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Oliver experiences Alexis's nightmares.

Gwen spoke into the headset. "Wait for it."

Diana, Beth and Cindy all looked at the front door as it slammed open and a man stood there. He stared at Cindy's mother and roared, "Andrea! Get the fuck out now."

Andrea squeaked and ran toward the man who had already turned, and the two bolted toward the car and left.

Diana's mouth dropped open, "Are you kidding me? Vinnie? That worked?"

All the other women except Heather who had no idea what was going on and Cindy who was still shaking, all burst out laughing.

Gwen came back into Dreamlands smirking, "I figured they weren't rocket scientists. I'm just glad my guess at their car was right though it was a pretty safe bet based on its condition."

Diana turned back and looked at the visibly shaken Cindy. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her. Cindy suddenly burst into sobbing tears.

Diana hugged her tight, "Sshhh. Sshhh. It's okay sweetie. We're here. It's alright."

Gwen put her phone back up to her head, "Thanks Matt. Look, can you break free. Cindy needs you."

Diana looked at Beth and Gwen as she was approaching them. "Look, I'm going to close the store for family emergency."

Cindy jumped back at that, "Close the store? It's not even two o'clock! No. I'll be fine. Just give me some time."

She ran her hand across her tear streaked face.

Heather came through the headset, "Cindy. I got this. Take all the time you need."

Cindy looked up at Diana, "See? I'll be fine. Please don't close. It's opening day."

Diana looked carefully at Cindy, "I don't give a crap what day it is. You are way more important."

The rest of the women came through the headsets agreeing.

Cindy shook her head, "No. No. I'm fine. Really. If you close I'll just keep thinking about things. At least with the store open I'll be distracted. Just let me get my head straight first. Please. Don't close."

Diana stared hard at Cindy. "Well, okay. But I want you to relax. You just had a huge shock."

Cindy looked at Gwen, "Matt's on his way, right?"

Gwen smiled and nodded.

Cindy looked back at Diana and smiled, "See? Vinnie's coming. He'll take care of things."

They all laughed as Cindy hugged Gwen tightly.

"Thank you."

Cindy looked around at all the people staring at them.

"I'm so, so sorry everyone. Follow me for a free drink in the caf__ as an apology for the family drama."

Gwen laughed, "Well, that will certainly keep her busy and her mind off of things."

Diana still looked at Cindy with concern.

Gwen put her hand on Diana's arm, "It's okay my love. Cindy's resilient. She'll bounce back quickly. She just had such a shock."

Diana looked at Gwen. "Vinnie. What on Earth ever gave you the idea for that stunt?"

Gwen just shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "I improvised."

Diana just shook her head and kissed her wife chuckling.

Happily for them all the rest of the day passed with no more unwanted guests but plenty of very welcome happy customers who shopped and shopped.

Everyone repeatedly checked on Cindy but with all the extra business from the free drinks Cindy soon lost herself in the routine and became her normal sense again. Though being able to sneak kisses with Matt who sat at a nearby table reading a thick legal manual for the rest of the shift didn't hurt.

A little after five the caf__ had slowed while the rest of the store was still brisk. Beth walked over to find Cindy wiping a rag across the counter.

Cindy smiled, "Hiya. Checking up on me, you sweet thing?"

Beth smiled, "Well yeah, but also checking to see if you still wanted to go over with me to Dreamlands?"

Cindy beamed a huge smile, "I totally forgot about that!"

Beth giggled, "Gee, I wonder why?"

Cindy looked up at Heather who smiled and made a shooing motion.