Helen's Dad helps ease her lonliness.

I rolled my tongue and stabbed it deep within. She took a deep breath and sobbed.

"Yeah, OH Yeah, like that! Eat me! Oh god that feels good. Make me beg for it Brad! I want it! I, I,... Oh god I love it. I'm a whore. Oh damn it; I wanna be your slut. Tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything. I'll make you happy. Oh god I need it bad."

Slipping my hand under my chin, I slid two fingers deep into her pussy, curled my fingers up under her pubic bone and found the small lump I was seeking.

While sucking and teasing her clit with my tongue, I began firmly stroking my fingers in and out, twisting and turning them deep inside her vagina.

It happened so fast that we were both caught off guard. She let out a squeal, heaved up and made this ungodly wail.

"Unh, unh,.... Cumming......Oh god I'm Cumming in your mouth. Suck me, oh god it feels good. Suck me dry, please. DO IT More. Eat me out, Brad."

She was smothering me. I had to finish her or suffocate. Then, just as it ended, she filled my mouth with her creamy cum. It coated my chin, my nose and my cheeks. I had done it and I thought it was over.

She lay panting and rolled onto her side. Pulling her knees up against her breasts, she lay in a fetal position and gasped for breath. I wasn't in too good a shape myself. She had damn nearly smothered me.

"More! I want more! I want your cock next. That was fantastic, but I need that cock of yours inside me."

Hell I was still fairly hard so when she rolled over and knelt at the edge of the bed I stood and moved to stand just behind her ass. She reached back and pulled the cheeks apart invitingly.

In that position it was a simply matter to slid my cock between the engorged mounds of her labia and start to work my cock in and out.

Stroking deeper and deeper with each sway of my hips, I finally felt the head of my cock nestle against her womb.

"Fuck me hard! I want to feel it go in deep! Screw me until I die. I want it so bad honey. Do it to me!"

I began by slapping the right side of her ass with the open palm of my hand. I didn't know exactly what I was expected to do but apparently she enjoyed the stinging sensation of being spanked while I was enjoying her pussy.

Once in, she held her thighs tightly together and began rolling back on her knees, meeting each thrust, and forcing me in deeper.

"I want your cock so bad baby! I'm so wet for you! I want you to fuck me hard and deep. I'm getting close! I'm gonna cum... I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Keep going. KEEP FUCKING! Unh Hunnnh, just a little bit more. Give me some more."

By now I had my hands on her hips to steady her while I drew my cock almost all the way out and plunged repeatedly back in.

"You're making my pussy cum! Oh god, I fucking love you. Do you want me? God I'm so hot. Fuck me, fuck meeeeee! I'm gonna cum again. Keep fucking it. Oh fuck meeeee!"

I was coated with perspiration and huffing and puffing. She was relentless. Once or twice I came out and had to quickly inserted my cream coated shaft back in.

"Don't make me wait. Stick it back in! I'm gonna cum. Give me some more. Oh god, what the fuck are you doing to me? You're making my pussy cum. Oh god...I fucking love you! Do you want me? God I'm so fucking hot Brad. I never want you to stop."

I was hanging on for dear life and panting like a stag in heat. She was insatiable. She still kept begging for more. I was ready to pull out when she looked over her shoulder and shouted.

"Noooooo! Don't leave. Cum... I need your cum. Shoot Brad. Cum for me babeee. Cum for your Lynn, honey. Fuck me real fast and cum! Let it go. Shoot for me. Shoot on me. Pleese baby, cum for me?"

I had a little catching up to do, but finally felt myself building to my point of no return. I pulled out expecting almost anything to happen when she gasped:

"Shoot on my ass. Fuck it Brad, shoot on my ass and put it in."

I wasn't quite clear on this, but hell, my cock was still spurting, and well, if that's what she wanted, I'd try.

Again she moved her l