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She liked leather, he liked sexy older babes.

Her eyes smiled and she blushed, the pink color spreading across her cheeks.

Fun to look at, but I am 57, and this little thing couldn't be more than 22 or so. She was dressed in a conservative sweater, slacks, nothing to really grab a man's attention.

But she stuck in my mind.

Enough, so that the next day on the way home, I swung in on impulse and grabbed a can of soda out of the cooler. This time I gave her a couple of light hearted wisecracks, again looking her up and down with an interested smile.

Similar dress, a light sweater, slacks, just normal.

This became a regimen, one day she asked me, "Why do you stop here? The store down the street has soda for half this price."

"But then I wouldn't get to see you!"

This brought out that blush I was beginning to enjoy again.

It was the very next day that the change began. The first thing I noticed as I walked in the door was the dress. It came halfway to her knees, her legs were bare. The blouse she wore showed off her bra through the thin material.

I grinned and gave her a "Yum yum!" again, she rewarded me with that delightful pink flush as her eyes met mine.

I am good with people, I detected her interest, she was enjoying the attention. I made a special point of noting that I liked her new look.

Every day after that, she had on a different outfit. The sweaters were gone now, I detected lacy bras through thin material, the skirts seemed to always be halfway up her legs. I made a point to comment every time.

I was running late one afternoon, I pulled up to the store, spotting police cars everywhere. As I walked in, they were just leaving.

She was behind the counter, her eyes were frightened. I asked what was going on, she told me the store had been robbed. She had been there all by herself, terrified. Then came the tears, I just opened my arms and she climbed into them, soaking my shirt as I held her thin body tightly.

Finally I let her go, she smiled and thanked me. I told her she was fine, that was all that mattered. I made my purchase, started to leave.

"Sir, please stay!" I could hear the fear in her voice.

"I'm Ted, sure, glad to." It hit me I didn't know her name, there had never been a reason to ask.

"Suzie," she said, sensing my thought.

I hung around the store for over an hour as customers came and went, finally it was closing time. I walked her to her car, as she slid in she turned to me and said, "Thank you."

"Getting to hug you made this one of my best days."

She looked right at me, no blush this time. She smiled, got back out and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a swift peck on the cheek. Then she was gone.

The next day, I walked in right on schedule. I noted right off that she had on one of those tops with a built-in bra. I also noticed it was at least one size too large. The outfit was the kind that curves up, leaving quite a gap at the top.

I watched as she leaned over to get a paper sack, she was slow about it, looking right at me. I was looking right back, as she bent, the top opened up. Pretty as a picture, her smallish right breast came completely into view.

She held the pose much longer than necessary, as I looked at her right nipple. It was soft and pink, flattened out in excitement.

As she bagged my soda, she asked me again to stay with her. I told her I would love to, meaning it.

So I sat at the end of the counter, as she waited on customers. She made a point of leaning over my way each time she reached for a bag. I saw first one nipple, then the other, over and over for a good hour.

Suzie was putting on quite a show for me, and she knew it. I even saw her reach for something on the other side a couple of times, the back of her skirt sliding up high. Once, I got a glimpse of pink panties, tucked tightly between her smooth cheeks.

Finally it was closing time, she asked me to help her move a few cases in the back. I said sure, she locked up and we went into the rear of the store.

She excused herself for a moment, s