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His cock swelled up and strained against its restraint. However, he did not want to stop pleasuring Laurie and without pause, his tongue now pressed upwards and licked at the roof of her cleft. He felt the rough spot with the tip of his tongue and did his best to press and lave it with attention. Laurie's hand joined her thighs in pressing his head inwards and up. His actions were creating tidal waves of pleasure inside her. She was astonished at how much this experience was firing off neurons of pleasure everywhere inside her. Her face showed a mass of emotion and her eyes were closed in enjoyment. Realizing that Laurie and Michael were not to be disturbed, Diane ordered for all of them. The waiter's poker face recited back the orders and he went off to the kitchen. The restaurant valued Diane as a regular guest and made sure she was not disturbed.

Laurie's pleasure was intense but now she badly wanted to have Michael move his attentions to her clit. With her hands she grabbed his gelled ponytail and wrenched his face up to her clit. Michael understood her needs and devoted himself to her now awakened clit. His lips enveloped the small bud sucking it like a nipple and his tongue licked all around. He proceeded with regular strokes at a steady pace and immediately had excellent dividends. Laurie's moaning increased and her thighs squeezed him even harder. She used her grip on his ponytail to jam his face into her crotch and also move it furiously up and down on her clit. Michael desperately tried to continue his attentions on her sensitive spot while his face was being used vigorously. Luckily Laurie was close and in just a few more strokes she tensed, clenched her thighs as if to crack his head and shuddered. Her climax let loose a wave of her fluids running into his mouth and through his open lips into his throat and chest. After she came, she immediately pulled his head off her now sensitive clit. He looked up and saw her eyes opening and her face bathed in a wave of pleasure. She had supremely enjoyed his oral service and his heart swelled with joy at her rapture.

Michael moved himself up to his seat and used the napkin to wipe her fluids off his face, neck and shirt. The shirt was wet, but with the black color and the dim lighting you could not see the stain. Since he had on only very light makeup, not much damage was done. He realized now why Sophia had dressed and made him up this way. By this time, their dinner arrived and both Laurie and Michael wolfed down their oyster appetizers and their grilled snapper main courses down in minutes. They were very hungry. Diane ate some of her rare tuna and then asked for the check. It was time to go back to the estate.

When they arrived back, Sophia came down to whisk Michael away for getting him ready for tonight. Diane took Laurie to her rooms to get her ready.

Sophia took Michael upstairs to the by now familiar bathroom. First she made him use the rest facilities to make sure he evicted all of the food and drink. She then asked him to undress completely and filled him up inside with the enema. As she had already prepared him well in the morning, this was just to rinse him out. A quick but through shower completed his process. She quickly went through all of his body and face with a razor to make sure that he was perfectly smooth all over. Generous amount of heated aromatic massage oil went over all of his body. His cock enjoyed the attentions and was desperately pushing up to her. She playfully slapped it and told him the same thing that he had heard from Diane in the morning - he was being saved for Laurie. She pushed in a butt plug also doused in the same oil and tightened a thin leather strap around his balls so that they were pulled tight away from his body. The leather tie would prevent him from coming until they allowed him to do so late at night.

His clothes were truly exotic.