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Ellen & Lily have fun, and meet their husbands at the Club.

" She didn't know if she liked that verb when it came to witches. The coffin lid slammed shut behind her sparking a short jump from her to a wall near the grand hallway's stairs. The latex batmen transformed back to vampire bats. The slapping wings sounded off like machines. The bats began hovering, taking the coffin off the floor. Turing in place, the flying pallbearers built up momentum, suddenly jetting forward, taking the pine box out into the fog.

"Come with me child," said the witch lifting her hobble skirt just a bit to attempt ascending one step of the grand staircase - an action that did not look possible. "Normally, I have staff to help me." She grabbed the hand railing and gave a quick jump up to the first step. She repeated the action for the second and third steps.

Francette looked at this struggle and then the dozens and dozens of steps that curved up around to a second floor and then around again up to a third floor. This was going to take time. "Should I, do the escort of you et the stairs? No?"

The witch stopped at the fourth step.

Francette quickly glanced back to the floor. She had improperly shown that even her, a maid in a stereotypical fetish outfit, thought the witch's hobble skirt was a bit much. Hopefully she had not been too forward. The fact that the witch was taking a closer look at her quickened her heart rate.

"Hm," said the witch. "I see your master has been sucking on you a bit harshly."

Francette looked-up to see her mistress pointing back. Just above the maid's black choker, locked around her delicate neck, two deep puncture marked porcelain skin. It was embarrassing. She instinctively placed her hand over the bite marks to hide them from her mistress. "Oui. I taste the: 'so good.' My master said to say 'merci beaucoup' for the monthly herbs you feed to - the - me. No? They so, so, bonne-bonne."

"My customers love it. I know."

"He ahn fack this morning ravish the me. No?" Instead of continuing to touch the marks on her neck, she rubbed her rear pushing her flouncy skirts up in the back and showing some of her garter belts from behind. It was after all, the part that hurt more.

The witch raised her eyebrows at this clearly wishing to change the topic. "Very well then. My customers do love the herbs I feed you girls. Come-up stairs and we'll get the new staff up and working."

"Oui, mistress. You said 'new,' Mistress?"

"Call me Wicky while you stay here to finish out your contract."

Wind pushed the open front door wide. It swung open against the wall with a bang that forced the maid to jump again. Wicky flashed a look of anger at the door and then gathered herself. Such people who hid their anger left Francette feeling unsettled. She liked consistent personalities and not people who could fly off the handle instantly for the smallest things. The witch obviously hated when details were missed.

"Snuggles!" the witch yelled. "The door. Stop napping."

The latex cat woman ran in from another room, slid her latex feet across the floor and then slowed to a stop near the banging door. She began the chore of pulling the massive door enough to overcome its momentum, but the sound of more bat wings approaching from outside became a greater issue to consider. She stopped and listened.
The witch took a breath of frustration. She told the maid, "I gave Snuggles an absolute fear of vampires to keep her out of the way."

The maid nodded. Sure enough, just the sound of bats sent Snuggles awkwardly dropping to the floor, twisting her body around, and pawing furiously several times in place as her frictionless outfit denied her needed traction to get away. She transformed into a cat and dug her claws deep into the carpet to thrust her forward. Once again, she darted under the dinning room table visible through a wide arched doorway of sliding paneled doors.

Francette hoped she hadn't done anything wrong. She looked for approval and saw Wicky clearly also wondering who the visitor might be. Were Francette's bats coming back? But why would they?

"Did you forget something,

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