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An affair: tennis and then many better matches in her bed.

Only, as the days passed, I had a sick realization that the doctor and his wife had used me and my body to satisfy whatever sick fantasy they had. Perverts. Now I understand why they took yearly vacation trips to Denmark. God only knows what they did there. At first, I denied the thought, but deep down in my heart, I know that I had been a victim for their bizarre display of sexuality.

I thought it was my own fantasy, perhaps, a reoccurring dream, from always wanting to bang Christine, but the more I thought about it, the clearer it became. To help the images along, I closed the blinds and drapes in my house, clicked off all the lights, and turned off the television. Then, I sat in my easy chair and relaxed in an attempt to clear my mind of all other thoughts. Even if it was in my subconscious mind, I hoped that I could bring those thoughts forward and remember what happened.

Breathing deeply, trying to focus to keep my mind blank, I nearly put myself into a hypnotic state and to sleep. Then, the visions of what really happened that day flooded my mind. While still under the drugs that my dentist had given me, I had been sexually assaulted by my dentist and his wife.

With the thoughts that Christine had her way with my unconscious body, I became aroused with the thoughts of what the doctor and his wife had done to me. While still under the influence of the drug, I was susceptible to their suggestions. In control of my mind and my will, they took advantage of me. They raped me.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and grabbed a tissue to give myself a release, while remembering all that happened on that fateful day. I hoped that the sexual activity of me masturbating would help to jog a memory from that day. Hey, it sounded good to me. If nothing else, I'd get off over the thoughts of Christine having her way with my body.

"Unzip your uniform, Christine, let me see those tits."

"Yes, Doctor, whatever you want," she said unzipping her uniform all the way down and lifting up her bra.

Even though I was sitting in a dental chair in the recovery room with these two sexual deviates and still feeling the effects of the laughing gas, I was just coming around. I was semi-conscious, but still quite a bit out of it, but I was still under their control and too woozy not to obey all their suggestions. Although still a bit blurry eyed, I could make out Christine standing in front of me with her white nurses uniform completely unzipped and her bra pulled up and over her tits. Is this for real or was I imagining this?

She had a nice rack and she was wearing white, bikini panties. For an older woman, she had a nice body. Damn, I couldn't believe my drug dazed eyes. Christine was rubbing her panty clad pussy on my thigh.

Then, she lifted my hand and put it on her tit and moved my finger to finger her nipples, first one and then the other. I couldn't believe I was feeling Christine's breasts, while fingering her nipples. Her breasts felt amazing. She had wonderful tits for an old broad. In actuality, she was old enough to be my mother.

Feeling as if I was in a hypnotic state or a drug induced trance, I wondered if I was dreaming. I wondered with the laughing gas, if I was imagining the whole thing. Now, I wonder how many other people they did this too.

I wondered if the doctor had his way with women, too, while his wife watched or if he just got off watching his wife with other men. Maybe he even did this to my wife. She always asks for the laughing gas, even just for a filling.

I couldn't believe this really happened and I was finally remembering it. Only, how could I prove it? I couldn't. I still wasn't totally sure it even happened.

I closed my eyes again trying to put myself back in a trance. I was back in the recovery room and I heard the doctor's voice.

"Take out his cock, Christine. I want to watch you play with his penis."

Oh, my god! I couldn't believe I was remembering Christine was about to take out my cock.

"Yes, Doctor," she said and I

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