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Xavier brings home an exotic slave.

We moved her lips to his cloth covered cock. Quickly, I slid a hand back up under her skirt and gently teased at her vagina. Sure enough her lips opened, and using my other hand over hers, made her uncover his cock. We both moved her head forward until his tip was between her lips. They closed around him with a moan.

I had another of those moments, of both agony and ecstasy. Why did I want to see this? It was perverse, but I did. I pulled my hand away from between her legs, pulled her hand away from his cock, and did them up again behind her back.

For a moment she did nothing, then she moved her head forward, then back. She began to give him head. I went and kissed her neck, fondled her breast. My own cock was painfully hard, but that too would come. She kept at him, inexpert, giving head was not one of her favourite things, but she kept doing it.

Time to change again, I pulled her back, stopping her. She was breathless, but when we moved her to her knees, she did. Quickly I sat where he had been, freeing my own cock. The way she opened her mouth as we both pulled her head down on me was priceless. The look of pure lust.

When her lips wrapped around me she hesitated, then with a moan went to work even harder than before. I loved her for that. I watched our man move, just like we'd planned. He sat down behind her, then quickly and with surprising grace, shot his head back between her legs.

She paused, then I had the most singular sensation of her moaning around my cock. Her face pulled away, "Oh god..." She was close, very close. I pulled her mouth back down on me, to have her arched and laugh that orgasm laugh of hers around me. "Stop... stop..." All said with that funny laugh she had when she came. I told him to pull away, she needed a cool down time, though not long. Not long at all.

I stood and pulled her up with me. Unclipping her wrists we quickly stripped the blouse off her, and he went down behind her to roughly yank off her knickers, leaving on the skirt. As I clipped her hands back together in front of her I thought she had rarely looked as sexy and utterly turned on as she did just then.

He stood, and for a moment we closed in on her, front and back, and kissing either side of her neck, fondled her body. Not for long, no, it was time to move this on. But long enough. We changed positions a few times, circling her, teasing her, confusing her.

Then we both gently pushed down on her shoulders. She looked around, confused again, "What? Oh!" Then she helped get herself down on her knees. I went to her front, and softly kissed her. She pulled away, looking back and not seeing him lift her skirt. "Darling? I'm not sure... Oh god..."

It was done, he was in. I felt like I'd just been punched in the stomach. "No... take it out... I don't..." I waved him forward, she wasn't using her key word, and I wasn't letting her out of it unless she did. Something was driving me to this, to have my wife break our vows before my eyes. "No..." I kissed her, she pulled her face away. So I gripped her firmly and pulled her lips back to mine. "No... darling, this isn't..." I kissed her again and felt her draw her breath in through my mouth. He must have pushed in all the way.

I held her there, held her with my lips as he slowly started to pick up speed. I felt the tension in her body slowly melt, watched as her hips changed from motionless to slow rolling. That was what I was waiting for. I pulled back up on to my own knees and put my raging hard on to her lips. Her mouth was open, panting, and I slid in. She didn't respond much, I knew what she could get like when she got into the groove. That's where she was, in the groove, lost in her own mind, letting it all build.

So I used her mouth, ran my tip against her inside cheek.

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