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The Uninvited House Guest.

Faster. Harder."

She dug her fingernails into my back.

"Fill me up, Sam. Fill me with your cock. Cum inside me."

I forgot about slipping out and pounded into her with the fury of a cheated man. Our bodies slapped together, she grunted with each deep jab. While the slippery froth of her cunt lubricated every stroke, she pinched and scratched me. She grabbed my hair and pulled, forcing me down to meet her, crushing my mouth into hers. When we kissed, she bit my lower lip.

I pulled away. "Ow! Stop it," I warned, but the flaring nostrils and amused smile made it clear she wasn't afraid of me. She jabbed a fingernail into my nipple and I yelped. "Stop it? Stop what?" she said.

I paused and I grabbed her head, held her head in both hands, forced her to look straight up at me. Her eyes glared white hot, and her lips were fiery red. I held her head tightly, forcing her to stare me in the eye. "Is this what you want?" I whispered. And I crushed my hips into her with every bit of strength I had. My cock rammed so deep I was sure I was up inside her belly.

The desires of our bodies began to take over. She began to loosen, her mouth went slack, her eyes closed, her head tipped slightly back. I pushed hard and deep, and I felt the pleasure begin to rise inside me. She was squeezing me, milking me with her cunt, resisting each stroke for a half beat and releasing me to fill her depths. "Oh Sam," she groaned.

I was on the verge of coming, but I tried to hold off, fuck her just a little longer so she could get hers too. Only I was sure it was too late. I jabbed feebly with what little coordination I had left. Once, twice, three times. And on the last stroke before I was overcome, she groaned loudly, beautifully. Surprised and delighted that I'd lasted long enough, I dropped down on top of her, buried myself in her core, and deposited my seed in the depths of her spasming cunt.

I felt utterly drained. My muscles refused to respond to my commands. Before I crumpled completely, I forced myself off to the side and dropped limply to the mattress. I was covered with sweat, and I immediately felt cold.

We crawled under the covers, and I fought back the desire to doze off.

She draped her arm across her eyes. I snuggled up against her, but she flinched.

"What's wrong?" I asked.


"Something is wrong. Tell me, what is it?"

She looked at me, as grim as a businessman. "You know what I don't like about this, Sam? About fucking men that I know will never love me? Who will never want to marry me and want to have children with me? It's the times like this. After we fuck. When we're lying here and there is nothing more to do. How do we part gracefully?"

"We don't have to part gracefully yet," I said. "We have time. We can lie here and talk."

She sighed. "But what do we have to talk about, Sam? Aren't we just two people crossing paths for a single day in this far-off corner of the country? Do you think five years from now anyone will care whether we talked or not? When you or I think back on this day, when we're old and wrinkled and we're wondering what went wrong in our lives, do you think we'll remember the words we exchanged? No, all we'll remember is that we fucked. And maybe we won't even remember that."

It dawned on me that some strange cosmic mistake had been made. Between Anne and Bea, Anne was not really the shy one. Some mysterious twist had occurred, and I had been paired off with the girl Neil was supposed to have.

The novelty of my situation spurred me to press on. "You could tell me about your love life," I said.

Anne laughed. "What? You want to hear about my old lovers? Is that it, Sam?" She laughed again. "And I thought I'd met every kind of man there was, and then along comes you!"

"It's not that I want to know about your old lovers, ..." I began.

At least I had amused her.