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Working girls get a surprise visit.

"Oh, fuck! Ooh, yes! FUCK!" Jolene screamed and moaned.

Images of Janice as bride--next to her son--made her push back the hypnotizing sexual bliss. With a quick motion, Jolene yanked Janice's hair, pulling her tongue and mouth out of her wet pussy, drawing a scream of pain from the black-haired seductress. Jolene saw confusion and surprise on Janice's face. Wonderful! Jolene pushed her attack; she kicked Janice on the chin, sending her to the shower's tiled floor.

Jolene took a second to catch her breath and push back her arousal, then she straddled Janice. The comely red-haired woman sank her nails deep into Janice's massive breasts. As Janice tried to break free, Jolene slapped her hard in the face and instantly she rammed two fingers into her rival's pussy. Jolene rapidly pumped them in and out, finger-fucking her enemy. "Now I'll show you what kind of pleasure 'I'm' capable of giving 'you,' you useless cunt!"

Janice's body writhed in pleasure. The lusty tramp had begun screaming and moaning. "Uh! No! I can't--uh--believe this--uh--you fucking slut!" The brunette was telling the truth; she was dumbfounded by the determination and power that blue-eyed bitch. Not only could Jolene resist her sexual attack, but she could also fight back, ferociously! Janice understood that her plan to catch Jolene off-guard and quickly finish her had been reckless. "That bitch is destroying me! I must break free," Janice thought.

The black-haired woman flailed desperately (almost randomly!) and managed to push away Jolene. Both women stood to face each other. Jolene had an confident, wicked grin on her face.

Janice spoke, panting. "I'd intended to give you a nice good fuck and let you go. But now you've made me angry. I will enjoy fucking you hard, bitch!"

Before Jolene could raise her hands, Janice punched her hard in the belly. Before the redhead could lose her balance, Janice grabbed her tightly around the neck and pushed her once more against the tiled wall.

The two voluptuous bodies came together again. Jolene's moans were drowned as Janice's tongue invaded her mouth. The women's full breasts and taut bellies mashed together. Jolene had nothing left: she was dizzy and tired; she had no more ideas or strength. The only emotions in her mind were lust and desire; her body wanted and felt it deserved sexual release. The new feelings that had surfaced during this first contact with another woman were unexpected.

And they were uncontrollable for the moment. Her neglected cunt pulsed with need. The redhead made her decision. This first fight was lost; she would allow herself to be fucked and dominated because it was over. She stopped trying to push Janice away and dug her nails deep into her back, causing Jolene to moan from pain and pleasure. Jolene drew Janice closer. Janice saw defeat in her rival's eyes and screamed in victory.

For Janice, the plan had gotten back on track. It had been closer than expected, but this classy bitch couldn't dominate her.

But because it had been so close, when Jolene sunk her nails into Janice's back and drew her close, Janice feared it might be a trap. She was more tired than she'd anticipated and her cunt was burning with desire.

Janice looked deep into Jolene's eyes. She saw surrender and submission. "Yes! Now, you're mine!" the beautiful slut screamed, declaring her victory. She would take what she had wanted from the first time she'd seen that fiery, red-headed vision. Jolene's gorgeous body was at Janice's disposal.

Under the steamy shower, the two voluptuous, glistening bodies became one. Well-trained muscles flexed. Jolene held herself by the shower pipe as she wrapped her long legs around Janice's waist, offering her moist pussy to her opponent. Jolene moaned in ecstasy as Janice's hot cunt locked onto her own. The black-haired amazon's pelvic thrusts came harder and faster, smacking and rubbing the two excited pussies against each other. The women's wet bodies slapped together.

Jolene could feel Janice's hot, hard clitoris sliding into her, giving her unim

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