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Siblings discover each other through heat and turmoil.

She looked back to him and shifted the drink towards him. Kia knew this question would tilt the game in her favor.

"Do you still sleep with HER?" Kia's question blew coldness into the air. Travis shifted in his seat picking up the drink. He paused and took the shot in one big gulp. Kia rolled her eyes signaling her disdain. The wicked sting of the clear fluid hitting the back of his throat. He went on to pour another glass placing it in the middle of the table.

"Is that why we separated?" He asked shifting forward in the chair.

"Of course." Kia replied calmly.

"Are you gonna let-"

"Not how the game works, take another shot." She pushes the glass forward, smirking at his impulsiveness. It was always his downfall. He clutched the glass in his hand, looking deep within the devilish fluid. He exhaled before forcing the liquor inside his mouth. He grinned as it passed down his throat, adding an extra bite this time. He leaned back massaging his face.

"Keep that up and you won't be able to get up." Kia spoke jokingly as she rose to her feet and headed towards the kitchen.

"You know I can always get IT up." he murmured watching her ass as she left. She gazed back briefly catching his sly remark. As she attended to the kitchen he thought back to his previous daydream. His right hand began to massage his cock through the black fabric of his joggers. He stroked it attentively, guiding his hand from the tip of the head and down the veiny shaft. As Kia made her way back to the living room with a soda in hand, she could feel his gaze upon her body. Their eyes met and immediately she knew what he was thinking. His eyes lusted after her form.

With every stroke his eyes drifted further down her body. She disregarded his sexual intentions, although it's exactly what she planned for the night, and placed the soda in front of them. He continued his gaunder, tilting his head to the side to take it the full view of her body. His hand caressing the mass that grew on the side of his leg. "I don't get you K," he started to bite his bottom lip "You push me away and kick me out. Then you call me over wanting to play house but then you have another man over her as a placeholder." Kia reached back to untie her halter top. The two strings dangling from her shoulders, she held them in place as he spoke. "It's confusing to say the least," he motioned for her to drop what was concealing her bountiful chest "how could you treat daddy so badly." He gave a playful sad face as she let one string go. The other she twisted back and forth between her fingers. The halter fell so that the top of her breast was only visible.

"You haven't been daddy in a long time." She tugged the remaining strong down to reveal her perky breast. Her fingers rubbing her chocolate nipples. His breath grew heavy and staggered. His eyes hungry for a taste of his beautiful wife. Travis pulled his joggers down to his knees, his starving cock springing to action. Travis squeezed the purple head of his cock, the tip was always her favorite. "You may never be daddy again." She teased, undoing the button to her jeans. Her pussy was unaccompanied by an undergarment. Freshly shaven and moist to his liking.

Travis spread his legs and held his member at the base, "Daddy or not, you're still gonna sit on this dick." He called out with slight aggression in his tone. Kia knew he was getting to the end of his rope. She shifted to her hands and knees, crawling to Travis painfully slow. Kia found her face pressed against the length of his dick. Travis patted it against her forehead as if anointing her. She climbed up onto the cushioned chair he was sitting on. Her legs on either side of the chair's arms. Her hands using his legs for stability. She rubbed the heat of her sex on the shaft of his dick. Travis bit back a sound of frustration and reached for her hips.

"No," she moved slightly "if you touch me Travis I will scream.