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A newcomer riles a woman and he tries to win her over.

He must have tipped Emma off, because the next time I tried to sneak a picture of her, she turned her head and caught me red-handed. I flushed and lowered my head, knowing I was busted.

I knew what was going to happen. I heard Marcus call for me from his office. Meekly I walked up and stood in the doorway.

'Come in, Josh, I need to talk to you.'

I took a few hesitant steps and tried to look as brave as I could. Emma eyes were boring into me, surely thinking I was a pervert. I was.

'Emma says you've been taking pictures of her, and from what you asked in the break room the other day, I believe her.'

All I could do was nod.


I decided to tell the honest truth. I figured I was fired anyway.

'My friend and I have been imagining what it would be like for her to cuckold us,' I choked out.

Marcus had a confused look on his face, and Emma burst out laughing.

'Hold on, sir. I'll send you a link.'

His face was blank as he read what Emma had sent until he looked up and asked, 'Is this what you and your wife are into, Josh?'

'No, sir. Only me. My wife won't tolerate the idea, she says it's cheating.'

Marcus sat back and stroked his dark beard. He looked back and forth between me and Emma before finally speaking up.

'Em, if I double your salary, will you help me cuckold this pervert?'

Emma blushed and lowered her gaze, shaking her head. Marcus go up and walked over to her desk, moving his mouth up to her ear. I couldn't make out what he said, but Emma's blush deepened and she nodded.

Standing up Marcus walked over to me. It was my turn to blush. Marcus stood a few inches taller than me and was in much better shape. He stood in front of me and said, 'We will cuckold you, creep. But if you take anymore pictures without permission, you will be fired immediately. Do you understand?'

My dick twitched in my slacks as I nodded. Could this really be happening? Apparently so, as Marcus lowered the shades and closed his door. Both Emma and I flinched a little as we heard the lock click.

Marcus walked over to Emma and holding her hands, he helped her stand up from her desk. Still holding her hand, he walked her over in front of me. I could tell by her eyes she was embarrassed, but I could also see a glint of something else, something mischievous.

The sound of a zipper brought me back to reality. Marcus was removing the thin brown dress Emma had worn to work that day. As it puddled around her high heels, Emma pushed her chest out. Her lacy black bra and thong were beautiful on her tan skin. Her breasts filled the bra with the threat of overflowing and spilling out.

She smiled as Marcus took her hand again and twirled her in front of me. My hard dick was leaking precum, and I knew I had the beginnings of a wet spot on my slacks. The sight of her ass didn't help. Her cheeks were perfectly round, and I desperately wished to see where the strip of material disappeared to between them.

As she completed her turn, I could see Emma was more comfortable. Without being told, she looked at me and moved her hands behind her back. Her pretended modesty when she let her bra fall away was adorable. She cupped her heavy breasts for a few seconds before letting us see her topless. Marcus whistled and my jaw dropped. I had thought tits like this only existed in porn. They had no sag, and her pink nipples were hard, begging to be licked. Her left breast was pierced, two little red hearts on the barbell.

She knew she had us. Marcus and I could only stare as she walked over to his desk, bending slowly over it. Emma stared at Marcus this time. She hooked her thumbs in her thong and slowly pulled it down. To get it over her ass, she had to wiggle a bit, making the wet spot in my slacks more noticeable. Her pussy was tight, her lips barely opening as she leaned over the desk. From where I stood I could see the glistening of her arousal. Emma stood and turned around to us, shaking her blonde hair over her shoulder.

'So, what do y'all think?'

Marcus stepped up to her, and curled his ar

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