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The Morning After.

She walked to the kitchen and picked up on the second ring.

"Hello," she said softly

"hi bitch," Karen remarked.

Dani giggled. Karen could always cheer her.

"What's happening?"

"Have you ever played tennis?"

"No," Danielle answered.

"How 'bout i teach you ," Karen offered.

"OK starting when? I need to buy a racket."

"Not a problem girl. I'll pick you up in a few minutes."

Mark would be in San Diego on corporate business for another three or four days. He would come back to find another woman in Dani's life. She searched for a way to tell him.

Dani had developed a subconscious desire to be artificially inseminated. It should happen, she planned, within the next five years. Her only concern was about finding a girl to share her life and help raise the child.

Karen looked spectacular in halter top and shorts standing outside of her five year old Honda. Dani had came out the front door, pocketbook in left arm, as the car was pulling into the driveway.

"There's a nice sporting goods store in the Mall. We'll fix you right up."

They drove off.

Karen fit the role of soft butch. Masculine traits led people to suspect her as lesbian even before she came out. She had her feminine side.

After purchasing the racquet the girls walked into a clothing boutique.

Karen Somers picked out a paisley print tunic.

" I like that," said Dani, "that's nice."

The tigers eye earrings appealed to Karen. She added them to her purchases. Dani looked at her girl friend thinking very pretty.

As they got back into the car there was time for private chat.

"I have to tell Mark. I just don't know how."

Karen wanted to suggest something but words were lost. As they headed back toward Dani's home Karen recalled being betrayed rather than actually telling her parents.

"I was catching some crap in high school over being with Cheryl. My dad took an anonymous call."

"How did they react?"

"They found out that my freshman English teacher was also lesbian. Miss Gibbs became my only friend. Anyway you should have heard me scream when my parents wanted to have that teacher dismissed."

"It must have been hard on you."

"Tell me about it," said Karen.

It was difficult for Dani to even imagine that she could once refer to Karen as "the office dyke." The colleague became the love of Dani's life.

The insights into Karen's teen years added a little to the friendship. They inspired Dani.

"I remember my first boyfriend. I was 14. I think it lasted a month if that."

Karen giggled.

"That sounds right. Cheryl dumped me after a month."

"I remember when I met Mark." Tears came with those words.

Karen pulled off the road and held her girlfriend close. Dani rested her head on a soft shoulder.

The car remained parked for a few moments while the girls caressed.

"I feel like a teen age here," Dani complained.

"yeah me too," Karen replied.

On that note the car started. Karen was bringing Dani home.

Dani had spent the night in Karen's apartment. Now it was time to reciprocate.

"Come in" she said.

Karen accepted the invitation.

"Sit down, make yourself at home. You're not leaving till morning."

Karen did as she was told. Taking the remote from the coffee table she switched on the television.

Danielle walked out from her bedroom naked to the delight of her girl friend. She liked the soft touch of Karen's hands on her thighs, belly, ribs, neck and cheeks. Karen admired Dani's well proportioned female body and massaged her lover's firm 36 C breasts. This alone caused Dani to come.

To Dani's delight Karen had worn the strapon. Made of rubber that felt like a real penis it made her scream and thrash about in the throws of multiple orgasms. Come was gushing out of her.

Danielle showered in the morning from 630 for about ten minutes. Karen went in as she was coming out wrapped in towel from breast down to knee.

By seven they were sharing breakfast. It was only english muffins and coffee but to Karen it meant the world.

"I need to stop by my apartment and change."

"We're about the same size girl. I can loan you something."

"Dani y

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