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By the time we had our sixth can each, I lay sprawled on the couch, whilst Jade lay with her head on my lap, as I played with her hair. We were into our second film which was Fifth Element, the action flick with Bruce Willis.

" Ry-, what do you really think of this no underwear idea?" She managed to say, even though slightly slurry.

" It's cool with me, I may get , a glimpse of flesh. " I giggled as Jade punched my shoudler, with virtually no power as it took all her strength to raise her fist.

" Don't you like the idea?" I asked .

" It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't think I have the figure for it." I nearly spat the alcohol from mouth as she spoke. I was in shock, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen was saying to me she felt her body was not good enough to be showed off.

" Your taking the piss right?" I managed to slur. She looked up from lap with a confused expression.

" What do you mean?" She asked confused.

" Well your the most beautiful girl I've, I've ever see, seen, your figure, is, is fantastic, I wouldn't need a second chance if, if you asked me , to fuck you." Her face showed she was shocked at first, then her warm smile broke across her face.

" That's so sweet." She giggled as she punched my shoulder again. We carried on watching the film for another half an hour and had another can of beer each, generally we chatted about work, some of her friends and actors then Jade something that shocked me, I never knew how intimate she was with me until she said.

" I'm hairy. My pussy I mean, it's why I'm scared to wear, wear no underwear." She stared at the screen waiting my reply.

" How hairy? " I asked before taking a large swig of beer.

" Well I've never shaven before so, over four years worth." She looked up at me, as if ashamed.

" Well I could shave you if you want." The words sort of rolled off the tongue , I blamed the alcohol, but I knew I wanted to do it, I had never seen a women's vigina up close before, and I was getting excited as I thought about it. I hope to god, I didn't get an erection,but I could feel it stirring, but to save me Jade sat up on the couch.

"Really you'd shave me?"

" Sure, if you want me to." By now my cock had grown to nearly it's full length of ten inches, it was pressing tight against my jeans,begging to be let out. Jade grabbed my wrist and started off the couch.

" Come on your going to shave me before I change my mind." Jade pounded upstairs with me in tow, and took me into the bathroom, for some strange reason we had sobered up quickly, and we were both buzzing eith excitement. She sat down on the chair we kept in the bathroom, and looked at me with her huge warm smile.

" Ok, go get what you need and I'll get ready, where's best to do it? "

" Your room I guess, you'll, be more comfortable on your bed. I'll get the items I need and meet you in there. " Jade stood up and kissed me lightly on the cheek and vanished into her room, whilst I pickd up the items I would need, a small mirror, a pair of scissors, a comb, shaving cream, a damp towel and my razor. After I got everything I stood at her doorway building up the courage to step in, eventually Jade's voice brought me back to reality.

"Ryan, you ready?"

I stepped in her room to find her lying on her bed completely naked, although her long slender legs were pressed tightly together, I could see the huge bush of her light red pubic hair finishing just below her navel. Her small pert breasts had erect nipples standing up, she blushed as I eyed her gorgeous body once over and then smiled her warm smile, to encourage herself and me. I made my way over to the bed and sat down beside her, I could smell her scent in the air, she was extremely aroused.

" Are you ready?" I asked my voice shaky, she nodded and opened her legs alittle, I saw more of her hairy pussy.