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Lovely BBW surprises her boss.

This felt so right, pleasing a black man. Being on my knees for a black man. Being an obedient sex slave for a black man.

I gagged a couple of times as I thought this, and then decided to let my brain go blank and just focus on the cock in my mouth.

"This is going to be the night of your life," he groaned, as he put his hands in my hair.

I knew there was no way I could take all ten inches in my mouth, it being more than double my fianc__'s four and a half inch cock, and yet I wanted to get as much as possible. I also wondered how such a cock would ever fit in my pussy... but I definitely wanted it in me.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, he pulled out and said, "Get out of that dress."

I stood back up and willingly got undressed in front of a man who wasn't my fianc__.

"Bra, too," he ordered, once my dress was off.

I obeyed, my breasts a little small and the one thing I wished was bigger on me.

He went to a desk and returned with scissors.

Suddenly nervous, I asked, "W-w-what are those for?"

"To get rid of your panties," he said, as he moved his hand to my legs, and quickly cut the fabric. "We always keep the nylons on."

"Oh," was all I said, as he pulled the panties out from the pantyhose. He moved the panties to his nose and said, "You are soaked."

I didn't say anything, as I watched him get undressed. He then said, "Ready to be turned into another white cock slut for nigger cock?"

The words were so blunt... so crude... so wrong.

Yet, I nodded, staring at his Adonis like black body, muscles everywhere, tattoos everywhere, and said, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" he asked, as he moved to the bed and lay down.

"Yes, I want your big black cock," I admitted, following him to the bed. Staring at the massive black light house that was guiding me in.

"You want to be a white slut for black cock?" he questioned, as I joined him on the bed.

I nodded, "Yes, I want to be a slut for black cock."

"Straddle me," he ordered, "I love to watch a nigger virgin realize what she really is."

Again his words were racist and inappropriate and yet it turned me on even more. I wanted to have him take my 'nigger' virginity, although there was no way I could say such a word.

I straddled his body, grabbed his pulsing missile and slowly lowered myself on it.

As it stretched my pussy wider than John ever did or even my bigger dildo, my eyes went big. I wasn't sure I could handle such a cock.

I went very slowly, watching the black magic rod disappear inside me.

Suddenly he leaned up grabbed my waist and roughly slammed me on his cock.

I screamed, an intense pleasure and pain coursing through me as all ten inches somehow filled me. "Oh fuck!"

"That's it," he said, looking up at me, as I became lightheaded. "Just allow that virgin pussy, white cock doesn't count, to get used to a real cock in it,"

"Okay," I weakly said, feeling so completely full.

Then after a minute of getting accustomed to being impaled by the huge dick, I wanted to ride it.

He said, as if reading my mind, "Go ahead, slut, enjoy the ride."

If John called me a slut, I would rip his balls off, but when Jamal called me it, it turned me on more. I began slowly riding him, as I leaned forward and put my hands on his muscular chest.

"Oh yeah, fuck yourself like the white slut you are," he groaned.

I moaned, "You love fucking white sluts, don't you?"

"Oh yeah," he groaned, before adding, "nothing better than fresh white mouth, pussy and ass."

My eyes went big at the ass comment.

"Have you ever had a cock in your ass, Princess?" he asked, as I kept slowly fucking him.

All the girls, especially Becka, always called me Princess, and I wondered how much they, probably Becka, had to do with the fact that I was currently naked and riding a black stranger... probably everything.

"No," I admitted, the idea not overly appealing and definitely not appealing with a dick as big as his.

"Well, good white nigger loving cock sluts were born with three holes for a rea

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