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Two diaries - one event.

A long sigh and further gyrations of her hips resulted in a swift release from her. She pummeled my face with her vulva, shaking through her orgasm, crying out as she did.

"YES! Ohmigod! YES!" Ohhhh, IT'S Cummmmmiiinnnggg!"

Several sharp jerks of her body, then she fell limp under me. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was harsh and strained. I wondered if I should continue exploring her body. Her hands gently caressed my hair and she smiled.

"I knew you were going to be good to me." She said softly. "I'd like to do the same for you, now."

Who was I to argue? I lay down and allowed her to place my legs where she wanted them. She sat between my thighs and took my throbbing penis in her hand and studied it for a long time, gently stroking its length. Her eyes glistened with lust as she moved her soft mouth closer. Her hot breath on my penis sent thrills through my body, and her tongue licked the pre-cum from the tip.

"Sweet." she murmured.

I watched as her mouth opened and took me in. Hot lips, wet mouth, then her tight throat engulfed me. After making her cum I was ready to explode, anyway. The first contraction of her throat muscles drew my cum from deep inside me, filling her throat almost instantly. She swallowed and sucked, stroking and pulling my spewing cock as she emptied me into her stomach.

She slowed as the pulsing became less, savoring the last spurts of semen in her mouth. She opened her lips and showed me the mouthful she had saved. I didn't give her a chance to swallow it, though. I bent down and kissed her hot, sharing the taste of my cum, and the leftover taste of her on my lips.

Recovering from our cums, we sat silently next to each other, gently stroking one another's flesh. She was soft and completely hairless. Her eyes spoke the feelings of her heart, especially when she leaned close and started kissing again. Her small fingers worked magic on my penis, bringing it back to full erection very rapidly.

"Will it cum again?" She asked in a whisper.

"Let's find out, shall we?" I teased back. I knew I could cum again, it had been an hour or so since the first explosion. This one would take longer, and be more enjoyable for both of us. She rolled over and spread her thighs.

Her arms raised, beckoning me to her, softly speaking "Fuck me."

I entered her slowly, her kitty was still full of nectar and very slick. She was tight, gripping my length the entire way in. It was like her body was on fire. She was hotter inside than I had remembered a girl being when aroused. She groaned as I filled her body with my own heat, rocking her hips to meet mine. Our bellies touched and she pulled me tight to her.

"So full." She whispered. "Fuck me slow and deep." Was her request.

I used long gentle thrusts, pulling almost all the way out each time. Sighs and moans accompanied each filling of her small body, groans of protest followed each emptying. Her body thrust up to try and keep her hole filled. I finally lay fully on her, driving deep into her small opening. She was unbelievably tight and wet! Her pussy contracted, holding me deep, I could feel her cervix pulsing against the tip of my cock.

A sheen of sweat covered her body as the intensity of our thrusting increased. She grunted each time I bottomed out inside her and pounded her clitoris with my belly. Her green eyes rolled in her head as the feelings built and her breathing became sporadic. Gasping and moaning, she begged for release.

"Ohhhh! ....Please!!! ..... give it .... to meeee!!!" she wailed. "Fill me with your cum! I want to have you in me!"

"You ....uhhhhh ... cum ..... tooo!" I replied, driving deeper and harder.

"UHHHH ...Y ...Yessss .... I'mmm gonnnnaaa!.....CUMMMMM!" She screamed as her body bucked and writhed beneath me.

Her vaginal contractions literally squeezed the cum from my loins. They pulled the fire from inside me. I felt her getting tighter as I swelled inside. My balls grew tight and drew up close. Every muscle in my belly grabbed hold at once and I exploded inside her.

Pulse after heavy pulse of my ess

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