Free Man sets things straight at his wedding ceremony. Porn Pics

A mature TG gets to know the neighbor's boy better.

.. after I let you rest and we cuddled for several minutes I would start kissing you very passionately and slowly rolled on top of you. Reached down and guided me to the gates of paradise. I would slowly push forward... stretching... penetrating until I you could take no more Then slowly withdrawal. And reenter you just a little faster... Over and over again... nibbling on the nape of your neck and your ears. Until you started screaming you were having another orgasm... and another orgasm... and another until they became one long orgasm and your muscles clamped that silky tight vagina around my throbbing penis until I orgasm inside of you so much. It started squishing out the sides of where we were joined. We slowed our pace down to catch our breath and I kept slowly stroking you. To your surprise and pleasure I haven't lost any stiffness. We rolled over and you got on top and rode me so slowly and passionately. Determined to make me soft....

...You start riding up and down... harder, faster. Gyrating your hips, determined. You take my hands and place them on your breast. I start to thrust up into you meeting your thrusts. Our bodies slapping together can be heard like a thunder clap. You feel my body start to tighten up and my penis thro and it seems to grow larger sending you into another explosive orgasm. As your muscles clamp down on me I explode into. Sending so much sperm into your vagina, you feel like it will come out your mouth. As we slow down riding out our orgasm. You still can not feel any softening of my penis. You then slowly rise off me and back down between my legs where you look in amazement at my penis.

You slowly kiss the head and lick its length, up the bottom and down the front, Over and over again. You then place the tip at your lips and slowly suck my head into your mouth. You go as far down as you can and back to the tip without taking your mouth off me. Up and down you go, stroking me with your hand as your mouth applies the suction. You then nibble and suckle the skin on the bottom just bellow the head of my penis sending my eyes into the back of my head, Stroking me with your hand the entire time. Then you nibble your way down to my testicles where you lick them and suck on them gently, one at a time. You see my reaction and smile evilly. You go back up and suck on my penis and stroke it with your lips and tongue all the way down until your nose touches my pubic hair. You then gulp like you are gulping a soda. The sensation is more than I can stand and I unload my sperm into your waiting mouth. You eagerly swallow as much as you can and savor the taste. You then lick me clean and notice some of the stiffness is leaving my penis. You are determined to make me completely soft...

Instead I pull you up and give you a deep passionate kiss. Sticking my tongue in your mouth tasting my own sperm coated on the inside of your mouth. Keeping you on your knees I get behind you and slowly take my still hard dick and rub it up and down between your vaginal lips against your clitoris driving you crazy with passion. You beg me to put it in and I just keep tormenting you. Over and over you try to push back and get it in... Until I then place the tip at the entrance and you immediately slam back on me pushing me all the way in as far as I can go. You scream with pleasure and stay still for a minute giving your vagina a chance to adjust to my 9 inches. I start stroking in and out slowly, you start matching my rhythm stroke for stroke.

Since I have already had more than one orgasm we keep going and going.