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A Story of Sexual Fantasy and Romance

"I'm not that person; I wouldn't hurt you Dav. I think the least you could do is to give me an honest chance to prove that."

I watched as he struggled. Maybe this wouldn't be as easy as all the mated Carthera I'd talked to made it seem. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

"You're right," Dav said softly.

Of all the things I expected him to say, that was the last thing I thought I'd hear.

"I don't want to be. I don't like knowing someone hurt you." I reached out and grabbed his hand, tugging him back into the living room and down to sit on the couch.

"Talk to me." I turned sideways, tucking my feet up. I stared at Dav's profile, his eyes hooded as he stared at his hands.

"And say what? What do you want to hear?" Dav asked quietly.

"The truth."

He snorted. "According to who?"

My heart ached at the bitterness in his voice. His whole body screamed angry vulnerability. I looked at the man who just happened to be a Snake Carthera and saw just the man. Just Dav. Somehow I'd make him believe that it was possible and get him to see it too.

"You, Dav. Tell me what you're thinking, why you're feeling this way. I can't understand if you don't tell me."

Dav's head dropped back against the couch and his lip curled. "His name was Peter, he was a human. I thought he liked me but it turns out it was slum with a monster month."

I stayed silent, waiting for him to go on. It was the hardest thing I had ever done but I locked my jaws together so that I wouldn't speak up against his words. A monster. I closed my eyes for a moment, seeking calm. I knew if I interrupted him now he might never tell me.

"It comes down to the fact that I trusted him and the feelings I thought we shared. He wasn't my mate but he said he cared about me. He lied." Dav shut his eyes and shuddered. "All my life I was ostracized, rejected. Humans and other Carthera fear the Snake clan. Yet for some reason they keep saving some of us. I... I wish they had let me die when I was born."

I wasn't able to stop the anguished sound. His head turned suddenly and his eyes met mine; there was such pain in their depths. I reached out and put one finger over his mouth softly but he jerked his face away.

"No, you asked, you wanted to know."

"I did," I said as calmly as I could, " and I'll listen. Just don't say things like that. I know we just met but I know that I need you here, Dav, even if you don't believe me." I reached for his clenched fists but he jerked his hands away.

"Don't touch me," he warned me. "I don't think I can handle that right now."

I held in the sigh wanting to break out as I folded my hands in my lap and just watched him gather his words. The struggle was plain to see. His wide shoulders twitched and I could see the feelings flow over his features. I could practically hear the tension humming through his body. I was amazed he was still sitting under all that pressure. It was all I could do to stay in my seat.

"You know Snakes are different. All you have to do is look at one of us. The only thing we have in common with the other clans is that we have animal traits. We're not really Carthera in my opinion but I don't think the clans even really know that. We're different."

"I'm not sure I really know what you mean." I spoke quietly; he was talking to me now but I didn't want to push him too hard.

"We are born different, we don't fit in. Other Carthera don't change until they mate, they can pass for human. Our eyes, our fangs, and tongue are just the outside signs. We are more in tune with the animal side than most Carthera. We're unable to live in a group of our own kind so Snakes are almost always solitary until they mate. Even then, they abandon their children. My kind is rare because so few of us grow to adulthood. Sometimes a Snake is taken in by a clan but most of my kind are killed as infants by humans or other Carthera or exposure.

"At best, those of us who are allowed to grow up do so isolated.