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Marie is visited in jail by a demon with an offer.

Supreme good?" Amy asked, holding the phone to her ear.

"Whatever you want," I answered, earning an appreciative smile.

Thirty minutes later, a family pizza missing two large slices occupied the third seat on our family-room couch.

"I couldn't wait to get in to my pj's," Amy said with a mouthful of pizza.

"Do you have to work tomorrow?" I asked, stuffing the last of a pizza crust in my mouth.

"No, thank God. I can sleep in," she replied happily.

"What about you? Are you doing anything tomorrow?" Amy asked, biting in to a second slice.

"I have some consulting stuff to work on, but nothing urgent," I answered, considering a fourth slice.

"Oh, and an assignment for next semester too," I added, remembering the schematics I was designing.

On the coffee table, Amy's iPhone chirped once and then buzzed.

Wiping her hands on a serviette, Amy reached for her phone and scanned its screen.

Satisfied, I tossed the pizza box on the coffee table and then started searching for something to watch on tv.

Amy had been intently texting for ten minutes.

"Who is it?" I asked bored with what passed for entertainment.

"Jessica. She's at her grandma's place and she's bored," Amy answered, pulling her feet up under her and turning to face me.

"Why did she go?" I asked.

"They're only staying the night. They're all driving up to her aunt and uncle's tomorrow," Amy explained, with a look on her face that I couldn't quite interpret.

I continued to watch Amy as her phone chirp again.

"Cow," she muttered, after reading the message.

"What's wrong?" I asked intrigued.

"Nothing. Jessica's giving me hard time about something," she replied exasperated.

"What?" I pressed, having a good idea of what that something might be.

"Fuck," Amy muttered and looked up.

"Last night...I was ...naked in the bathroom, right?" Amy asked, looking straight at me causing my groin to stir.

"Yeees," I answered, failing to stop a smile.

"Well, I told Jessica about our arrangement. The fifty bucks and stuff...anyway, she dared me to do it," Amy said as if she had been sentenced to a jail term.

"So? I didn't expect you to do it," I confessed truthfully.

"So, here's the thing. When Jessica dares me to do something, I have to do it," she explained.

"Well, I did see you naked," I said, pretending to try and help Amy.

"That's what I've been saying, but Jessica says it doesn't count," Amy complained.

"So what? Just ignore her," I suggested, knowing Amy's predicament.

"I can't," she replied flatly.

"Why not? It's just a dare," I retorted.

Amy fell silent and stared hard at me, looking conflicted.

"Okay. So, it's like this. Jessica and I have been playing a sort of "Truth or Dare", without the truth part," she confessed.

"It would just be...wrong not to do a dare," Amy concluded, looking completely defeated.

"Okay. So, just tell her you did it. I'll say you did if she asks," I pledged, feeling as if I was slow playing a mark.

"Thanks, but there's one other thing. We always record our dares as proof," she said.


"What are you going to do?" I asked, sharing a knowing grin with Amy.

Playfully pitching her iPhone at me, she asked sarcastically, "You had to ask to see me naked?"

"You know how it works. Tell me when you are ready to start recording," Amy said, throwing her hair back and then sitting up straight.

Smirking, I fished her phone out of my lap, set it to capture video and then nodded.

"Shut up! Just sit there," Amy said, trying not to laugh as I smiled wildly with glee.

"What? I didn't say anything. Okay. Go," I said laughing.

"Stop it. Okay. So, Jessica. I can't believe you dared me to do this. Last night, I borrowed fifty dollars from Matty, and Matty said I had to get naked if I wanted the money," she surmised.

"So, to make sure I didn't back out, you made it a dare. Thanks. I'm calling this dare the "Payback Matt" dare," Amy finished, grasping the hem of her t-shirt.

Rolling her eyes, she pulled the t-shirt up over her head and let it fall to the floor.