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A boring party leads to a better night at home.

I must have looked like an idiot standing there, mouth open, unable to move or speak.

Lucky for me, Stephanie broke the silence and cried "Jon!" She ran over and threw her arms around me and we hugged. She said she was so glad to see me. I tried to answer but all I could think about was her breasts pressing against me. I managed to greet her, and told her I was happy she would be staying with us. And was I! At this point all I could think about was how great it'd be to see this hot little body more frequently. Then, I reminded myself she was my niece. Granted, it was my wife's side of the family, but family nonetheless. I helped her take her bags out of the car and showed her to her room. The kids were there now, as was Michelle. Everyone was talking, laughing and having a good time. I had to admit, in spite of myself, that it seemed like she belonged here.

A few weeks went by not much happened. I was generally gone by 7am, and Stephanie seemed to sleep in every day. I still thought about those amazing tits of hers, and wondered where she inherited that small, tight ass. I'd hoped to catch a glimpse of her coming out of the shower, but it was not to be. According to Michelle, she had a few interviews each day, but nothing serious came up. I was beginning to wonder if she'd ever find work when one day she broke the news at dinner. She announced that she got a great clerical job with high potential for advancement. "The best part is," she said, it's at my company! I was quite surprised, because she never asked for any help. Now I'm only a middle manager, but I would have tried to help her if she asked. "No problem, Jon. But what you don't know is that I'll be working in your department, under Marie!" Once again my mouth hung open. Since she didn't directly report to me, it wouldn't be a problem. "That's great!" Michelle exclaimed, "You two can carpool together!" At that point, I began to like the idea. We could use the diamond lane, and I'd get to work in half the time. "Congratulations!" I said, and I meant it.

After a month or so, we fell into a rhythm. Up in the morning, out the door, drive to work and back home. I enjoyed the company during the drive, and we talked about everything. One day, she brought up Craig. She said he's been pressuring her to move back home, but she really wanted to say "in the big city" for another year. The she surprised me by stating, "of course, I sure miss the sex!" Yet again, I found myself with my mouth hanging open and unable to speak. She giggled and punched me on the arm. "You didn't think I was a virgin, did you?" she asked. I stammered a response, and said no, it was unlikely a woman as beautiful as she had become could fight the boys off for long. "That's sweet!" she said as we pulled into our ramp. Before I could bring it up again, she was out of the car and we began another workday.

About a month later, my wife and kids went to visit her parents in Florida for a couple of weeks. I wished them well as they boarded the plane, and headed home. Normally, I look forward to this time each year as my own mini-vacation. Little did I know what was in store for me.

That next Saturday night, Stephanie went out for the evening with some of her new friends.