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Belinda's world starts to fall apart.

Severely hung over, I showered and drank as much water as I could without throwing up. By mid afternoon, I was ready for another night's partying.

Jeff and Kelly pulled up on their Dyna, "Hey Simon, you had a late night last night," he announced as Kelly swung her leg over the sissy bar and Jeff hit the kill switch stopping the Evo engine in its tracks.

I was in a pair of shorts, laying on the grass topping up my suntan. "Don't remember much about it," I responded, "Had a good run out?"

"Sure, took a run down the coast with about ten other bikes," Jeff replied.

Kelly removed her helmet and shook her brunette hair loose. Through my shades, Kelly couldn't see me stare at her body. In her tight leather jeans and cropped jacket that she removed to reveal a leather bikini bra. She opened her tent and disappeared.

"You guys want a beer?" she asked from inside the tent.


"Please," we replied simultaneously. Kelly emerged from the tent holding three beers. She had removed her leather jeans and was now just clad in the leather shorts that complimented her bikini bra. Her long smooth legs looked fantastic, and my imagination, mixed with the shadows from the previous night, began to make my cock stir.

Our conversations lasted for a couple of hours. Jeff and I talked bikes; Kelly interjected occasionally asking me if I had a wife or girlfriend. I told Kelly how Jayne and I had split a few months before after I had caught her fooling around. Kelly sympathized and appeared to be genuinely concerned. I told her that it wasn't the fooling around with another guy, it was the deceit and lies she told that had ended it for me.

Jeff got us another beer each, and before long we were talking like we were old friends that had known each other for years. Jeff worked for a construction firm and Kelly worked in a bank. They had a couple of kids and enjoyed the biking scene. After a while Jeff even began to describe a little of their sex lives and how Kelly liked to fantasize. "All women fantasize during sex, Simon, don't they?" Jeff queried.

"Maybe," I replied. "Jayne used to sometimes. She always wanted to be screwed by a bunch of guys. We had a chance to live it out once, but she chickened out when I called her bluff."

"Well, that's Kelly's fantasy - to get poked by two or more, isn't it honey?"

"Yeah, in your dreams," Kelly snapped back with a giggle that gave away the truth behind the denial.

It was then I began to wonder if last night's shadows were set up intentionally for my / their pleasure.

"Why don't you join us tonight for a drink in the bar?" Jeff asked. I replied with a nod and thanks.


Several beers and glasses of Jim Bean's soon got me loosed up. It also worked for Jeff and Kelly. Kelly enjoyed dancing and Jeff, it seemed, didn't. I found myself on the floor jiving to the beat. Several times, Kelly pulled me closer than was needed for the dance. She made sure here firm breasts collided with my chest, her hands occasionally made sure my ass was still in my jeans. I didn't hold back either. I made sure I groped at her ass without making it obvious. Kelly must have realized we were playing, no, teasing as she had a big smile on her face for the whole time we were on the dance floor.

After the band played out their set, we drank another round or two of Jim's best liquor, then headed back to our canvas homes.

"You must join us for a nightcap," Kelly insisted.

"Yeah, come on Simon, after all that dancing with Kelly, you deserve a little 'thank-you'" Jeff winked.

I nodded in acceptance and entered their tent.

We laid out on the sleeping bags sipping our drinks, almost whispering conversation. Jeff had stripped out of his clothes down to his jockey shorts.

"Come on Simon, make yourself comfortable," Jeff urged me to remove my clothing.