Free Tim woke up tired. Porn Pics

A story that takes place in Alaska.

Dora seeing this came back and sat on my legs. I couldn't move as the pleasurable torture continued I was moaning and jerking violently as there was no escape.

"Ann looking at May and Dora said, "We are the Masters now," as she edged me more and she said, "You are our slave now my King. Tears were running down my face as the pain and pleasure was so intense. "Listen to our King moan," May said

In a baby's voice Dora said, "He moans just like a wittle girl." May was jacking the king off while Ann kept on edging his knob.

Ann leaned over and whispered I love you my King and passionately kissed me while still keeping up her edging. Without warning I exploded cum shot everywhere. Things went black. When I come to the girls were wiping my forehead with a cool cloth and my other Queens were licking up my semen and believe it or not they had my sore cock hard again.

Ann knew I was done so she made every one stop and got me to my feet and made me run up and down the stairs after a few minutes my cock went soft.

I was exhausted as Ann and May helped me to the lounger on my terrace. Dora made me a drink of gator aid. Dora said while passing me the drink, "now you know what you do to us every time.

"I got to get up I have stuff to do."

"Sure," Ann said, "just let me relax you a bit," as she moved behind the lounge chair and massaged his temples.

The king was gone in a deep sleep in minutes. Everyone was quietly scooted out as Dora and Ann remained vigilant at his side, making shore he rested with no distractions. About three hours later Melvin woke refreshed. It took him a moment to recall As Ann and Dora leaned over and kissed him.

I said, "What did you guys do to me."

Ann said, "Master we did a bit but you caused it. That drug, Trimix will make anybody hard for four hours. One of the side effects is that it makes your cock supersensitive every nerve comes a live so even the side of your shaft is supersensitive and you seen how sensitive your knob was. Your orgasm was so intense you passed out, something you made us girls do many times with your skilful manipulation."

Dora said, "We have been there many times but this was your first, you needed this rest Sire."

Ann said smiling; "Now we know how to make you our slave."

"You do, do you," As I grabbed her put her on my lapped and kissed her passionately are tongues wrapping each other as she melted into my arms.

"I love you Sire, I love you so much it hurts. You are my everything, my darling."

I stood up give Ann a slap on the ass and said go I got work to do. Ann and Dora went to leave and I said "Slave Dora did I tell you to go?"

Nervously knowing his temper she trembled and said, "No master," as she came to him and took up slave position."

Ann started to come with her and I said, "Slut did I not tell you to leave?" Ann turned and quickly left the room as I reached down and lifted Dora up into my arms and kissed her. She started crying as I did. "Oh master I do love you."

"As I do you I love all my Queens and I have special feelings for you mother." We kissed tenderly for another few minutes and then I tenderly slapped her cute ass and said, "you best go catch up with Ann. I am sure she is worried but I wanted to remind her who was the Master."

I love you, "My son, my king, my master," and she kissed my cheek and left.

After Dora left my head started to think again." Shit," I thought, "I got to make a call," I called Greg. "Hi Greg," we spoke some pleasantries and then he said, "How is paradise right now?"

"It's like hell but we will have it under control soon."

"How is Melody and Blue Jay working out?"

"I have not seen them yet that will be on the agenda today."

"Listen I need you to call Harding. I need three more rings, size five and may as well get me a new ring with all twelve stones. Might as well have two rings anyway I am getting so many wives by time I'm 21 I will need a neck ring to hold everybody."

"By the way I want fifty ankle bracelets.