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Yasmine comes for dinner, and becomes the meal.

They knew one would end up killing the other - there was no doubt about it. One had long black hair flowing freely down her back, her skin slightly tanned from days on the beach. Her blue eyes shined, smirking as she looked at the other girl.

"You're nothing but a demon no one will ever love."

The other girl laughed at her remarks. She, too, had long black hair, only it was tied up in a high pony tail with a few strands blowing in the wind. She was paler, her skin looking like that of a porcelain doll - almost too beautiful for the fight she was about to have. Her red eyes were glowing as she looked at the girl in front of her..

"You think I have not heard that before, sister? It does not bother me anymore. Though I do not think I am the one who is the demon."

The girl laughed at her sister's words. "Sister? You think I consider you my sister? You are nothing to me, Ayame."

"So be it then, Airyana, we fight to the death," Ayame said, drawing the two katana's she kept tied to her waist.

"Very well, come on, show me what a demon can do," Airyana said, as her hands grew blue from the magic she had learned over the years.

Ayame ran at Airyana, both swords ready to clash in their final battle.


The beginning

The couple had always wanted a child and finally got their wish. A young woman with long brown hair was in the hospital giving birth. A man stood next to her, a smile on his face as he waited for his child to be born into this world. His family had always told him that his first child would be the savior for Tokyo and the world. His family had been protector of the life force that was kept secret somewhere in his home town. His first born will keep on his tradition. His wife was sweating and pushing as the doctor told her to, when the father finally snapped back into reality as the first cries of his child were heard.

"It's a little girl," the doctor announced, handing the baby over to the nurse.

His wife was still crying in pain as the doctor looked back to her. He smiled as he told her to continue pushing. The father of the child was concerned when he heard this and moved back to his wife when he noticed another child being born. He was shocked and excited to see that he was blessed with two children. They would both protect the secret he had kept from his wife for so long.

"Another little girl. Congratulations! You have twins," the doctor announced, carrying the second child and asking who could cut the cords of the twins.


Sitting in the hospital room cradling one of his newborn daughters, Taiki smiled down at the little one he held in his hands. Sara was holding the other as the two slept quietly. She stared down at the young one, then up at the door when there was a knock.

"Come on in," Taiki called, as he looked up

An older woman came in, her hair long and black. Sara sighed as she saw her and forced a smile.

"Hello, mother. It's nice of you to come. Here, come see your grandchildren," Taiki said, standing up so she could sit.

Sitting down, his mother spoke softly. "Let me see the girls one by one."

Carefully handing the baby he was carrying to his mother, she cradled the little girl smiling brightly. "What is her name?"

"Airyana," Sara answered.

"She has the purest aura I have ever seen. She will be a great protector of Tokyo," Taiki's mother said, as she handed the child back to Taiki. She looked at Sara and held out her hand for the other child. Her eyes went wide as soon as she took the baby.

"What is wrong?" Taiki asked seeing the look on his mother's face.

"This child... is a demon."

"Don't say those things, mother. She is just a child."

"Her aura is black as night. She will bring nothing but harm to Airyana. You must keep this one away from her."

Taiki looked at Sara, knowing that his mother was never wrong about such things.

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