Free An early night is interrupted. Porn Pics

The lure of the clan beckons.

As soon as it clicked, I started yelling, "Hello?! Hello?! Anyone there?"

"911 Emergency, how may I help you?"

"I'm at Heavenly Mountain Retreat, the 'Love Nest' cabin, and there's a crazy ranger outside that handcuffed me! I don't know what he plans, but I'm scared. Send help!"

"Aww, I'm sure he hasn't done anything bad yet, besides, only naughty girls get handcuffed. Accept your punishment and I'm sure he'll leave you alone."

"What?" I demanded horrified. "I thought this was nine one one-.." Loud crashing at the front door. He was trying to break down the door!

"No, this is Toby at the desk. I've had all of your calls routed through here. Is my brother Torc up there? He's the crazy ranger. Has he fucked you yet? Don't let him, the rest of us need to get up there. We're on our way."

I stared at the phone as if it had sprouted sharp teeth. 'Oh my God,' I thought, 'they're going to rape me! I have to get out of here!' Sitting back on my butt, wriggled, trying to slide my arms around to the front of my body. I was still flexible maybe I could-. Suddenly the door burst open and the ranger stood there for a second. Then he tackled me before I could get my arms completely under me.

"Ah, ah! You are such a bad girl, trying to get free. I told you baby, I haven't gotten to play with you. Yet. I'm going to make sure you get a sound spanking. Right before the thorough fucking." He laughed and started tearing my shirt off. There wasn't much I could do besides roll around like a worm on a hook. I growled and tried to bite him.

Amused at my struggles, he continued to chuckle while he cut my shorts off with a serrated pocketknife. Once he cut through them he tossed the knife towards the front door.

His hands slithered between my legs, his fingers trying to find my center. I clenched my legs as tightly together as I could get them.

"Come on, Darlin'! Where's your sense of fun?"

"Get away! I have hepatitis C! That's the bad one you really don't want to get. You should let me go now so you don't catch it."

He chuckled smiling broadly. "No you don't. You tested negative for all STD's and the pregnancy test the higher ups have you take every six months. Ben's a cop, and checked your file out after you rented the cabin."

"What?" My blood ran cold at the thought of a seriously plotted abduction. "You know my test results? I'm not under any investigation, how could a cop get confidential files, it makes no sense!"

"It does if he's fucking the employee health director. Although he says she's a lousy lay, we have high hopes for you." His fingers found me. Two thick digits stretched me and squelched as he spread them and thrust them. "You are a very, very naughty girl. Dripping wet. And very tight."

"Don't flatter yourself! I was masturbating before you rang the doorbell. Thinking of well hung black males that have manners, not some backwoods bigheaded small dicked white-boy asshole!"

"You hurt my cock's feelings, sugar. He's anything but small. Your pretty mouth will apologize to him before the night is over."

"You will lose anything you put in my mouth. Count on it."

"That's enough now. I see you won't see my way of things without a little persuasion."

Keeping his hand between my legs, he rolled me onto his lap, ass in the air. His hand connected with my ass so quickly and so hard I could do nothing.

Shock is a good word for how I felt. A respected surgical nurse from a city hospital, getting spanked on her naked ass in the middle of the woods by a stranger, during her vacation? I wouldn't believe it either if I didn't feel his palm.

The blows forced me down onto his other hand, which ground into my clit. The more I screamed and the more frantic my motions, the more rapidly he struck me.

Before I knew it, I was on the verge of orgasm. The line of pain blurred at the prepuce of climax. I went still, frozen in place, terrified to move.

"You're almost there aren't you, bitch?" He growled into my ear.