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Outside forces bring Kim and Brett back together.

Something which would definitely come in handy once he moved to Canada and opted to continue with his education. He enrolled at Carleton University in the south end of metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario. To earn his bachelor's degree in Criminology. One day, he told himself, he'd go to Law School.

Although Stephen had trouble admitting it to himself at first, he came to love Canada. How could he not love the country where he earned for himself those things which he never could have acquired as an undocumented immigrant in the vastness of America. A licence. A health card. Access to higher education. Yeah, his life definitely improved once he got to Canada. He felt independent...and free. Also, he was free of his Sociopathic aunt Gabby and his twisted sister Alex. Unfortunately, he wasn't free of the Sociopaths. He could never be free of them. The same way a mongoose could never truly be free of snakes. Nature had a way of putting them together. Well, nature and cruel, sadistic human beings interested in blood sports. Looking at the sky outside the window of his apartment in the Vanier sector of Ottawa, he wondered if there was a higher power out there laughing at his fate.

In the beginning, he enthusiastically educated himself about the Sociopaths. It wasn't enough that he had a natural aptitude for detecting them. He read up what many of the modern world's foremost psychologists, criminologists and scientists had to say about those men and women born completely without conscience. He once heard them referred to as intra-species predators. Stephen taught himself about them, and began fighting them. Sometimes, he confronted them and let them know that he knew WHO and WHAT they were. Usually that surprised the hell out of them. Enough to give him a form of psychological momentum over them. Well, some of them. Others weren't fazed by his ability to spot them. And they began hunting him. He was being hunted by numerous inhuman predators and there wasn't much that he could do about it. He was trapped. His unique circumstances pretty much dictated so. Sooner or later they'd figure out who he was, where he lived, and they'd get him. Hell, his own sister and aunt were Sociopaths. Fortunately, they didn't know he regularly went out to battle their kind.

Ultimately, he ended up on his own, in Ottawa of all places. Free from his aunt and sister. Free from a tragic past as an unwanted brat. Freed from the pariah-like status of the undocumented immigrant in America. Now he was studying Criminology at Carleton University. Surrounded by young men and women who had no idea what dangers lurked out there. Of course, there were just as many Sociopaths in the City of Ottawa as there were in the City of Boston, if not more so, percentage-wise. Yeah, it was an inescapable fact of his existence. Still, for a long time he denied what he was and his true calling. He dated young women, went to movies, joined a fraternity at school, volunteered to help people. He tried to lead as normal a life as possible.

Meanwhile, all around the world, the Sociopaths continued to do their thing. Sociopaths preyed on women in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, a painful event which he watched from afar. Later, they continued to do terrible things around the world. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Sociopaths hijacked the revolution which swept Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Tunisia. Radical Islamists replaced dictators. And instigated massacres against non-Muslims, especially Christians living in the Middle East. Arab Christians in places like Egypt, Iran and other predominantly Muslim nations found themselves hunted like never before. Do ordinary men and women need Sociopaths to hate each other for various reasons? No. However, the job of the Sociopath is to pour oil over the proverbial flames.

In places like South Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt, Christians and Muslims fought one another.

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