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Family awakens to waking dream.

Silence reigned in the room as if everyone was waiting to see what would happen next, no-one wanting to break the spell by speaking. But someone had to eventually and it was Catherine who decided she had to be the grown up.

"Mary," she said as she again tried to sit up. All that happened however was that her plump bottom slid on the smooth chaise longue and then it happened. Mother and daughter's pussies suddenly touched and they both a surge of pleasure engulf their bodies. Catherine decided she was only making matters worse and fell back down but that just put a little more pressure and a little more pleasure on their intimate places. The silence returned as they both lay there and the longer they did the more comfortable they began to feel.

"Are you ok, mother?" Mary probed.

"Yes," Catherine replied honestly. She couldn't deny that she was loving the feel of her daughter's wet pussy touching her own, no matter how wrong, how sinful it felt. In that position and with their thighs almost imperceptibly rubbing against each other, she couldn't help but begin to feel more and more aroused. She knew she was getting more and more wet by the second and she suspected Mary was too, given the flow of juices that were running down between them.

She had longed to be this physically close to her daughter but could never have imagined it would happen; could never have imagined it would happen today; and could most certainly never have imagined it happening in front of her naked ex-husband.

Her motherly instincts kicked in and she tried to move position only to feel their pussies ever so slightly rub together and only to hear Mary let out a little purr of delight. The younger woman had obviously decided that her mother was giving her the go-ahead, so she pushed forward a little more, suggestively wriggling her hips, making her pussy glide across her mother's, making both of them realise just how wet they both were and just how lovely it felt.

As if acknowledging that they both wanted this, they began to rub against each other, their juices making everything slippery, their lips sliding between each other, parting them, forcing their erect, sensitive clits to get into the action

Moving faster and faster, each of them more desperate than the other, each of them more urgent, more frantic, more wet, it was never going to take very long. It was Mary whose orgasm hit first. Her body had wanted this for so long and now it was happening. Her beloved mother making love to her just as she had always imagined, just as she had always masturbated to in her long lonely nights. The fact that her father was watching it happen just sent her to places she had never been.

As her orgasm exploded deep within her, her screams of ecstasy sent her mother over the edge too. Her juices squirted out, soaking them both, hitting her daughter's clit, sending them both into further raptures. If it hadn't felt so good, if they hadn't both been lost in their individual and joined bliss, she would have apologised for soaking her daughter, but she didn't really think Mary was going to complain.

It seemed to take forever before their breathing returned to normal, before they dared to look each other in the eye.

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