at the same time the hot brunette had a wanton, lust crazed look on her attractive face. Her quim was frigged and she started to moan through pursed lips, unable to fend off the endless attention. Now the finger was joined by a mouth which sucked on her hard clit until a intense tingling made her quiver in her restraints. Her heart thumped in her chest as wet lips moved quickly back and forth on the firm, sensitive clit of the stacked woman.

" can feel myself dripping down there. What devilry is this?"

As her silky wetness moistened her slit she gasped for breath in the oxygen rich air and her long mane of hair whipped around under her face as she lost all composure.

"Cease, Xander, you have made an excellent start." Barked Andros.

Wonder Woman turned her head and saw the naked alien male who had played with her nether regions approach her front. He appeared younger than Andros and had a heavy erection that jutted out and up, the head almost touching his tight stomach. His lean torso gleamed in the harsh light of the room and she was taken by his narrow waist and powerfully built legs.

"Do you deign to speak Diana? Or do we have to continue our ministrations."

"Believe me Andros, I know not of this project you speak of."

"Very well, Xaphyr. Bring the object."

The intensely erotic scenario continued under the lurid gaze of the others as Wonder Woman tensed her weary muscles in her awkward situation. A faint humming could be heard in her ears and a strange vibrating dildo was slowly eased inside her by the unseen Xaphyr.

"What IS that?" She wondered as the small toy, barely three inches long buzzed.

Diana's head was spinning as her pussy throbbed hotly from the mysterious vibrator buried inside her. The alien who moved it in and out was proficient in his work as every way he moved it sent jolts of elation through her loins and thighs. Perplexed and helpless the busty beauty closed her eyes as the faint whirring inside her continued. Then the object was withdrawn and her natural instincts made her feel sadness at the loss of the pleasurable vibrations.

"Are we done? I desire more."

The vibrator was inserted again and Diana purred with bliss as a new onrush of guilty pleasure brought her to a precipice of an orgasm. Her pussy was so wet it dripped out and down her soft flesh and her body shook on the trapeze like contraption. Her heavenly channel was explored remorselessly and just as it looked like she would experience her first ever climax Andros spoke loudly for the immediate cessation of proceedings.

"We shall pause here for now and pick up where we left off later."

Diana pouted at the unwarranted interruption and then began to feel drowsy as the knockout gas rendered her unconscious once more.


When next she woke from a dreamless stupor Wonder Woman was on her back, still nude and still tied. The surface under her body felt soft yet solid as she pulled on her wrists that were secured together by the bracelets, her hands palm to palm. Her legs had been splayed and her ankles tied with cords to each of the posts at her feet. It was humiliating yet thrilling. Wicked yet tantalising.

"Diana, such a sight before my eyes. You body is wondrous indeed."

The heroine raised her head and curled her toes at the sound of Andros entering wherever she had been restrained. A silken blindfold covered her eyes as she struggled on the bed.

"What can you tell me of the Colossus Project, bearing in mind your super powers have been negated. You are but a vulnerable woman with no means of helping yourself."

Diana began to fret at his voice and her panting breasts heaved on either side of her ribcage as she lay spread eagled.

"I cannot say." Answered the feisty woman.

"Why do you persist in this denial.