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Friend has three visitors during the night.

"And you, Abigail, are going to run your hands all over this tight little body of yours, playing with yourself as your girlfriend plays with me. Do you understand?" Olivia said, staring intently at her.

Abby nodded.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you, you'll have to speak up."

Abby moaned something through the gag in her mouth, and Olivia grinned at her.

"That's better."

Olivia watched Abigail for a long moment until the girl got the hint, bringing her hands up to squeeze and massage her own chest and nipples.

The red haired woman strolled back over to me, placing her body immediately in front of mine. At once I began to touch and fondle her breasts, leaning in and flicking her left nipple with my tongue. My lips closed over her body, sucking at her nipple, biting it gently when I felt daring.

"Such a good girl," she cooed. "I didn't even have to tell you this time."

Behind her, Abby had lowered one hand down to her thighs, running her fingers up and down her leg as she watched me lick and stroke Lady Olivia's tits. Abby's fingers strayed over to the warm spot between her legs, rubbing her pussy lips around in soft circle.

I moved my mouth to her other nipple, twisting the wet one with my fingers as I ran my tongue upwards across her body. I looked up at Olivia and for once she was not looking back, her eyes rolled back in to her head as she gripped her hands around my face. Then, just as quickly, her eyes flashed open and gazed down at me. "Such a good girl..." she whispered again.

Lady Olivia pulled me up so that I could stand again, looking hungrily at me as she grabbed my tits, squeezing them tightly. She pressed her mouth up against mine, her tongue tickling my throat. Then, without warning, she grabbed one of my hands and placed it underneath her skirt, where I learned that she was quite certainly not wearing any underwear and likely never had been. Her fingers intertwined with mine, she slid them up and down against her pussy. "Do you like the way my cunt feels, Irene? From the way you've forgotten how to breath normally, I think that you do."

She was right. I was gulping in air, breathing more heavily than I would if I'd just been running, and I couldn't seem to stop. I dipped a finger inside of her, pushing in to the warmth of her body. Her hand let go of mine and instead reached around to cup my rear end, pinching my ass tightly. I slipped another finger in to her cunt, stroking the palm of my hand up against her V-shaped bush of red hair.

There was a muffled moaning from behind Lady Olivia, Abigail crying out against the gag in her mouth. Her fingers were darting in and out of her pussy now, four of them lodged inside of her as she rubbed her clit furiously with her thumb. Abby was loud, much louder than she had been before, panting and moaning as her cunt started dripping like a faucet. She gave a muffled shriek that lasted for a good twenty seconds, her hips jerking back and forth.

Lady Olivia pulled her body away from me, turning to face Abigail. "Did you just cum? Did you just cum without me telling you to?" she demanded. "I mean, I'm hardly surprised, you just couldn't wait for me to strip down and fuck your girlfriend, but you do not do something unless I tell you, and you definitely do not get to cum until I say you can." Olivia slapped Abby hard across the face. "Do you understand me?"

Abby gave a whimper and a moan that sounded vaguely like an apology, nodding her head.

Lady Olivia undid the straps of the ball gag in Abigail's mouth, leaving the girl coughing and sputtering for breath. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Abby cried out.

Olivia leaned in and licked off the string of saliva still hanging from the girl's chin, then stepped back and slapped her again across the other cheek, a little bit softer this time.