Free Spurned man takes gamble to get back his true love. Porn Pics

I leaned back, my full ass resting on the backs of my heels.

I looked hard in the dark for a familiar figure, but my eyes still needed to adjust a bit. When I looked to the lighted window of my room I could see Cindy sitting at the computer with her robe falling open in the front to expose one of her heavenly breasts. After several minutes she began to get comfortable and must have found something that pleased her on the screen, because she slowly shifted one leg up and over the arm of the chair. Her silky, smooth, creamy thigh took one half of the robe with it, as it emerged from the covering. The other half of the robe still rested teasingly over her other leg and the sweet sensual area in between. This is when I noticed another movement. Staying in the shadows a figure moved up to the decks edge to get a better look. From my vantage point Eric's silhouette was well defined in the lighted scene in the window.

As I moved closer, the sounds of my footsteps could not go unheard any longer. As he reacted, I immediately reassured him.

"It's me," I whispered.

He turned back toward the house as I approached beside him and took a spot at the deck railing to enjoy some of the show myself.

Cindy took my advice and used that window as a looking glass to view her own hand slowly moving down her flat little tummy and then sliding the robe off the other leg. She seemed torn between whatever erotic image was on the monitor screen and the irresistible image of her own sweet, down covered opening, weeping for attention.

As Eric began to become once more entranced by the irresistibly erotic scene in the window, I would subtly glance sideways at him and observe his reactions. My eyes moved down his front to observe the bulge in his jeans. Between Cindy, and looking at his reaction, I was now worked up and was willing to take chances, so I went to one knee beside him and took time to tie a shoe I had left undone in the house. At that level I could see his front quite well and began to feast my eyes on the hidden object of my desire.

My appearance may have interrupted his arousal. I doubt he had the willpower to dissuade his body from reacting to the show unfolding before him, but his physical reaction was not in full force. Instead his cock was gently pushing against the denim in an extremely inviting, semi-erect stage. You could make out the shape of a soft fleshy shaft, but it was not yet performing like a tent pole. It was in a state that if it were hanging free, it would have increased length in a gentle downward arc, not yet stiff to the point of straightness.

I tied slowly enough to give him the idea that this is what I was doing and when he was once again entirely distracted I made my move. I put one hand on his hip and the other on the raised area of his zipper.

"Andrea..." he started to protest in an impatient tone, but I cut him off by leaning in and pressing my face against the bulge. I traced the tip of my nose over its outline and shamelessly mouthed it through the cloth. My other hand moved to his other hip, and using both, I turned his front to face me. He hesitantly submitted, but I could feel his reluctance. I breathed in heavy to smell his body's sexual messages through the cloth and exhaled uncontrollably.

"Please let me, Eric! Please!" I begged in a whisper. "You don't know how bad I want to do it!"

I continued to mouth his front but there was still hesitation, which held me back from proceeding with what I wanted so badly at that time. So I spoke again.

"Don't think about me, just watch through the window and imagine yourself in that room and let your body do what it wants," I suggested. "Just enjoy yourself and let it feel good."

Eric's gaze returned to the window and his right arm relaxed at his side, and I knew this was the signal I had been waiting for.