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Love in space.

My teen years were a busy time, but soon I found myself graduating at the top of my class. That's when I stopped and looked over my life. I had so thrown myself into using my talent for advancement that I had forgotten about the rest of life. Here I was, eighteen years old, heading out to a bright future, alone. No girlfriend. Not really even any friends. That's when my late-blooming hormones started to kick in and I found a real use for my talent. I was again sitting alone, in a little cove down by the lake. I liked to go there when I needed to relax and get away from it all. But today I was still worrying about my "no girl" problem. I had never been interrupted here before, but today an older neighbor, Tammy and her boyfriend just walked right into my hideaway! I was so preoccupied with my problems that it took a moment to realize that this was just another side of my ability.

Without even paying any attention to me, Tammy pulled off her T-shirt and Jim started to rub suntan lotion on her! I was so flustered that I froze. He didn't spend much time working on the smooth skin of her back before his hands reached around and cupped her small, firm breasts. The lotion soon became secondary as they started to make out big time. Suddenly I connected the dots and realized that they weren't really here now, but I was again watching a replay of an earlier time. WOW!!!!

Now, Tammy was one of the hottest girls my sister had hung around with during high school, but being the nerd that I was, I never paid any attention. She graduated a year before I did, and was gone all year at college. What I was now watching was her first day back from school, once again reunited with Jim, her local boyfriend. And like I said, she was hot! Just a little taller than I am (about 5'5") and not an extra ounce of unnecessary fat anywhere. She had a perfect face (my favorite part of a woman's face is if she has a perfectly straight bridge to her nose. I don't know why but that just drives me nuts). In the small of her back, on her left hip was a tattoo of a perfect yellow rose. And when she turned around to kiss Jim, I had to gasp at the awesome (but small) pink nipples sitting atop the firmest breasts you could imagine. Just below that, her low cut shorts barely covered the flattest stomach I had ever seen (Hell, it was the first I had ever seen. Why did I let myself miss out on girls all those years?). A wisp of light brown pubic hair rode above the hem of her shorts, just waiting to be exposed more fully. Tammy's hands were wandering all over Jim, and before I knew it, she was pulling his cock out of his trunks. She stroked him up and down really fast for a few seconds until he started to pull her shorts down. I was about to see my very first pussy! I was all worked up too, which caused a sudden complication.

Tammy stopped Jim and told him to go out to the car and he'd find a condom in her bag. He left the cove in a hurry, tucking his stupid looking penis back where it came from (Was I becoming jealous?).

What's to do? I tried something I had never done before. Always I had been satisfied to just watch what I wanted to know, but now, I just HAD to touch. I stepped over to where Tammy was lying on the grass, reached out and placed a trembling hand over her beautiful breast. She just faded away. The scene was over, Jim never came back, I ruined it!

Try as I might I just couldn't get it back. I was so bummed out that I was almost in tears. I stumbled my gloomy way back home and locked myself in my room for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner with my parents and my sister was a real downer. I was so depressed that I decided to get my shower and go to bed right after dinner.

As I got everything ready, I was so fixated on my problems and thoughts of Tammy's perfect body.

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