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The Papal Audience.

This tiny thing in front of me was going to kick my ass and I, for the life of me, don't know why that made me laugh.

"Are you stupid or something!" Casey was muffling her voice so others couldn't hear. But she made sure that I heard her, very clearly. She was mad. "Open your eyes and watch where you're going and stop smiling at me!!" I couldn't stop myself. My grin grew wider as she huffed out her words.

Then she cracked the prettiest, half a smile with a half I hate you look. That smile and that look. That's when I noticed that this girl was pretty.

And that was how the universe introduced me to Casey...

We cleaned up our mess and from that moment on we started a small mini-work rivalry. Every time we worked together we would try to see who could work harder than the other. Who could be the fastest, nicest and best clerk for the customer. Mr. Lewis loved it because his customers loved it and Mr. Lewis loved him some happy customers. After a few weeks everyone started to notice something that Casey and I were oblivious too.

Casey and I liked each other. Funny thing is neither of us knew this. Everyone knew that we were starting to like each other. Everyone from our co-workers to our regular customers, they all knew this. Hell, even Mr. Lewis knew this. Everyone except us. We had no clue or at the very least I had no clue.

We started taking our breaks together. Going for walks around the block on our breaks. Talking about everything and nothing. I started to notice that Casey was pushing her way into a spot in my heart that I had always believed just did not exist. There was no spot in my heart for anyone like Casey. Not in my heart.

After all my nineteen years of life I always thought that meeting someone like Casey was irrelevant. It didn't matter. I had no place in my heart for anyone like her. Then a funny thing happened on my way to that notion. That, no way this could ever happen to me...notion.

Casey happened...

If you notice that during this long description of how I got to know Casey I have been leaving some details out? I haven't described in detail her physical appearance to you. Not yet. The reason for that is because it's something that had not registered in my mind yet. Not the details, not until that rainy afternoon.

Casey and I met up on a Sunday afternoon. I had been playing basketball at this park rec-center on the North side of town every Saturday. The next day Casey was free and I asked her if she wanted to hang out there with me. Casey knew the park. She thought it was a really nice park so we met up just to hang out.

As we walked along the pathway we kept talking about everyone's favorite two subjects. The two subjects that we all of have. You know the ones, everything and nothing. Yeah those. This went on for a while, we were so lost in conversation that we hadn't noticed the rain clouds. That would change in an instance.

It started with a slow sprinkle forcing us to notice the clouds. Looking around we knew we had to find cover. I noticed a covered picnic table area in the distance. "Let's get over there." I told Casey and we started making our way to the covered picnic table. Then the sprinkle started to turn into a steady rain. We were starting to get soaked and we knew that it was time to run.

Casey may have been short but she was quick. In a blink we were both in a steady sprint and I was amazed at how easy she kept up with my stride. Now don't get me wrong it's not like I'm some long legged freak of nature or something. At best I'm 5'9" maybe 5'10". But at that time in my life I was very athletic so running was no thing for me.

We finally made it to cover and just in time because the steady rain was now a hard rain. The sound of the rain hitting the aluminum cover over the picnic table was deafening. Casey turned to face me smiling that smile that just wouldn't quit. Looking down into those emerald eyes I noticed something that I had never noticed before.

My eyes drifted from her eyes and moved to her mouth.