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A booking error, father and daughter are thrown together.

My hands fall to my knees, resting on them with an open palm, facing up. I raise my head, but lower my eyes. This is second nature to me by now. My body knows this position so well I don't even need to think about it anymore. I was made for this. I wait for Him to speak, to do something, anything. Moments pass, making minutes feel like days. When is He going to say something? How long must I wait?

His hand reaches down and He gently lifts my chin until I meet His eyes. My heart flutters. God, I could just drown in those Master is so handsome, I'm so lucky.

"Since you enjoy being pleased so much, I'm going to stop. Now you will do the pleasing."

"Yes, Master."

"Wait here."

He lets go of my chin and I lower my head back into position and wait. I see His boxers being lifted off the ground, and then watch His feet as He walks out of the kitchen, leaving me alone and empty. I listen to His footsteps, trying to discern where He is going, what He might be doing. I yearn for His presence; I need Him back here with me. His footsteps near once again, and as much as I wish to lift my head and look at my Master; I keep my eyes to the floor and remain perfectly still.

"The kids are still asleep, so you're lucky. You get to make me cum before they wake."

"Thank you, Master."

The words escape my lips instantly, without thought or hesitation. He grabs His coffee and takes another calm, measured sip. He lowers the mug to my lips.

"Take a big sip of this and hold it in your mouth."

I oblige happily, holding a mouthful of hot coffee in my cheeks. Wow this is really fucking hot, how long do I have to do this?

"Now your head is the table, my little slave. Nod if you understand."

I nod eagerly, the coffee sloshing in my mouth as I do so.

"Good girl."

He pulls my hair into a ponytail (ouch, it's tight!) and nestles His mug on the top of my head. This is not the first time I have been made to balance an object on my head for my Master, and I sincerely hope that it won't be the last, either. As He steadies the mug and removes His hand, I force my body to remain perfectly still. I don't want to disappoint my Master, but I also really don't want coffee in my hair. I will not make a mistake this time.

He moves about the kitchen, locating the sugar and cream, and a spoon to stir. What is He doing? He doesn't even like that stuff, I buy it for my own coffee. I can't help but wonder what is going through His mind. He approaches me once more He pouring the sugar in the mug on my head? I raise my eyes in confusion.

"Hold still, slut."

He must have seen my eyes wandering, searching for answers as to what is happening on the top of my head. I hear a soft splash as He slowly pours cream into the mug as well. Then the musical tinkling of the spoon against the sides of the mug as He stirs it. Every move is deliberate; He never does anything He doesn't mean to. I feel a gentle pressure come off of my head as He lifts the mug. He lowers it to my lips once more.

"Swallow that mouthful and take another."

Of course I do as I am told. Mmmm...there's nothing like that first drink of coffee in the morning. I feel it warm my insides as it goes down. I do prefer it with sugar and cream though, so I silently praise Him for flavoring it to my taste. I eagerly take another mouthful and hold it once again. Damn, it's still so hot. Why is He making me hold it? The pressure on my head returns, He's returned the mug to its place.

"Now that you've had a drink, the mug is not as full. Now you can use your mouth to please me without spilling it."

A moment of panic runs through me; how am I going to make this work? I've never had to move with something balanced on my head. I'm afraid I won't be able to succeed and the thought of displeasing my Master worries me deeply. But I take a slow, deep breath and concentrate. I will not fail.

"Swallow that coffee and open your mouth."

The coffee warms me once again as I drink.