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She would not let this happen. As much as she needed it, as much as she wanted it, she refused to let herself enjoy what this stranger was doing to her. Even as he slide the vibrator the length of her pussy, even as she felt her shaved lips cradle it, inviting more, she refused to enjoy it.

It felt so good. She could feel the tension deep inside her, it was building, and there was nothing she could do.

"Tell me your name" he said. "Alice" she whimpered, scared to speak more than was needed.

"Tell me Alice, is this what you want?" he said, still teasing her pussy with her favorite toy.

She was trembling now, she could feel her pussy was wet, and as she went to answer no, she felt him slowly sink the twisting, vibrating head of her toy deep inside her aching pussy.

Alice couldn't help but sigh as she felt herself accommodate the girth toy. He slowly working it into her, a few inches at a time. It was agony for her, she didn't want to feel the way she did, but her body was betraying her.

"You're soaking wet" he said as the room filled with the hum of her vibrator getting more and more dull as it was taken deeper inside her body. He took his time to get there, but finally she felt the tip kiss her cervix as the ears of her blue rabbit snuggled up either side of her clit.

"Oh fuck" Alice whispered, hoping he wouldn't hear. This stranger was had come here to seemingly torture her with pleasure.

With the vibrator twisting deep inside her cunt, the ear of her rabbit abusing her achingly hard clit, she felt herself getting closer to the edge. Alice felt a mixture of desire and humiliation. She was lost in how good it felt, feeling her pussy getting tighter as she was close to cumming for him. It would take nothing for her to fall over the edge, but she refused to let it happen.

He fucked her faster with her toy now, the sound of it working was joined with the wet sound her pussy made as it gripped the twisting shaft.

So close, Alice was almost there. She was holding out though, she was in complete extacy but she could not let it happen, not like this.

She felt his mouth close over her arsehole, his tongue slowly circling her, putting more and more pressure until he managed to sink into her. It was too much.

Alice felt herself let go as her orgasm ripped through her body. Milking the vibrator with her sweet little cunt, her arsehole tightened around her intruders tongue.

"Oh fuck yes.....yes....." she whimpered, feeling her pussy spasm again and again. Knowing her had broken her, feeling so violated and yet so euphoric. Tears started to stream from her eyes as the realization of what had happened set in.

His mouth left her. He grabbed her by the hair, lifting her to her feet. He legs felt weak and he forcefully dragged her back into the open plan living area.

He threw her back onto the kitchen table, face up, legs spread, her hands underneath her. She cried as her arms ached and the zip ties dug into her wrists.

She kept thinking about how she could have done things differently. Did she lock the door properly. Had she left a window open. None of that mattered now.

She begged him to leave her alone, to take what ever he wanted. She said she wouldn't tell anyone, but he just laughed at her, knowing it was a lie.

He stood between her splayed legs. "Your pussy is dripping wet Alice. I heard you cum for me, I left it. Now, I need to taste you".

He sank to his knees as Alice let her head sink to the side. She knew what was coming, but she could never have imagined how good it would feel.

Still sensitive from her previous orgasm, he pussy ached as she felt his lips close around he clit. Alice moaned in pleasure as the intruder sucked and licked her clit.

As his tongue worked her pussy she heard him moan into her cunt, he was enjoying this, almost as much as she was.

He focused his attention lower, licking and circling his tongue around the tight opening of her pussy.