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I hid the resulting photo, which showed my face as well, away in a book. At first I was sort of embarrassed about it and worried someone would find it. I would take it out and look at it, at my nakedness, and sometimes I masturbated to it. Is it perverse to masturbate looking at yourself? I suppose it is. (Then again Salvador Dali, a great expert on wanking, recommended that you always do it in front of a mirror). There is obviously an exhibitionistic thrill that motivates a lot of people who are into porn. I wonder if there are any women who masturbate looking at pornographic images of themselves in magazines or on the Net. I'm sure some of the men in porn wank to their own videos.

The fact is, as no doubt the reader has noticed, I like my cock. I like to look at it, and stroke it, and see it disappear into a girl's mouth or pussy or - best of all - her arsehole. I have said that I'm happy with the size of it, but there is one reason that I would like it to be bigger - how I would love to be one of those guys who are big enough, and flexible enough, to suck themselves off! Sometimes I dream that I'm able to do this. There'll I'll be, doubled up, my hard cock in my mouth. It's the most wonderful feeling. I'll wake up feeling ecstatic - I can do it! - and then I realise that I can't.

Not happy with having just the one photo, I began to build up a collection of photos of my penis in various stages of erection. I took photos of it tied up, my balls round and shiny. While searching the net, I came upon a notice by a guy offering to send photos of his wife to other men, on the condition that they send photos back of them ejaculating on to her. I was happy to oblige him.

One day, in a lascivious mood, I stripped naked, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went into the backyard. A train line ran along the back of it, so that those people sitting on the top level of a train, and looking out the window at the right time, could see straight down into it.

Slipping the towel off, I stood in the middle of the yard, wanking myself until I was hard, then took some photos of my erection. When I heard a train's rumbling approach, I quickly covered myself with the towel. But then I grew bolder. I laid the towel out on the ground and lay on my back on top of it. As the next train passed, and several after that, I lay there in full view so that anyone glancing out of the window at the right moment would have seen me.

After a while I stood up again. There was a pile of yellow sand in one corner of the garden - we had been doing some building work - and I went and knelt in front of it. I took a handful of sand and let it drop on my stiff prick, then rubbed it roughly onto it, then standing up again jerked off until I ejaculated. I finished by taking a photo of me pissing on the ground.

I had, I should explain, been taking nude photos of my wife from almost the beginning of our relationship (I had even inherited some of her taken by her previous boyfriend), but now persuaded her to let me take more hardcore pics of her, including some of her playing with and sucking my penis. One night, after taking a few such shots, I handed her the camera and lay on the bed with my legs apart. "Take a photo of my cock," I said. She did as I asked. For the first time I really felt like a porn model.

At first, as I had done with that initial photo of me naked, I hid these pictures away. But then, as my inhibitions continued to decline, I began to post them on the net. At first I obscured my wife's face on these, but after while I didn't even do that. Inspired by the guy who had sent me the pic of his wife, I emailed pictures of mine with her pussy spread open to other men, who sent in return shots of them ejaculating onto her image. It thrilled me that strangers were looking at my wife's tits and pussy. (She had, and still has no idea that I have done this.) I also posted my cock on a number of gay sites.

This brings me to the subject of other men's cocks.