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Albert and Shelley get to know each other.

Steve started to scream and moan around Joel's cock. Joel held his head steady at his cock so he couldn't scream out loud. Betty pushed more and more of the dildo deep into his asshole. She started to pull it out and then ram it back in. She could see his anus turning red and knew it was sore. She used one hand to drill the dildo in and out of his asshole while the other hand fondled his cock and balls. Her lips were pressed against his soft ass cheeks, kissing and sucking on them like a guy would do to a pair of breasts.

Soon Joel busted a large nut down Steve's throat. Steve swallowed all of it and not let a single drop escape between his lips. The girls had been taking turns kissing and sucking Joel's asshole. The ass sucking is what really made Joel bust a fat nut down Steve's skinny throat.

Betty was still plugging Steve's asshole with the giant fake dick and it caused him to finally bust his own nut all over the sheets and release a long orgasm. Betty squeezed his balls to make sure they were emptying a lot of cum. She then pulled the fake cock out of his ass and sucked on it herself, licking and sucking up his ass juices.

Then suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Who could it be this late at night," said Joel.

He put back on his robe and closed the door so whoever it was wouldn't hear what was going on. He rushed downstairs to the front door and opened it.

Standing in the doorway was a Latino female police officer. Joel couldn't help notice that her jacket had two large bulges in them.

"Can I help you officer?" He asked while smiling at her.

"Yes sir. You could let me suck your cock;" she blurted out and ripped open his robe. His big dick hung with saliva dripping off it. The officer got on her knees and engulfed his dick into her mouth.

"Oh my god. Even a cop is sucking me off. This Axe shit is incredible," Joel thought to himself as the officer sucked his long dick deep down her throat.

He reached down and squeezed what he confirmed were a pair of huge breasts. He read her nametag while he was at it.

"Mmmmm. Officer Maria," Joel moaned.

Maria took his cock out of her mouth and gave it some long and powerful strokes.

"Mmmmm. Ms. Maria. Please join me and my family for a little bit of fun upstairs if you don't mind?" Said Joel taking Maria by the hand and leading her upstairs.

They entered the room and find Steve bouncing his sister Bobby Jo off his cock and his wife Betty was plowing the giant dildo into their daughter's hot cunt.

Maria pushed Joel onto the bed and unzipped her jacket. Steve looked over to see what was going on and then looked up at Bobby Jo's red blushing face and her giant titties swinging around in circles on her chest.

After Maria threw the jacket on the floor, she unbuttoned the top of the police uniform and ripped it all the way down. Revealing a loosely worn tank top and two giant titties poking through it, she took the tank top off showing her last piece of clothing hiding her big tits. Her sports bra. Her tits wobble inside the bra during her movements of taking off her tank top and throwing it.

Joel couldn't wait any longer to see her orbs. He lifted the front of the sports bra up and unleashed her enormous Latino tits. They were the most beautiful things he had ever seen since getting his first look at his granddaughter's big E cups.

Her areolas were enormous, the size of a coffee holder. Her dark brown nipples were huge. They liked like giant tootsie rolls poking out at him. Maria bent her body down and resumed sucking Joel's dick. He reached for the tag in the back of her sports bra. It read 42GG. Joel felt his cock ready to explode just by reading the label. Her giant 42GG's rested on his legs while she sucked his cock deep into her mouth.

Steve had his mouthful of some big titties himself. He was sucking on his sister's big tits. Squeezing them in his large hands and feeling them sink between his fingers as she rode his cock harder and harder.

"I'm cummmming," she moaned as Steve got a tight grip on Bobby Jo's ass and thrust his cock faster and faster

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