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" That promise didn't cost him anything at all. The problem was going to be putting it out of his mind.

He thought he saw tears in her eyes before she dropped them again. After a moment, she said, "If that's all you'll agree to do, then I guess it has to be enough. I know you're right, it's a lot to ask, but I had to try."

He thought he could guess the answer, but he asked, "Does Martha know you're making this offer? Just by the way." Then a thought struck him. "And if so, does she feel that you're cheating on her? And if not, do you feel that you're cheating on her?"

For the first time she showed some animation. Something like panic was in her eyes as she looked up at him. "Don't tell Martha I asked you this! Please! Promise me you won't say anything to her!"

Scott told her, "I probably won't even have an opportunity. I can imagine things that would make me talk to her about this, but they all seem really unlikely. I won't say anything to her without a good reason." He paused and thought a moment. "I can promise this much, anyway. If something comes up, I'll try to talk to you before I say one word to her about it."

He asked her a few questions about things she'd been working on that day, and then she left. He put his office camera back to sleep, burned the file to a CD, and deleted it. He stopped by the bank on his way home and put the CD into his safe deposit box. No point in taking chances.

2. What's Behind Door Number Two?

Scott did his best to put the conversation behind him for the rest of the week and over the weekend. He did pray about it, daily, not only for strength to resist this temptation and wisdom to know how to deal with the whole situation, but also for Lynda and Martha. He'd known that firing Martha would be hard on her, but he'd figured she would find another job easily enough. She had a lot of skills, after all. It seemed that he'd been wrong, though, or Lynda wouldn't be so desperately begging for him to rehire Martha. But he couldn't imagine why.

Then, Monday a while before lunchtime, he got another surprise. This time, when he checked, it was Martha knocking at his door. He again woke the office camera before calling to her to come in. He always felt like he was a little paranoid, but he'd once been falsely accused of improper behavior. That time he'd been lucky enough that the encounter had happened to be in view of a security camera out on the floor, but he'd never forgotten it. The whole office, except the restrooms, was thoroughly though very inconspicuously bugged, with a few obvious cameras around, too, and warning signs at the doors. Normally the cameras, except in his office, ran all the time. The videos were rolled over every week and the two-week old ones deleted, and—much as he resented the time it took—he tried to check everything weekly, on fast-forward. He'd caught an employee on the floor pilfering, once, long before physical inventory would have found the loss, and before it cost him too much.

Martha was quite a contrast to Lynda, in almost every way.