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"And what is he wanting?" I was pretty sure I didn't want to know. I didn't want to be here, my father looking at me as if I was already dead to him. As if I was lost, beyond his reach.

"You. You will be his personal slave. To do anything he bids of you."

My vision blurred. "W-what?"

It was just as bad as I had feared. I would be collared and chained and be made to do anything. Hard labor, becoming a stable boy, cleaning out his chamber pot, anything. The fear I felt must have shown on my face. My father reached out to me, as if to comfort me. I dodged his hand and stepped out of his reach.

"How could you? How could you just give me away?" I vowed I wouldn't let my father see me cry. It hurt, him giving me away, as if I were a toy, or an animal.

I didn't let him speak, I turn and ran. I ran as hard and fast as I could. I ran out of the castle, bypassing the stables that were over run with the enemy, past the smithy and towards the east gate. I ran through the darkness, making barely any sounds as my feet carried me towards freedom. If I hadn't been blinded by hurt and betrayal, I might have seen the camps that Sygrians had set up just outside our gates. I hadn't made it far out of the gates when I found myself face down in the dirt, with several men on top of me.

I struggled against them, but they had me secure and on my feet in no time. They laughed and joked as they drug me back to the gates, where to my dismay, the commander waited for me. I couldn't meet his eyes. I had gone from proud warrior to coward in less than a day. I stared at the ground as we approached him. His men hold me securely as he steps behind me. I feel him wrap leather around my wrists to bind them behind my back before stepping in front of me. As soon as the commander took possession of me, his men returned to their victory activities.

With a firm grip on my wrists, the commander led me back to the feast room. When we entered, my eyes automatically searched out my father. Both my father and brother were missing from the room. I was glad. Right now, I never wanted to lay eyes on my father again. But a small part of me wanted him to come and save me.

I was forced to kneel in the center of the room. The commander's high ranking men were in the middle of their feast. Their eyes trained on me. I started to panic as I realized I would be the entertainment. The commander, stood before me wielding a long knife. He cut my shirt from me, ignoring my pleading eyes as he stripped my shirt from my chest. When the knife made its way to my leather pants, I squeezed my eyes shut while chanting "Please no, please no" over and over again, barely a whisper.

I felt cool air hit my limp cock and cheers as my pants were cut away. I kept my head down, eyes shut as I felt his hands exploring my skin. My legs, up to my hips to my stomach. He traced each outline on my abs before pinching a nipple. I gasped at the pain. The commander raised my chin to make me meet his eyes. He help up a goblet of wine to my lips and poured its contents into my mouth.

"Let me show you what kind of service you will be performing for me." The commander turned my head to my fellow warriors. They had their blindfolds removed. They would watch whatever befell their prince. "First, your punishment for running away."

A padded footstool was placed before me. I wasn't quite sure what he wanted me to do with it. Before I could figure it out, he turned me around, placed it in front of me and pushed me so my stomach rested on it. I blushed more as I realized my ass was now facing the men. I cried out as the commander's hand came down hard on my ass. I heard a few of the men laugh as the commander spanked me as if I were a child, not a warrior. Maybe I deserved that for trying to run instead of face my sentence with my head up. My ass burned and each new slap hurt worse than the one before. I was crying silent tears when, finally, he stopped.

His hand smoothed up my ass, down my thighs as I calmed down.

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