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You fall asleep in the theater, and they take advantage.

Do it this time I told him in my head. And then it happened again, He was now touching the folds of my pussy lips.

I exhaled strongly, my body was tensing and I knew he could feel it. The moment I was waiting for was nearing. He proceeded to bend my knees and and part them once again as he moved between my legs and started massaging my breasts. My nipples needed no invitation and were now fully erect. He continued massaging me as soft moans escaped my mouth. Right then I realized what I was waiting for was about to happen. Lost in passion, I had clasped my knees together and was met with his naked skin. He was sitting between my legs and that was the reason he had asked me to turn around and visited the restroom. He was now completely naked and I knew he was about to fuck me.

Micheal had now spread my legs and had started licking my pussy with his tongue. My moans started to get louder as my body shook and moved to his expert cunnilingus. I was breathing heavily as my first orgasm hit me, my body tensed and shuddered. He didn't stop and continued making me dance to the movement of his tongue.

My pussy had again caught fire and it was then when Micheal stopped moving closer to my spread legs, I was waiting for this moment. He started rubbing his large bulbous tip on my pussy. I couldn't see it but the girth of his tip was a good indication of his size. After lubricating the tip of his manhood, he then proceeded in pushing his tip in me with a firm push. With another thrust he entered more of his cock in me as I clasped my legs around his back, he had now moved on top me kissing my lips and sucking my breasts. I started responding to him, our tongues meeting and hands on his back. With another strong thrust he entered more of his cock in me and started fucking me. It was surprise as all the while he was going deeper and deeper, whenever I thought he could go no further he surprised me by going further in. Soon his pace quickened and he started fucking me hard, the bed was now rattling and my moans growing. My hands were on his head playing with his long hair while his mouth was meeting mine. Suddenly with one strong lunge, he erupted in me bringing me to another intense orgasm.

We were panting heavily with our lips locked, he rested his muscular body on top me. My legs around his body and my pussy milking his gorgeous cock. In a few minutes I unwrapped my legs as he moved. I thought he was getting off me when i was surprised to see him move on top of me and moving his cock towards my lips. I was happy to know that he was not done and neither was I. Without any hesitation i started sucking his cock which was soft and tasted of our combined juices. All the while my pussy was leaking a cocktail of his sperms and my juices. Soon I felt him grow in my mouth and then realized his size was almost 9 inches.

Micheal was now fully erect and proceeded to move me on my left side. He then laid down behind me and entered me from behind. I bent my body to ensure that my hips were bent towards him to ease penetration. I was making sure that I get his full length in me again. Micheal was a man on mission and entered me fully in a few powerful thrusts and started fucking me senseless. My Pakistani pussy was being well used as our bodies met with a thump and his balls slapping against my legs. He continued forcefully fucking the depths of my cheating cunt and with one strong thrust brought me to another intense orgasm. He again emptied his load in me. After resting for a couple of minutes he got up and went to the rest room. I looked at the time and it was around 9.15 pm.

He came out in 5 minutes, I pretended to be asleep. I felt it would have been awkward saying bye to a random man who had just fucked me.

Micheal moved close to the bed and kissed me as I pretended to lay asleep. He then covered me with sheets and left. I was very tired and fell asleep a few minutes after that.

I woke up in the morning fresh and energetic.