Free A chance encounter outside the restrooms in a bar. Porn Pics

The game comes to a loving conclusion.


Lisa scoffed.

"Uh no dad, I saw her, sitting in a chair with two fingers up her pussy."

"You sure?"

"Dad, she locked eyes with me and just smiled."

"Holy shit!"

Lisa laughed lightly.

"Yeah, holy shit."

"Well, what did you do?"

Lisa gave me a very wicked smile.

"I did just what my perv dad did, I watched."

My hand was in my lap, just brushing my cock. I couldn't stop myself.

"You didn't go in?"

"Hell no! Nobody invited me but Christine seemed to like me watching. So, I watched and then went back to my room and jilled off for like a fucking hour."

I sighed and leaned back letting my thumb caress my shaft through the silk. Lisa noticed.

"Glad to know you're not grossed out. I wasn't sure you'd like this story."

I just looked at her and brushed my silk cased dick. She took the hint and continued. I looked between Lisa's legs. There was a visible puddle on the vinyl below the soaked gusset of her panties.

"Well, next morning we're all up except Tiff and her folks. I was the only one that saw anything because nobody gave any hint they had. We were all naked, of course."

"Lisa, you like this naked thing, don't you?"

I had inadvertently given her the lead-in she was hoping for.

"Damn right Dad! Wanna see?"

She stood and held her hands at the hem of her tee.

"I will if you will, dad."

I had to make one last try, just to make sure.

"Um you are still my daughter."

Lisa ignored me and crossed her hands and pulled up, her tee shirt off in a whisk of tired cotton. She dropped it on the floor and went right to the waistband of her panties. Her breasts were big and firm, just like her mom's at that age. She had big brown areolas crowned with a big fat hard nipple. I'd never seen her breasts, they were amazing.

"We're just two adults, dad; it's no biggie, you chicken?"

I crossed my personal Rubicon, there was no turning back now.

"Hell no!"

I stood up, proud of my tent. As I watched Lisa slid the panties down, slowly baring the very base of her abdomen. She spread her legs, just a little and slid them down a little more. I looked and I noticed she was looking at me as she did it. As the waist band went below the gusset it stayed and soon the garment was upside down, the waistband at her thighs and the gusset still close to her crotch. She looked right in my eyes and slowly tugged down. The fabric was released from its sexual adhesive and dropped down, leaving a small thin line connecting the crotch of her panties to her vagina. I sighed as I pulled the front of my boxers out and slid them down till they fell of their own weight to my ankles, where I stepped out and tossed them aside with my toe.

"Happy now, my daughter?"

She sat back down leaving her legs wide.

"Yes, for now."

Lisa sat down and now let her had drop to her wide open and glistening pussy. She began to run her finger idly up and down the plump lips, occasionally dipping in at the bottom. I couldn't help it. I sat down, facing her, our legs almost touching and began to slowly stroke fat seven inches.
"Yeah, nice one indeed, dad, real nice."

I stared at her fingers as they moved around her soaked slit.

"Mmmmm you too my dear."

Lisa got back to her story.

"So, in a while Tiff and her folks come in, naked like us.