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She watches over siblings while parents are away.

With that she reached behind her and deftly undid the ties and the bikini floated off in the pool. I was absolutely transfixed, the sight before me was unbelievable, I looked at Peter and he was staring and was speechless as well. Well back to Jo because I did not want to miss a thing, and before my eyes Jo started to sleepily massage her magnificent tits. I have seen her do this many times but always when we were fucking and when she started to pull and twist her rock hard nipples I suddenly realised that things were rapidly heading to places I had not thought about. Now Jo has always maintained that her nipples were directly connected to her clit and I had used that knowledge to my advantage many times, when a quick twist and pinch would get her panting and before I knew I would have my cock jammed hard inside her beautiful cunt.

I can tell you that board shorts were not made to take the pressure that my shorts were under, as my cock bulged and struggled to get out. I could hardly ignore Peter, he was breathing very deeply and massaging his cock through his shorts.

Jo was oblivious to all this as she continued to massage her magnificent tits and I could see the red flush of arousal creep up around her neck. As Peter and I stood there mesmerised, Jo's right hand drifted across her stomach and with a quick tug the string holding her bottoms was undone and her hand went straight for her clit. Jo was totally oblivious to all now and I watched her thrash and pound her way to a magnificent hard breathing climax. Although I always liked showing her off in public I had never envisaged her doing this in front of a an audience.

Jo slowly opened her eyes after her climax and then stood up allowing the bikini bottoms to fall to the pool and as she moved her right hand her beautiful cunt was exposed completely for the first time. She stepped out of the pool and walked up to the deck and she sat at the outdoor table, still completely naked. If there is one thing I love that is the taste of her cunt, so I decided "What the fuck" I knelt in front of her, scooped her knees over the armrests and proceeded to use my tongue to advantage. She slid down the chair as far as she could and exposed herself completely to my tongue. I got that thing into every nook and cranny that I could. Her clit, up her cunt as far as I could and around the anus. Now this is normally enough to send her over the edge, and she is quite noisy when she comes. But not a sound did she make, when I glanced up from my labours I could see why, she had Peter's cock jammed down her throat as far as she could get it.

Peter must have been as close to the edge as I was because it was only in only a couple of minutes I could see him thrusting at her mouth as her adams apple bobbed up and down as she drank his cum. This was enough for me so I stood and finally freed my cock and rammed it straight into her as far my balls would let me. One or two pumps were enough to empty my swollen balls as I came in a frenzy.

I pulled out of her and collapsed into a chair and found myself sitting next to Peter as my gorgeous Jo just lay there with her legs wide apart. I watched mesmerised as the milky cum in her cunt slowly leaked out and ran down toward her anus. Then if the show could not get any better, her hand scooped up all of it and she dripped it into her mouth, using her tongue to clean every bit from her fingers.

Needless to say I could feel my cock stirring almost straight away with this wanton display. I stood up, letting my shorts fall to the floor, and grabbed her hand and led her to the lounge room. As I looked over my shoulder I could see Peter sitting there in shock, A quick Oi to him and he was up and inside with us.

I lay her on the lounge and draped my cock across her mouth and without a sound she just took that cock in her mouth and started to suck and piston her head up and down.