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She takes it off as he watches from the road.

You're taller, so it may take more effort, but you'll get a higher and longer jump."

As I waited for Coach Anderson to give us our marks, I looked to the women's coach working with her student. The naked girl had her back to me, when her coach said, "Here, I'm tall too. Allow me to demonstrate."

My coach, Coach Anderson, was writing in his clipboard at the moment, and talking with one of the boys who he'd assigned as an impromptu assistant. I was begging them to hurry in my mind, because Coach Amanda Bradley began disrobing. Unlike last practice, she was dressed in street clothes, but in seconds, she peeled off her blouse and bra, dropping them to the damp floor, exposing her enormous cans. Instantly, my cock rose higher, past my belly button.

Ignoring me entirely, the female coach stripped out of her shorts and panties, revealing a healthy bush. Then, she pushed the young naked student out of her way and approached the block. She bent forward, angling her torso low to the ground. Her tits practically touched the floor, as she held her ass high in the air.

"Now watch me spring off the block."

To my knowledge, slow motion hadn't been invented in 1959, but the vision of Coach Bradley dismounting from the board, sending her tits reeling back from the inertia of her movement became cemented in my mind. In days forward, I would be able to bring up this memory in my imagination, playing it back and forth, even freezing it in place. My god, it was a sight.

The naked student noticed me watching and gasped when she caught sight of my erection. I quickly turned and shouted, "Let's go, Coach!"

Coach Anderson looked up. "Hey, young man. We'll get started when I say so." But then he noticed my predicament and shook his head. "Alright, boys. 100 meters. Ready. On your mark... Go!"

With all the training I'd had with Dr. Wynn, my actions were autonomous. By the time we dove in and began our stroke, I was already three body lengths ahead of Alex. Concentrating on the race, regardless of the erection, I pulled out my real skill-set, swimming like a dolphin. When I touched back at the block, the coach was there, stopwatch in hand. "You just beat the state record, Ryan. What the hell was that launch all about?"

"What me and Tammy... uh, what Dr. Wynn and I have been working on," I said, paddling in the water. I glanced to my right, hoping to see some naked girls, but none were in view from this angle.

"Well, keep it up," he said. "We want you to do that in competition."

"No problem, coach," I beamed.

Getting out of the water, I noticed Alex was stiff, too. "Did you see Coach Bradley? Those jugs? Man, I don't blame you for getting a boner this time," he said.

"Only because you got one, too," I said, shoving him forward. "Let's hurry up and sit on the bench. This is embarrassing."

There were so many naked bodies. From this distance, hard to see, but I knew I would get closer when I got back on the blocks. What was most shocking was Coach Bradley. When she got out of the water, she had dried off with a towel. It lay on her naked lap now, as she sat on the bench on her side of the wall. If it weren't for her enormous cans, we likely wouldn't have been able to make out she was naked, but those were unmistakable with her enormous nipples. They looked like bullseye targets from here.

"Did you notice that Allison is the only one with clothes on?" whispered Alex to me. "She seems more embarrassed than anyone. No one is talking to her."

I wondered if Dr. Wynn had somehow convinced the girls' squad to pull this stunt, in some way punishing Allison, making her stand out, being the only one wearing a swimsuit. I giggled at the thought. Still, it was shocking to see Coach Bradley naked, and I couldn't get my mind off it.

One really has to understand attitudes of the day, to comprehend just how strange this was to me.

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