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Melanie has a surprise run in.

"Can't wait," Artemis replied sarcastically.

She fell asleep minutes into the drive, exhausted after her extended babysitting duties and the quick but violent fight. She remained asleep as Gabriel made the stops he needed to, waking only when he shook her gently several hours later. They were parked out the back of a nice motel; apparently, they weren't making it to Rome that night. Artemis clambered stiffly out of the car and stretched her cramped muscles before following Gabriel inside.

"Right, clean yourself up first then I'll deal with that wound. I picked you up some new clothes since you didn't bring anything. You can have first shower; you look fucking terrible."

"Bloody charming," Artemis sneered, grabbing the offered pile of clothing and stalking past him into the bathroom. However a quick glance in the mirror told her he was right. Her white-blonde hair was tangled and matted with blood and a colourful bruise was blossoming on her cheek. Nasty scratches scored her ribs accompanied by more bruising, and dried blood streaked her dusky gold skin. When she unwrapped the makeshift bandage around her thigh blood leaked sluggishly from it. Ouch.

She stayed in the shower as long as she thought she could get away with, ridding her hair and skin of the horrible, rust-scented blood and cleaning her wounds as thoroughly as possible. Fortunately she wouldn't need stitches as the bullet wound was the only serious injury, but dealing that would more than make up for her relative luck. And sure enough, she'd barely managed to get into her underwear before Gabriel barged in brandishing a scalpel, forceps, bandages and antiseptic.

"May as well get this over with." He sounded almost apologetic, Artemis thought, though it did nothing to make her relax. "I don't suppose you'll behave during this?"

"I'll try," Artemis replied. And it was true, she did. She just failed miserably. Gabriel had to force her into a corner and eventually pin her to the ground while she lashed out at him ineffectually, retaining just enough manners to avoid changing and doing some real damage. Just. But after much struggling and swearing Gabriel managed to extract the bullet from its lodging place and properly bandage the injury. He was panting with exertion when he stood up and offered Artemis a hand to do the same. "Quite the wild cat, aren't you? You certainly don't make life easy." The Romano warrior shook his head, apparently resignedly amused, and grabbed a towel. Artemis mumbled her thanks and took her chance to escape back into the motel room.

She chose the bed closest to the window and amused herself by flicking idly through the seemingly limitless motel channels while Gabriel showered. It didn't take long for that to get old though, so she used his credit card (unwisely left in his bag) to order room service. She was tucking into a steak with all the trimmings when he came out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist.

"Enjoying spending my money, kitty cat?"

"I was hungry," Artemis replied with a shrug. "Besides, I got you one too. Figured even the great Romano warrior has to eat." As Gabriel selected clothes and changed, apparently unconcerned about modesty in front of her, Artemis allowed herself to actually look at her new employer for the first time. He was tall and surprisingly lean for a tiger, though certainly not lacking in the abs department. A lot of tigers were built like brick shithouses but although a healthy amount of muscle rippled along Gabriel's six foot four frame he certainly wasn't overly bulky. His hair was tousled and almost jet black, the colour of the tiger's stripes, and he had a deeply tanned complexion. His features were elegant and aristocratic -- unmistakably Italian -- and his eyes were the striking clear amber of the big cat he changed into. More than this though, Gabriel was an unmistakable leader; he practically radiated power, confidence and charisma. It was easy to see why he was one of the most formidable warriors for the Romano pack.

"I'm starving, actually.