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that her real name, Mar__a Carmen?"

Juan laid his hands over his chest as if to say, "Me, I'm bad?" Then breaking out in a strong laugh continued, "Yes, it's her real name. The doctor is very famous in Spain. He is actually the chief physician for the bullring. She took his name when they were married. As to me being bad, yes, perhaps so, but do you not agree se__orita, that Don Carlos will have her?" he asked, his face opening in a questioning expression as he looked down into Lexis' eyes.

"I will not be brought into your musings on The Don, Se__or Matador." Alexis spoke in false indignation, refusing to break eye contact. "He is our host."

They laughed at her remarks and walked a bit further in silence before Alexis broke the spell. "The stars are beautiful this evening."

"Yes they are." Juan answered absent-mindedly.

Lexi found herself a bit disappointed. She had given him an opening, and he had not taken it. She considered him attractive, rugged in a very manly way. She wondered what kind of lover he might make. Could he handle women with the same ability as the bulls in the arena she mused?

Their walk took them through an area of deep green vegetation to a gazebo overlooking the fields. The grass was thick and lush. The trees, in perfect alignment, were stunning in their beauty. Vineyards stretched as far as the eye could see.

"The grapes are quite something," Alexis whispered, wanting to fill the silence without breaking the moment.

Juan looked at them. "They are," he whispered back. He could feel the sexual tension in the air but suddenly found himself doubting if she felt it as well.

The silence lingered and Juan decided it was not to be this evening. He did have to fight tomorrow and the hour was drawing late. Turning to Alexis he said, "Speaking of grapes se__orita..."

'Yes?" she answered, looking across the fields.

"Did you enlist the maids before the evening started to assist with your wine, or did it just work out that way?"

Lexi laughed and swung her face toward Juan, her hair flying with the movement. "Oh, we've been through this before my friend. The Don, he pours it out, and the staff always saves me from a fate worse than drunkenness."

"And what fate is that?" he asked, genuinely interested.

"The Don of course." Alexis laughed as she answered. "I believe he tries to seduce every one of his female guests."

Juan laughed with her. "I do believe your right. He's quite successful by the way."

"Well," she mocked him, "not with all of his guests."

Juan grew serious and said, "Not yet anyway."

Lexi looked at him and realized he was toying with her. "Perhaps one day he may be successful. Do you think he is a good lover?" She teased back.

"I truly do not know. I would call him accomplished, simply by the number of woman he most certainly has had."

"A far different thing than being a good lover, something many men don't seem to realize."

"I give se__orita," Juan spoke, throwing his arms up in surrender. "I do not wish to debate you on the Don's conquests."

"As well you shouldn't," Alexis huffed. "And speaking of wine, I noticed you didn't drink much yourself there Se__or Matador."

"Ahhh yes, but my reasons are with merit. I really must be able to perform again tomorrow," he answered honestly.

Lexi looked right into his face and catching his eyes she spoke with a voice she reserved for only special moments. "What about now Se__or Matador," she asked. "Are you able to perform now?"

Without hesitation Juan grabbed her up in his arms, enveloping her body with his, "Of course I am woman." He answered, forcefully planting his mouth over hers.

His movements caught Alexis by surprise and she could not have resisted his speed or strength if she had wanted to. Something she did not want...

She opened her mouth to his, accepting a forceful yet very passionate kiss. He pressed himself against her and she could feel his arousal through their clothing. He was urgent yet gentle. He took complete control sweeping Alexis along for the ride.

Kissing her mou