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Fast fwd a few year. Gina comes home with a GF.

Then as quickly as he started...he steps back into the circle...leaving his spent cock hanging out of his pants.

Again the room spins as you feel another pair of hands turning you to face him. The cock is not as long in front of you, but it is very thick. He does not need to force your mouth though, your mouth is still open from the last cock. Immediately he forces his way inside, wasting no time thrusting hard against your face. Your jaw actually hurts a little stretching open for this fat cock as it forces you open. But soon, your lips eagerly wrap tight around it and accept the intrusion as he fucks your face even harder than the first man.

Cum lust is taking over you as you think about the other men still to cum. You want to please them want to be filled by them all. Hungrily you start feasting with a ravage desire.

His cock swells up thick as he explodes inside your mouth...again though...the first load goes down your throat, while the second and third are sprayed over your face and tits. He too ends by smearing his wet cock all over your face.




NO 3.

As NO 3 explodes inside your mouth, you can fight your own lust no more. Your pussy explodes violently beneath you in waves of explicit pleasure. NO 3 withdraws his cock, and steps back into the circle. You can feel everyone watching you cum on the stool, which only makes you cum even harder...grinding your pussy against the leather seat as you look over into my eyes; which are completely lust driven as I watch.

As your orgasm subsides...

NO 4.

NO 5.

You cum again.

NO 6.

Your jaw was almost too sore to move on your own by now, but it did not matter. The men simply held you by the head and fucked your face as violently as they could before exploding down your throat, and then all over your face and tits.

Every once in a while they would spin you around well enough to see me watching you from my throne...never was I not watching. You could see the massive bulge in my fancy black slacks and even made out a wet spot of precum that had leaked through.

NO 7.

NO 8.

The cocks are a blur...a fantastic delicious blur as that fuck your throat and then hang out before you as though boasting about it.

As NO 9 approaches though, he spins you slower, letting you see that those cocks are all starting to harden again. As you start to realize that this might not be about to end like you first thought, NO 9 drives his long cock deep into your throat. Feverishly he pounds inside, seemingly lasting much longer than the others had. His grunts and moans beneath his mask are those of animal hunger ravaging his prey. His hands lock tight to the back of your head finally and drive deep into your throat as he too explodes his offering into your belly.

A third orgasm rips through your pussy, making your stool even wetter and slippier than it was already.

As NO 10 turns you to face him, this realization comes to mind...these men have not once actually touched you other than your head and shoulders. No one has felt your breasts, no one has stroked your pussy, and yet you have cum three times...and not sure you are finished there. Hungrily you thrust your face forward to engulf this last cock...hoping that maybe that means the cock you really want is next.

From where he is standing, you can see me still watching you...lusting for you.

Eagerly you suck that last cock as I stand from my throne and begin making my way across the room. Your eyes are fixed on me even as he explodes his offering into your hungry mouth.

NO 10 moves back to the circle, still stone silent like the rest.

*SNAP*, the loud noise echoing in the silence.

Two men leave the circle, quickly disappear from room and then, just as quickly, return pushing another kind of leather reclining chair. It is not a chair you would find in your living is obvious that I have designed this one special.

Another man from the circle leans down and undoes the restraint holdin

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