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Big brother isn't happy with Ellie, and neither is Daddy.

"Just sniff and discover for the time being Pete. I remember my first time. I want that. There is something magic in watching a young lad like you discovering his true potential. Get the feel of it and enjoy. I want you to enjoy as much as I."

The scent was a mixture of wood chippings and the unmistakeable scent of highly sexed cock. Something which I had always been aware of when masturbating myself. I gingerly touched and squeezed it all over, feeling the texture, watching it jerk to my touch, it was al so wonderful and enthralling,

"That's lovely Pete. Let me pull it full back for you so you can see the head and p-hole."

And he did, it seemed enormous but very sucker friendly. This was to be it, the time had come to really start a gay relationship. I closed my eyes and closed to his erection until I felt it gently surge against my mouth. I gently touched it with the tip of my tongue and heard his moan as I did that.

That made it all the more palatable and I felt the immediate urge to take first the head into my mouth, close my mouth around it to take in the taste, and lick it around and around and across the p-hole. Johns moans were spontaneous and I sill, had my eyes closed as I went for it, the deep sensual suck.

He took it away from me. At first I thought I wasn't doing it right. He laughed and said he just wanted to stretch it back once more. That he would get better sensitivity like that. And I could see why because he really started to get revved up as he jiggered it about in my mouth, bending it this way as he grasped it firmly - holding it up and his balls as well to give me a real good access -and I was about to learn just how such a connection as my mouth with his devout cock had on this guy, how he started to murmur dirty talk spurred on by my sucking and licking.

A first I was concentrating on the scent and taste, it was salty and earthy but really pleasant to suck, to feel the generosity of its volume stretch the corners of my mouth and the texture was lovely, I could have sucked him to Kingdom come but instead it was until he cum - he warned me and I quickly retracted, not ready to take that. Maybe that is what he wanted because his strong hands were clasping the back of my neck pushing his cock deep into my throat. But I managed to get away from him and he came with such a spurt he probably would have chocked me.

"All in good time, Pete" he said afterwards but I wondered if I had displeased him thinking maybe that was it - that he wouldn't want me any more.

But the next day, that Saturday proved me to be wrong and now the hour waiting was up and I found myself going willingly to the lock up store where John was waiting, looking really good in his boxer shorts showing off a wonderfully teasing bulge.

"I couldn't sleep last night thinking about what we did yesterday, Pete" he smiled, greeting me with a wild hug his hands wondering down to covert my hind in such a beautiful heart warming way.

"I enjoyed it too, John,"

He was already breathing heavy as I felt his hands squeeze my buttocks quite severely. He led me to a bench where he asked me to bend over. I was soon to discover the rudiments of being ass pampered.

"That looks so good, so tight and so fuckable" he said with that certain tone in his voice I remembered from the day before when he was dirty talking me.

He seemed to lavish slipping my jeans down to my ankles. Then I felt his touch smoothing my ass cheeks, gently at first which felt so good.

"Push it out for me, Pete and just wiggle a bit okay?"

And then I was in for the most memorable episode in my life finding just how wonderful it was to be really appreciated.

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