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Doing Sleeping Beauty.

Then she listened, and listened, and listened, but heard no other sounds. Finally she slowly moved around the door and opened it slowly so she could see out into the hallway. There was nothing moving out in the hall and no change in the lights in the house. She stood up and slowly moved into the hall back toward the stairs. When she got there she dropped the cat suit across the railing at the top before moving on down the hall further. The first door she came to on the left was standing open so she stuck her head inside. She quickly could tell that she had found the bathroom and didn't see anything out of the ordinary inside, no signs of anything having fallen. She came back out of the bathroom, now standing straight up, and headed down the hall further.

The next door she reached was on the right hand side of the hall and was firmly closed. She slowly turned the knob and opened the door so she could slip inside. Once inside she looked around and at first didn't see anything. Then she suddenly heard quiet breathing, and looked over toward the bed and realized there was a figure laying on it. She moved slowly closer, curiosity getting the better of her senses. When she got close enough she realized that it was the Peterson's son, Steve. He was laying on his back on top of his covers wearing no shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms. His chest and stomach were completely smooth and based on the tent in his pants he was obviously erect. Ellie caught herself licking her lips and her hand wandering down to the fake cock in her borrowed briefs. She then got a crazy idea, he snuck over to the desk in the corner of the room and found a pair of scissors laying on the desk top. She came back over and kneeled down next to the bed. Slowly she moved her hands over the top of the bed. She gently lifted up the waist band of his pajama pants. He let out a quick snort and stirred so she pulled back and ducked down next to the side of the bed. After she was sure he didn't move anymore she perked back up and again slowly worked her hand under the waist band of his pants. She finally got her hand inside and discovered that he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Perfect," she thought to herself as she put her new plan into action. She slipped the scissors under the waist band of his pants and made a quick cut all the way down to the crotch of his pants. She then slid her hand and the scissors over to the other side of his cock, quickly touching his cock with the cool metal and causing him to stir again. This time she didn't dive for cover, but froze in place until she was sure he wasn't going to wake up. Then she proceeded with the second cut, again from the waist band completely down to the crotch. Once she was done she put the scissors down on the night table before reaching over and grabbing the waistband with one hand. She grabbed a hold of the dildo and began stroking it slowly as she lowered the newly created panel in his pants, revealing his perfectly shaved crotch and erect 6 inches. She smiled as she saw it come into view, and as soon as the cloth was out of the way she grabbed it and started stroking it slowly. Steve began to breathe more heavily as she stroked, but showed no signs of waking up. She stood up and got a better view as she pumped his cock. She let go of her fake member and brought her other hand up, tracing around his pecs. She dragged her hand down and let it slowly trace along each of her abs as she picked up speed. He began to groan as his manhood began to throb harder and harder. Ellie couldn't resist but to lean down and begin tracing his lower abs with her tongue, going lower and lower until she was almost to his cock.

Suddenly he let out a yelp and she felt him go off with the first shot hitting her cheek.

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