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It’s all fun & games until mom finds out.

Talking about a small world. The band started to play and we ordered our dinners and I was still shaking my head thinking that I deal with Jim all the time and never thought I would ever meet him. I have always been crazy about his voice and he always sounded like a much older white guy and when I told him that he asked me if I was disappointed I said no. He told me that he always wondered what I looked like. He really didn't try to figure out what I looked like but enjoyed our daily conversations.

As dinner was being severed, Jim asked me if I would dance with him later and I said I would. I also admitted to him that I asked my friend in the band if he would play some slow numbers and he was thrilled. We talked a little about our personal lives and he asked me if I was involved with anyone and I told him that I haven't dated anyone steady for a few years. He told me that he was married and had 2 daughters but he was not a happy camper. Told him that I wasn't being nosy but what was wrong because I was concerned. He told me that his wife hated when he had to work late, but he enjoyed the money he made doing it. He thinks she has a "guy" on the side and is trying to catch her without confronting her about it first. I told him I was sorry and he said he wasn't too upset because he was slowly falling out of love with her for a few years now.

The first slow song came on, "You're My Everything" and Jim asked me if I would dance to him and I agreed. We got on the dance floor and he towered over me like a giant. He stands 6'4" and is about 240 pounds. He held me close and his cologne was intoxicating. I breathe in every bit of him and started to get a tingle inside. He had a soft touch and we were gazing into each others eyes and I wanted that man and I wanted him bad.

We sat back down and he got my seat for me and kissed me and thank me for the dance. I told him that he was very welcome and we can do it again later and he smiled a big smile and I smiled back. We enjoyed our dinners and the talks and the girls told him about my upcoming vacation and he had a little bit of a sad look on his face and he told me that he always wanted to go there. I told him he could join me. I got a few stares from Julie and Joe, but it didn't bother him as he told me he would look into it.

With each dance we danced, we seemed to gaze deeper into each others eyes and I could actually feel my panties getting so wet. I decided I needed to get some air so I took a walk outside. They had some tables set up there so I sat by one and kept thinking about Jim and how he would be in bed. I keep thinking about getting fucked really hard by him and his big black cock. I wanted to taste his cock and feel him inside and I was determined to let that happen that night. I was about to get up from the table when Jim came outside. He asked me if he upset me and I said no, that I would just thinking about the two of us getting together after the show. He asked me if it would bother me if I missed the rest of the show and went with him somewhere to be alone and I said I wouldn't mind it at all.

We went back inside and listened to the next set of Bob's and had another romantic eye gazing dance. I looked up at him and his dimples were melting my heart. He had dimples in both cheeks and one in his chin. I love dimples and always wish I had them. After the dance I told Julie that Jim and I were going to leave and go somewhere to talk. She was a bit upset and reminded me that Jim is married and I told her that I knew that I we discussed a lot of things over dinner.

After Bob's set was over, I went to Bob and told him he was doing great and I was going to be leaving and he handed me his latest CD and told me to call him during the week and I thanked him for the CD, kissed him and promised to call him. I walked back to the table and Jim and I said our good nights to everyone and told everyone to have a good rest of the night and get home safely. Julie said she would call me in the morning.

Jim and I walked out and he put his arm around me a we went t