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Mary finally takes her son, but on her terms.

It didn't matter, though; all that did matter were the sensations, the excitement and the sheer buzz of being roasted by two brothers.


Sammi was pissed off. She was annoyed and disappointed at Mike. How could he think such things of her she wondered? She would leave, money wasn't everything, she thought. Then she looked at the new clothes, the new shoes and she thought about the MINI Cooper S that was on order and the holiday she had just booked with three girl friends in Ibiza. Perhaps it is she smiled?

"What the fuck's going on?" She said loudly down the phone.

"What do you mean darling?" Emma replied, perfectly aware what would be annoying Sammi.

Sammi ranted for a while.

"Look why don't you pop over and we'll talk it through."

"I'm still at the clinic, I won't finish until eight."

"That's ok, I have loads of work to catch up, so come on over then."

Sammi got a cab for the cross town, north east to south west twenty five minute journey, something she would never have done before joining La Cr__me. Paying the eighteen pounds fare made her think again about money not being that important.

"Nice outfit luv," the cheeky, surprisingly young, but rather fanciable cabby said as he looked at Sammi leaning forward offering him the twenty pound note through the cab window. She had become so used to wearing the white tunic she tended to forget how revealing it could be, especially when she leaned forward as she was now. "Off to a fancy dress party?" He added

"Shit he can see my tits," she thought, feeling a tinge of embarrassment, but also a shock of excitement.

"What the fuck is happening to me?" She asked herself as she pulled the sides of the cloak round her and said. "Keep the change" turned and walked away, purposefully, she acknowledged, but as good as unconsciously, she knew, accentuating the wiggle of bare arse under the nurses outfit; fortunately the cloak covered that.

She had to ring a bell outside the locked doors of the La Cr__me agency in Knightsbridge. "Hi, Sammi?" She heard Emma ask?


The buzzer went and the outer door unlocked as Emma's voice over the intercom told her to come in and go to the sitting room, as the La Cr__me people called their boardroom. It was the place where Emma had told her about the new clinic a week or so ago. The offices were dim for most of the lights were out, but it was light enough for Sammi to find her way. She tapped on the sitting room door that was ajar, a marginally brighter light coming through the gap.

"Come right on in Sam," Emma called out.

Slipping off the cloak that La Cr__me had recently added to the uniform, partly as autumn was arriving, but mainly because many of the girls had complained that when they travelled in the white tunic they got too many men staring at their tits, Sammi walked in to the room.

She was amazed to see how Emma was dressed. She was wearing what Sammi quickly worked out was an updated version of the very old fashioned sort of nurses uniform that pictures of Florence Nightingale and the like wore in Victorian times, during the Crimean war for instance.

It was made from a slightly shiny, black material, a bit like taffeta, and it had a furled collar that scooped down across Emma's great tits, creating a deep cleavage. It was very tight across them and her waist around which she was wearing a white apron that came down to about her mid thigh. Beneath that Sammi couldn't see any buttons, but the skirt was a few inches above the knee and again very tight.

"Hi Sammi, how are you?" Emma said brightly, slowly turning on the spot. "What do you think of the new uniform?"

"What for La Cr__me?" The blonde asked her eyes searing in on the amply gorgeous roundness of Emma's bum inside the shiny material that was moulded tightly across her buttocks and legs, looking as if it had been sprayed on her body.

"No for Mike's new clinic staff," Emma replied pirouetting again letting Sammi take in the black hosiery,