What does Missy know about my cocksucking and how?

With a look of concerned she gulped and nodded.

They took the escalator down. This time Catherine made no efforts to degrade her friend if only because she knew Clarissa was well aware of how she would be received anyways. The whole way down she looked in the direction of her targets just trying to plan out how she would do this. Wow, am I gonna do this? Breathe, Clar, breathe. From behind her Catherine smiled above her as she looked down at her doll. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Catherine told her meet her back at that spot once she finished.

As she walked nearer and nearer, uncertainty still filled her head. How would she pull this off? What would Catherine say? What would the guys say better yet? Yet, one foot in front of the other she was going to do this. With several feet to go, the boys paused from their socializing with each other and turned their heads to stare at her as she made their way to them. The two seated gentleman were about 25 year old, good build, really jocky aura about them. Their standing black friend was slightly skinnier but still young and healthy. Their mouths hung loosely with this broad waltzing to them. Clarissa looked at them and then at the fountain and knew what to do. She walked right up to one of the seated guys and emphatically out one foot on the fountain's edge thereby giving all three males a view of her smooth and exposed legs.

"Hello boys...nice day we're having eh?" She tried to put on her best sultry voice. Her audience just stood there awestruck. She ran her hand down her leg as she spoke. The guys remained glued on her leg and how it stretched in its position, making her tiny skirt ride up. The man nearest to her no doubt was trying to sneak a peek and Clarissa knew it. She dabbed her finger in the water and continue. "I really love fountains. How the water cascades down and settles into a pool below." She now ran her damp hand along her leg making it shimmer with moisture. "And at the bottom of that pool millions of shiny coins just glimmering though the water, signifying a million little wishes casted." She grabbed at her shirt and adjusted it for the guys. Wow, Catherine was right. Then she lifted the chin of the nearest guy who had been focussing on her exposed thong the whole time. She looked him square in the eyes with her brown pupils. "But boys, I seem to have forgotten my purse and I want to make a wish too." She again fiddled with her top and wiped a touch of water on it. "What will ever do?" She said as she winked.

The boy standing immediately dug into his denim pocket in a frantic stupor. It was really funny to Clarissa to see them scrambling like that. She did that. If Catherine intended her game of exhibitionism to be about power relations, then Clarissa kind of liked it. The boy fished out a quarter and handed it to her. "H-Here, hope it's good" He nervously mustered out. Clarissa licked her lips and mouthed a thank you. Then she turned to the pool, looked into the surface and flicked it in. "Opa!" she exclaimed. She turned to the trio who were practically drooling. The boy below still hadn't moved his eyes from her crotch.

Abruptly she swung her leg off the ledge and tidied herself, cutting the show short for the guys. "Well, boys, time to go....See ya around." With that, she turned in stride and walked away, not even looking back once. If she had she would've seen the guys high fiving each other over what they just witnessed. Making it back to the escalator, she was greeting with Catherine nodding her head very approvingly. "Very nice. I liked what you did there. Led them on but yanked it right from them. What you wish for?"

Clarissa smirked.