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I averted my eyes and blushed. Gale quickly responded, "Oh we're not-"

The waitress cut him off, "Your hand has been on her leg for the past ten minutes, that means you are definitely together." She winked at us before she walked away. I was so sick of everyone winking.

"I guess she needs to have her eyes checked," Gale quickly moved his hand off my thigh and placed it on the table.

Sydney was staring at me. We had been sharing the room since she got in and she obviously knew I didn't sleep in there with her last night. I looked over at Paige and she was too busy doodling in the maze on her coloring sheet to pay attention to what the woman had just said.

The rest of breakfast went well. We all made small talk and Gale kept his hand on the table in sight of everyone.

Sydney kept trying to get me alone for the rest of the day. I was avoiding her and actually participating in the family festivities for once.

The rehearsal dinner took place on a yacht. It was perfect, of course. The bad thing about yachts is the fact that you can't exactly run away from someone if they're determined to talk to you. Sydney finally cornered me in the bathroom.

"You're with Gale?"

"Nope. That waitress was obviously bored and lonely so she wanted to stir up trouble, that's all."

"Yeah, obviously. It's not like you two have totally been vibing on each other for the past few years." It was her turn to fold her arms.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. And who even says vibing, is that even a word?"

"Yes it is and yeah right. You have had a huge crush on him since forever."

"No, I haven't. He works with my dad and we have to spend a lot of time together, that's all."

"You're lying."

I tried to walk past her but she quickly moved to block my path.

"Get out of my way."

"How long?"

"How long what?"

"How long have you been fucking Gale?"


She rolled her eyes and waited for my response. When I said nothing she finally asked the ultimate question, "Do you love him?"

I had no idea what to say. I obviously loved him, but that started before anything had happened. Love was just something that had been ingrained with us since I could remember.

"Bye." I walked past her and returned to the party.

The next morning was the morning before the wedding. All the men had left before we ever woke up and the girls had the house to ourselves. Everything went as planned, surprisingly, and we were at the church by 1.

I stared at myself in the mirror for an excessive amount of time before the ceremony began. The dress looked awful on all the bridesmaids and I guess that was the point. Anne was going to look incredibly extravagant in comparison.

We lined up before the music started playing. I looked across the hall to see which groomsmen I would be walking down the aisle with, it was Greg. He was a complete pig. His hands were constantly sweaty and I was sure he would be staring at my cleavage as we walked together.

Sydney was standing next to me and she elbowed me in the ribs. It was her subtly trying to nudge me. I ignored her. "Pst. Bitch. Hey. Listen to me. Oh my God stop sticking your nose in the air for two seconds and talk to me."

I turned to her. "What?"

"Switch places with me."


"So you can walk with Gale, duh."

I smiled at her. We switched places and she leaned in towards me, "You so owe me one."

The music started and we all walked out together in our pairs. When I took Gale's arm he smiled down at me.

When we were in front of everyone I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous that I might fall over at any second.

"You look beautiful," Gale whispered in my ear.

"I look terrible in this color, everyone does."

"No. I think you look beautiful."

"I look decent."

"Okay whenever anyone asks about you I'm going to describe you as decent."

"Good, because I'm decent."

"You're right you're decent."

"I'm decent."

"Nicole's decent."

I felt a genuine smile on my face for the first time that day. I stole a glance at Gale and he was smiling too.

The wedding was