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Stef fulfills her side of the bargain.

Adam looked over his shoulder and grinned as one of the other men had knelt behind him, and put his mouth between his firm, round buttocks, feeling the mouth and tongue of the other press around his anus, and lick his rear-end.

He looked back at the cute guy beneath him, and gently pushed in, slow enough to let the one behind him eat him out, while still going into a rhythm into the charming chubby beneath him "Awww~~~! Oh, my lord~!" He moaned with absolute delight as he felt the magnificent member fill his anus. Adam huffed and cooed as the wonderful warmth enveloped his dick, inch by inch as he sunk his cock down into him.

His fingers dug into Adam's mantle as he hilted him several times, "Oh, my lord~! You feel so good inside me!" He moaned out, just before Adam closed his lips around his, stifling his moans of lust while rubbing his hand along the orange fuzz on his face. Adam smirked as he pushed balls-deep into he male's rectum, "Oh, you feel so marvelous, my lord!" He moaned out as he clung tightly around Adam. He nibbled on the guy's neck and he pulled back, and pushed back in.

The belly guy moaned louder and louder, feeling every inch of his master's member throbbing inside of him, "Breed me, my lord~!" He exclaimed, "Please cum inside me!"

Adam grinned as he took a deep breath, as he pushed ALL the way in, and injected his very potent seed into his anus! Almost on command! The guy moaned out at the top of his lungs as he felt the hot flood of his god's thick, white fluids wash deep into his insides, "Oh master~!" He cooed. Adam slipped his soaked penis out of his ass, before he lowered down to press his face into his round bottom. His eyes opened wide as he felt his god's mouth rub and lick his soaked anus! "Oh master! You're so good~ Ahhh~~!" He can feel Adam's mouth exploring his most personal area, licking every square inch of his rear. "Ohh, OOOOOHHHH~~~" The chubby guy's short, 4 inch dick squirted out in several long ropes on his round gut, and a few stripes on his face.

Adam rose up, his penis still ever erect and throbbing, pointing up at the ceiling, as he put his hand on the shoulder of one of the men, "You... See that he is spotless..." The male then looked up at him.

"Him or his ass?" Adam grinned at him.

"Both, silly~" He answered playfully as he ruffled into his male's hair.

"My lord!" An olive-skinned man said, holding his nude bottom up, "Breed me next!" Adam smiled as he knelt down behind him, and then slid his dripping, semen-soaked rod into his ass, making him gasp and moan out in pure bliss. Adam landed his pelvis directly on that rump, putting his hands on the velvet, and then opening his mouth to land on a random male's half flaccid, fresh penis.

"Oh master~~!" The man said as Adam pulled in his soft dick with his mouth alone, "You're such a good and benevolent god!" Adam closed his eyes as he felt the penis harden inside his mouth as he sucked with pleasure.


"AaaaaaaAAAaaaaahhhhhhoooOOOOaaaaaaaaaawwwwww~~~" The siren sang to the human, seeing him walking ever so slowly to his death, enjoying whatever vision her song weaved and created for him. On last dream of joy and happiness before he has the honor of becoming her meal. Maybe she'll save a leg and an arm for her brothers and sister. Be this human looks rather young, she wonders if he'll even fill her up? Oh well~

The siren sang more as she rose her hand, offering her sharp, gleaming, red and blue fingers to the human, who is still about 20 ft away with the sea and the rocky cliff between them.

"Aaaaaaooooooooooooohhhhhh- AAAHHHHH!!!" Suddenly, the siren screeched as she felt something stab deep into her side! The siren screamed as she saw a three-pronged spear had sunk into her stomach. She gagged and growled as she slipped into the water, her twin tails curling and flailing as she sunk.

A blue and silver flash then drove the siren down into the sand, grabbing onto the shaft pushing it down onto the beautiful monster.

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