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The true tale of Sleeping Beauty.

He was simply Wham, bam, thank you mom!

Robert and Barbara usually fucked in Robert's bed, and she also had to get used to his anal intrusions. She wasn't into it like my mom, and besides, Robert's bigger cock was more painful. She did love to suck his cock, though, and I had already learned how good she was at that. But now, three weeks later, Barbara was having second thoughts about everything.

"Why?" mom asked one day over the phone with me sitting just a few feet away munching on potato chips. "I thought you were enjoying this. You said so just the other day?"

"Well, things have gotten out of hand," Barbara lamented.

"Such as?" Mom asked.

"Well, you know his cock's too big for me back there..."

"Well, make it a point to say no. When we get together, I'll take care of his needs. Tell him he can fuck ME in the ass! Is that the problem?"

Then the conversation turned totally one-sided with Barbara doing all the talking. Then I saw mom's eyes get real wide, and she let out an exasperated breath, acting real excited. "Really? He really wants you to do that?"

"Yes," Barbara replied sadly. "I mean, I want to continue teaching him and get both our needs met but he's so stubborn! I've told him, 'Robert, I'm not your sex-toy to do with as you please! I'm not going to fuck your friends!' He keeps saying how much fun it will be, but I don't want anyone else knowing that I fuck my own son! He acts like everybody does this. What should I do? I don't know how to handle this!"

"Well, maybe the both of you should cool it for awhile," mom replied. Robert and Barbara really did cool it. They had a falling out over my cousin's kinky desires, and Barbara refused him any more sex. If anything, she began feeling guilty about all we had done. Needless to say, the four of us didn't get together again.

After getting off the phone with Barbara, mom said that Barbara should have taken up Robert's offer. As long as the other boys knew the ground rules, meaning discretion, they could have had some really wild times! I could tell mom was a little jealous. I had a few friends, none very appealing, and here was my aunt turning down a chance to fuck maybe four or five horny teen studs. What my mom really wanted was to fulfill a fantasy of having all her holes filled at one time.

"I regret we didn't try that up in Big Bear," she said. "But you guys were just too inexperienced. I would have loved to take you and your cousin in my cunt and ass at the same time. You boys could have done Barbara, too. Your cousin is too big for her but she told me last time I talked with her that she really enjoyed YOUR cock up her ass." Damn! I thought. Oh well...

While sex between Robert and Barbara fell off, not so with me and mom. I was her regular lay, and she was mine. It wasn't until recently, while reminiscing about "that summer," that I asked her about some of her infidelities while married to dad. None sounded too exciting.

"You didn't fuck other men after you and I started, did you?" I asked.

"Umm, no," mom replied, her eyes saying something different.

"You did, didn't you!" I challenged.

"Well, a few times," she said apologetically. "Listen, we weren't married you know. I didn't stop YOU from dating."

"When?" I asked really curious. "I don't remember anything suspicious about your behavior."

"That's because you were at your dad's those weekends after the divorce."

"Anyone I know?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"That's enough, okay?" mom snapped. "It was a long time ago."

"C'mon," I said. "I can take it."

"I'm not sure you can," she replied matter-of-factly. "If I tell you, it'll be your problem, okay? I don't want to know about your sex life, but if I tell you some of my past, don't get angry with ME! You have your chance."

"My god," I thought. "What did she do? Whom did she do?"

Seeing that I was sitting there quietly trying to sort this out, but not stopping her she said, "Okay. You asked for it!"

Then mom had me spellbound for the next half hour describing how one day she called Barbara to say hello and asked to s