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A daughter's love.

I haven't seen her for nearly 2 weeks. The fantasy has remained. Her back arched, legs draped over the front of the sofa. My face buried between her legs. The delicious aroma of her pussy exhilarating my senses. The imagined gasps as she orgasms. Now as we meet our friends before heading off it all rushes back in the blink of an eye and stops me in my tracks.

Keep moving. Must keep moving.

With a great deal of willpower and a little help from the kids yelling and giggling I shake out of the fog of lust and we continue to pack up for our trip. I know now that this is going to be a tough few days camping. This camping trip could ruin my marriage. No, I could ruin my marriage. I can't blame the trip. Forget it. Keep moving. Must keep moving.

I manage to keep up the fa__ade as we head out to the agreed camping site and set up our tents. I stop myself from staring and fantasizing another few times as I help the others with their tents. We socialise and play a few games.

Trish loves to play games. She likes to win too. I am sure that part of this is a game to her and she is baiting the hook, waiting for a bite. She just may get it!

While the four of us are sitting at the table and the kids are running around, I once again feel her leg gently push against mine. This has happened on a few occasions, but today it gets a much deeper reaction than ever. My body sighs. I am not sure if it is audible, but the feeling is like one of being home. Knowing you belong. Knowing something was meant to be. I leave my leg there touching her. God I want her now. I can't hear what the others are saying. I can only hear the moans and whimpers as my tongue brings her to orgasm in the fantasy replaying in my mind.

The others have noticed something is wrong now. I have to do something. I excuse myself and go for a walk. I try to sneak away so they don't see the erection pushing at my shorts. Let me outta here!

I thought I got away clean and head over to walk around the bend along the creek in front of our campsite. A few moments later though I hear the crack of footsteps startle me out of my haze. It is her! Trish has come alone. I can't believe it. Did they send her? Does she know?

I'm trapped. There is no way I can fight it if she says anything about these feelings. I am speechless. I am too afraid to say anything. Say the wrong thing. This could destroy our marriages, our friendship. Everything. I hate being tortured by my lust for her, but to not have her near may be worse.

I say nothing. She knows. I know it because she just walks up to me saying nothing as well. She knows. And it's ok. She reaches out and caresses my arms. That's all I needed. The floodgates are open.

I move in and kiss her deeply and passionately. I am no longer here. There is no ground beneath me. I only feel our tongues intertwining. Our body heat. The passion. The electricity. It is all consuming now.

We break apart long enough for me to lead her to a more secluded part of the creek, and I lay her down. It is too late now. I cannot turn back. I have no more the power to stop this than turn back time itself.

We continue kissing and my hand is working inside her blouse. Her breasts are soft and warm. Her mouth is like honeydew, and I just can't stop kissing her. The taste and feeling is so intense. But I remember my fantasy and I must satiate that desire.

I raise up on my knees to lower her skirt, and as I do she removes my shirt an kisses and licks my chest, running her hands over my back and chest, and moaning lightly. She helps me ease her skirt and panties off and the aroma of her sweet musk is like nectar. I cannot believe how arousing that smell is.

She can see in my eyes what I want. We haven't spoken, and our communication has only been through touch or moans and whimpers. It is all we need. We are connected. Intertwined. Bound helplessly but delightfully together.

My head is swimming as I nuzzle in and start to caress her pussy with my tongue.

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