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Father and son find love in the wilderness.

It would help her get away with what she had in mind.

"Samuel," she said, in a hurry to beat Robert's deadline. "Swing your chair out here alongside mine." She directed the three of them so both their chairs would be seated sideways to the table, with Samuel's on the outside. Samuel went along with the arrangement willingly, and as he moved his chair next to hers she noticed his eyes sweeping over her bare seated legs, held firmly together.

"What's your name?" she asked the waiter/porter.

"Tony," he said.

"Tony, could you stand a few feet back and kneel down so you are on our level?" she asked, in the most cheerful and flirty voice she could manage in her current state.

"My, you know how to give directions for a photo! You must be experienced," Samuel said, and he chuckled.

"My husband is very particular about photographs," she said with a thin smile. "He knows exactly what he wants to see in them. I've picked up a thing or two."

Tony knelt with his knee on the floor, so his head was level with Kymberly's chest. That's where she wanted him.

"Smile," he said.

Samuel put an arm over the back of Kymberly's chair, and Kymberly held her hands down in her lap, legs pressed together and fingers right at the hem of the short dress.

Tony took the photo. Before he could move Kymberly called out quickly, "One more!"

Time was running out, she knew, and this would be her only chance. Out of her side vision she could see Samuel was smiling and looking at the phone. Tony was getting ready to take the photo. No one around seemed to be looking at them, and she figured that her lap would be obscured by the table to one side, Samuel to the other, and Tony in front of them.

She parted her legs and pulled the hem of her dress up and lifted her knees slightly off the chair. She hoped it was enough for the vibrator in her pussy to be exposed to the phone camera lens, but not so obvious to attract Samuel's attention.

Obviously, it was enough for the phone camera; she could see it from Tony's expression. His eyes widened and his mouth opened and he looked up from the phone screen directly at her, toward her lap and between her legs. For the second time today, she was showing off her pussy to him. This time, instead of being open and exposed, her pussy was stuffed with a purple vibrator.

He paused, and it seemed to Kymberly that the act of pulling on her short dress and exposing her toy-filled pussy made time stand still. It was agonizing. Tony seemed to be moving in slow motion, and every second she held her dress open in the crowded ballroom she risked everything.

"Go ahead," she said, trying to quell the nervousness in her voice between gritted teeth.

Tony took the photo. She snapped her legs shut and sprang off the chair for her phone.

"Let's see how it turned out!" said Samuel.

"Oh, I'll send you the better one later!" Kymberly replied quickly. She didn't want Samuel to see the photo with her legs spread.

"Thank you, Tony," she said, looking up for just an instant as she started thumbing over the phone screen to text the photo to her husband.

She sent it. Tony grabbed the wine bottle and resumed his duties but gave her one last, longing look first.

"I think dinner's ready!" Samuel said.

It was; the waiters had set the tables and people were starting to eat, with the evening's main speech just moments away.

Kymberly pulled her chair to the table, her legs now under the drape of the white table cloth. She was grateful to be able to minimize her exposure for a little while.

The phone pinged with Robert's reply.

"Wow, baby! Not sure how you pulled that off. You are good at this game."

Damn right, I'm good at this, she thought. But I am going to get back at you, Robert. Somehow.

Kymberly made small talk with Samuel and others at the table.