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Daren and Leo's story continue after they are almost caught.

She paused to allow Dani and Jason to kiss the little boy, then put him into the car. "You can write if you want," she said. "I'll let him have the letters. But I wouldn't count on seeing him anytime soon."

"You never know," Dani said smoothly.

As soon as Julie drove away, Dani started punching and kicking the wall of the house. Jason put his arms around her from behind to restrain her. "Dani, stop it!" he ordered. "You're going to hurt yourself! Think about the girls. Do you want them to see you bleeding in the emergency room?"

Dani turned to him, and, burying her face in his shoulder, burst into tears. She could feel Jason's tears too, falling hot on her head. "We've lost him," she sobbed.

"No, we haven't," Jason said adamantly. "We'll get visitation. We won't lose him, Dani."

Dani wondered if he was as unconvinced as he sounded.

* * *

They sent a letter to Sean the following week. It was returned, stamped, "Addressee Unknown." The next four letters, which were mailed over the next month to Julie's address, the Perrys address, and even the court, were all returned the same way.

"I haven't seen him since she took him," Phyllis said. She had come to visit the Sheridans in response to a phone call from Dani. "She's called me a few times, though, and let me speak to him. He sounds okay, says he misses me and you guys. But Julie won't tell me where they are."

"At least you're allowed to talk to him," Jason said. "We haven't even gotten a letter."

"She said we wouldn't," Dani said. "The day she took him, she said we could write, but we wouldn't be seeing him. Well, we've written to him, but he hasn't gotten the letters. We keep getting them back."

"Grammy Phyllis, have you seen Sean?" Anna asked.

"No, Honey," Phyllis said. "But I talked to him on the phone the other day. He told me to give you a big hug." She picked up the little girl, hugged her, and put her down.

"That was a nice hug, Grammy Phyllis," Anna said solemnly. "But Sean was a better hugger."

"I know he was," Phyllis said, smiling.

Dani had called Phyllis because they hadn't heard from her since the hearing. When questioned, Phyllis explained that she felt awkward contacting them now that Sean was gone. Dani assured her that the Sheridans considered her family, and would be disappointed if she didn't stay in touch. "I'm glad you came over," Dani said now.

"So am I," Phyllis said. "I lost my son and my grandson, but at least I have you and your family. The way Ben used to talk about you, I felt like I knew you so well."

"Ben used to talk about Dani?" Jason asked suspiciously.

"Let it go, Jason," Dani said in a warning tone. "I don't know why you and I didn't get to know each other better when Ben was here," she said to Phyllis.

"Neither do I," Phyllis replied. "But I'm glad we know each other now."

* * *

Whenever Phyllis came to visit, Anna asked her about Sean. The girl told everyone she met, even complete strangers, that her brother's mommy had taken her brother away. In desperation, Dani finally called Kendra Holmes. "I'm surprised to hear from you, Mrs. Sheridan," the social worker said. "I'm sorry the hearing didn't go as you had hoped."

It would have if you hadn't badmouthed us, Dani thought. Aloud, she said, "Actually, that's why I'm calling you, Ms. Holmes. My daughter is having a lot of trouble adjusting to the situation. I was hoping you could recommend a counselor for her."
"Have you tried the Center for Grieving Children?"

"I thought they only dealt with children who had lost a loved one through death. I took Sean there when he first came to us."

"That is their primary concern, but they do help children who have suffered any kind of loss, whether through death, divorce, or a situation like this. If they can't help you, they'd be better able than I to recommend someone who can. Best of luck."

"Thank you," Dani hung up and dialed the number for the Center.

After being shuffled from person to person, Dani was finally able to make an appointment for Anna.